Ancient Roman Cuisine and Recipes


Did you know that many foods that we associate with Mediterranean cuisine today such as eggplant or lemons did not exist in ancient Rome? Or that wine was always watered down? That the word salad come from sal, salt in Latin? How did Roman food taste like? It was actually quite tasty...and healthy.

This 50-page e-book presents interesting facts on Roman cuisine and eating habits. It also contains a list of easy-to-make ancient Roman recipes with easily available ingredients at your local supermarket. By trying one of these recipes, you can taste an ancient Roman dish and go back to the time of the ancient Romans.

In this e-book you will find:

  • Interesting facts about ancient Roman cuisine
  • Information on Roman eating habits
  • Some history on the origins of our modern food
  • Information on the health benefits of many of the Roman foods
  • A list of recipes that were popular back in their day and that are easy to mak



No link to the book? Can't find it on Amazon. Nothing by that author either. What gives?

chris6a2's picture

Hi Karen, the book is not on Amazon, you can purchase it from this page:

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