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Big Bang Theory

Alternative to the Big Bang theory (Image: Courtesy Micki Pistorius Deriv)

Cosmology From Anthropic Principle to Irreducible Complexity And Beyond

Who Did It? Did God Do It? The very idea that the universe had a beginning was so troubling to Sir Fred Hoyle that when he was promoted to Lecturer in Mathematics at Cambridge in 1948, he published...
This tiny, brilliant Aguas Zarcas Costa Rican meteorite fragment may contain amino acids, along with stardust that predates the sun. Source: Laurence Garvie / Center for Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University

Costa Rican Meteorite, Worth A Fortune, May Yield Life On Earth Clues

A Costa Rican meteorite may contain answers to the biggest questions of how life started on planet earth. Scientists at the Central American School of Geology are studying parts of a 2019 meteorite...
Universe Explosion (Gerd Altmann/CC0)

From Pigeon Poop to the Origin of the Universe

The term, ‘Big Bang’ was coined by the English astronomer and cosmologist Sir Fred Hoyle in 1949. But when he first employed it, during a BBC radio broadcast on astronomy, it was meant to be derisive...