An archaeologist inspects the keel of a shipwreck discovered in the waters around the sunken port-city of Thonis-Heracleion where marine archaeologists found new Egyptian ship.

Marine Archaeologists Find ‘First of its Kind’ Egyptian Shipwreck That Finally Vindicates Herodotus [New Find]

Marine archaeologists have found an almost intact Ancient Egyptian ship under the waters of the Mediterranean in a sunken port . This is remarkable in itself, but the ship is also the first of its...
Group of Neanderthal hunting a bison.

Our Capable Cousins Were Tech Savvy – Practical Tests Prove Neanderthal Spears Could Kill at a Distance

By Dr. Annemieke Milks and Dr. Matt Pope / Science Daily Neanderthals have been imagined as the inferior cousins of modern humans, but a new study by archaeologists at UCL reveals for the first time...