Archaeology of the Invisible


Most of the experiences described in the book, from those on the "hyperesthesic lines" of Professor Giuseppe Calligaris to those on radiesthesia and dowsing, still belong to an unexplored field of investigation where - in most cases - uncertainty lingers, l indeterminacy, the doubt about the true cause-effect relationship. What is the true function of witness in experiments with the radiestetic pendulum? A simple psychological support - as the author believes - or a real physical medium between the operator and his investigative tool? How much physical, mechanical or electrical stimulation of the "plates" affects of the "lines" that Calligaris would have identified on the epidermis of that complex biological entity which is man? What is objective in the perceptions of some psychics in the cases of environmental psychoscopy or in the psychometry experiments with an object that seems to reveal to them his experience, his past and that of things or people who came directly with it in contact?

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