Archeologia dell'impossibile. Tecnologie degli dèi


It would be very hard to hope to find some of the finds described in this book in some museums. Why? It's simple: because ... they don't exist or have never existed. At least "officially". This work would therefore like to fill this gap and should be understood as a real manual of "heretical archeology", indispensable for all those unknown researchers who want to face an experimental study on "possible ancient technologies", with the indispensable open mind necessary to undertake a road bristling with obstacles, but above all in full respect of scientific orthodoxy. The author has tried to reconstruct impossible objects, in some cases relying on biblical texts, in others on historical evidence and in some cases doing "an act of faith" towards some scholar of the past who claimed to have seen them or made them himself. Baghdad stack? Ark of the Covenant? Eternal lights? Caduceus compass? Burning mirrors? Urim and Tummin? Layard lens? They are "impossible" objects ... but not for everyone and, following the indications provided in this book, you too can easily realize them!

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