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Charles Christian  is a professional writer, editor, award-winning journalist and former Reuters correspondent. His most recent non-fiction books are A travel guide to Yorkshire’s Weird Wolds: The Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle and Writing Genre Fiction: Creating Imaginary Worlds - The 12 Rules which has been an top 20 best seller since publication in early 2014. 

His science fiction and fantasy books are The Hot Chick & Other Weird Tales which was long-listed for three national and international book awards, Secret Cargo (2013) and Tomorrow's Ghosts (2014). His work, both fiction and poetry, have been selected for anthologies and collections in the UK and US. 

In 2012 he started his own SF&F blog, Urban Fantasist, the speculative fiction genre where the weird meets the mundane in a "what if..." world that is almost (but only almost) normal. It has grown quickly and has now expanded to cover sci fi, fantasy, paranormal and horror.



A Travel Guide to Yorkshire’s Weird Wolds: The Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle

Here's a new – and unusual – travel guide to that part of East Yorkshire known as the Yorkshire Wolds, a guide that pulls together the secrets of the Wold Newton Triangle – where fact is even weirder than fiction.

Meet, amongst other oddities, werewolves, zombies, vampires, green skinned fairy folk, headless ghosts, screaming skulls, ancient warlords, miracle-working priests, very eccentric gentry, England’s oldest buildings, disappearing rivers, a good Queen and an avaricious Queen, a black skeleton, a Parkin-eating dragon, sea serpents, shape shifters, enchanted wells, giant monoliths and a grid of ley lines, as well as a surprising amounts of Quite Interesting Facts. 

There is even Lawrence of Arabia in there and, for enthusiasts of American naval history, Captain John Paul Jones. And for sci-fi & fantasy fans, you'll also find the inspiration for some of Philip José Farmer's books. (UK) (US)


Writing Genre Fiction: Creating Imaginary Worlds: The 12 Rules

 “What a brilliant book! Rule 13: Read this book. It can only help you write better genre stories. What's to lose?" … Vanessa Gebbie , award-wining author and editor of  Short Circuit: A Guide to the Art of the Short Story

Do you write genre fiction? Or love reading it? This bestselling book (over 140 weeks on's writing reference books bestsellers Top 20 chart) reveals the 12 rules that writers of science fiction, fantasy, crime and horror must never break when building believable imaginary worlds for their readers. 

Can you spot the writers in love with their ‘trappings’ (showing off their research), ever been let down by an author ‘cheating’ or ‘jumping the shark’, are you in danger of losing the (credible) plot?  The 12 Rules  also covers gadgets vs. characters, plausible villains, unspeakable names, language and more.

If you are writing genre fiction,  The 12 Rules  keep your readers reading. As a reader, armed with this guide, have some fun spotting any rule transgressions in your next book. 
The 12 Rules  is only available on Amazon (including if you are in the US) in a Kindle ebook format.


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