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Dr. Sophia Protopapa

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Dr. Sophia Protopapa

Sophia Protopapa is a Career Counselor and the Director of the Career Development Office at Hellenic American University, Nashua, NH, USA and Hellenic American College, Athens, Greece.

She holds a BA in History and an MA in Mediterranean Studies, an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a Doctorate in Social Sciences with emphasis on the role of the leader in transfer of training on the job. She is currently attending an MSc in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

She is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), a REALISE2 Practitioner for the relevant strengths test, and holds an Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching.

Since 2003, she has been a lecturer in undergraduate and postgraduate programs teaching Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Business Ethics, Research Methods and Advanced Academic Writing. Also, she participates in European co-funded projects as a researcher and trainer in strengths based mentoring, personal development and employability skills.  

Combining her love for ancient History, Philosophy and Psychology, her research at present focuses on personal and leadership development examining eudaimonia, virtue ethics, character development, moral psychology and virtuous leadership. She has developed the ARETE© model of virtuous leadership based on ancient Greek and Roman ethics and modern leadership theories and she is currently writing a book on the topic. She runs workshops and gives lectures in schools, universities and organizations to promote virtuous leadership and good character.

Sophia is the co-author of the book Emotional Prosperity - Emotional Bankruptcy: An Inside-Out Approach , 2015, Plethora Editions, and the author of the book Eudaimonia as a way of life: A conversation with Aristotle inspired by the Nicomachean Ethics , 2016, Self-publication.


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