Pyramid in Argos, Greece

Pyramid in Argos, Greece


When we hear the word pyramids, our minds immediately go to Egypt; however there are pyramids scattered all over the world : America, Europe, Asia and India. One of those pyramids that few know is the pyramid of Hellenikon in Argos, Greece.

The ancient Greek traveller and geographer Pausanias, in his Description of Greece , refers to the Pyramid of Hellinikon close to Argos.

On the way from Argos to Epidauria there is on the right a building made very like a pyramid, and on it in relief are wrought shields of the Argive shape. Here took place a fight for the throne between Proetus and Acrisius; the contest, they say, ended in a draw, and a reconciliation resulted afterwards, as neither could gain a decisive victory. The story is that they and their hosts were armed with shields, which were first used in this battle. For those that fell on either side was built here a common tomb, as they were fellow citizens and kinsmen. Pausanias: 2.25

In 1938, an American archaeological expedition ascertained the construction of the pyramid at around 300-400 BCE; however, in 1991 a scientific team led by professor Lyritzis, used a new method to calculate the age of the Pyramid and placed it around 3000 BCE. Later research performed by the Academy of Athens and the University of Edinburgh changed the date to 2720 BCE.

If those numbers are correct, then this pyramid is older than the pyramid of Zoser (Djoser) in Egypt, which is currently considered to be the oldest Egyptian pyramid –even though the age of the Egyptian pyramids is a controversial topic.  

Despite the immense significance of this discovery for our understanding of the beginning of civilizations, strangely the excavation of this monument has been abandoned.  

By John Black

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The stoneware reminds me of the Naveta des Tudons, on the Balearic isle of Menorca...'Es_Tudons

is partly to reconcile a civil war, and also to document the first use of Argive-style shields??? was this monument co-opted into something else, like so many monuments in ancient history?

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