Long before the emergence of modern-day protective sun glasses, Siberian hunters were forced to find their own solution to the dazzling glare reflecting from the snow.

Eye-conic Siberian Spectacles: Dazzling Eye Fashion From 2,000 Years Ago Until Today

By The Siberian Times Siberian goggles are among the world’s earliest eyewear to prevent blindness from the sun’s piercing reflection off the snow. The following remarkable pictures and drawings show...
A miniature depicting the defeat of the Georgian king George I ("Georgios of Abasgia") by the Byzantine emperor Basil II. Skylitzes Matritensis, fol. 195v.

Byzantine Basil II: He Took an Icon of the Virgin into Battle Then Gouged Out the Eyes of Foes

The horrors and mass slaughters that many monarchs around the world perpetrated in ancient and more modern times may be eclipsed by the Byzantines, including Byzantine Emperor Basil II, known as...
A famous silk scroll, The Emperor Approach, showing the luxury in which the Chinese emperor travelled during the Ming Dynasty, more than a thousand years after Fu Sheng short and brutal rule

The short and brutal rule of Chinese Emperor Fu Sheng, the one-eyed tyrant

According to Chinese historical records, the history of Chinese kingship can be traced all the way back to the Xia Dynasty at the end of the 2 nd millennium B.C. Over the course of almost 4,000 years...