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A panoramic view of Spis Castle.

One of the Largest Castles in Europe Was Born to Resist the Mongol Invasion

13th century Europe was under attack by the Mongols and the Kingdom of Hungary was right in the sights of the invaders. Something had to be done, and the creation of great fortified castles was seen...
Temple of the Mayan King Pakal

Ancient Inscriptions Decoded at the Spectacular Temple of the Mayan King Pakal

Hieroglyphic inscriptions on the tomb of an ancient Mayan King have been translated more than 60 years after archaeologists discovered the hidden burial crypt in the rainforests of Mexico. The glyphs...
Two graves with mutilated skeletons found

Archaeologists in the UK Find Two Mutilated Skeletons

According to The Guardian newspaper, archaeologists in the UK have made a grisly discovery. They have found the graves of two men who have had their lower legs detached at an archaeological site in...
Picts, Gaels, and Scots: Exploring their Mysterious (and Sometimes Mythical) Origins

Picts, Gaels, and Scots: Exploring their Mysterious (and Sometimes Mythical) Origins

When the tribe of Chatti arrived in Scotland at the beginning of the Christian era and became the embryonic clan Keith, they assimilated with the people known to us by their Roman name, the Picts...
: Human teeth from Qesem Cave. Credit: Prof. Israel Hershkovitz, Tel Aviv University

Ancient teeth reveal evidence of 400,000 year-old manmade pollution in Israel

A multi-national team of researchers found the first known case of manmade pollution in a cave in Israel. The evidence was found in the hardened dental plaque of 400,000-year-old teeth, which had...
Central shrine decor at Somapura Mahavihara, a Buddhist center of learning from the Pala empire.

The Pala Empire: An Indian Dynasty Ruled by Protectors of Buddhism

The Pala Empire was an empire that was centered on the area of Bengal and Bihar, in the north and northeastern parts of India. This empire was founded during the 8th century AD and existed for about...