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Theodoros Karasavvas

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Article5,000-Year-Old Human Remains with Smashed Skulls Discovered in Ireland Theodoros Karasavvas03 days 17 hours ago
ArticleCould Plastic Bottles Made by Ancient Americans be the Cause of their Health Decline? Theodoros Karasavvas45 days 1 hour ago
Article115 Years Since Sensational Discovery of The World’s First Analogue Computer Theodoros Karasavvas26 days 10 hours ago
Article6th Century Roman Law Text Discovered After Being Hidden for Centuries Inside Parchment Recycled as Medieval Bookbinding Theodoros Karasavvas01 week 9 hours ago
ArticleFirst Ever Greek-Style Gymnasium Unearthed in Egypt Theodoros Karasavvas01 week 3 days ago
ArticleA Jewel in the Aegean: Greeks Used Advanced Engineering to Create a Monumental Island Theodoros Karasavvas23 weeks 2 days ago
ArticleAncient Stone Artifacts Could Tell the Story of When Early Humans Spread Out of Africa Theodoros Karasavvas23 weeks 2 days ago
ArticleThe Geometry Thickens: Square Stone Formation Detected at the Center of Avebury Stone Circle Theodoros Karasavvas23 weeks 2 days ago
ArticleFace of a Pictish Male Who was Violently Murdered 1,400-Years-Ago is Reconstructed in Incredible Detail Theodoros Karasavvas93 weeks 2 days ago
ArticleAt Nearly Half a Million-Years-Old, the Fossil of a Human Cranium Discovered in Portugal is a Shock Find Theodoros Karasavvas01 month 2 days ago
ArticleResearchers Discover ‘Allah’ Inscribed in Vikings Burial Costumes Theodoros Karasavvas41 month 2 weeks ago
Article1,000-year-old Viking Sword in Extraordinary Condition Discovered in Ireland Theodoros Karasavvas11 month 2 weeks ago
ArticleWill Prince Charles Succeed in Reviving Long-Lost Foods from our Ancient Past? Theodoros Karasavvas21 month 2 weeks ago
Article1000-year-old Glass Beads Provide First Evidence of Glassmaking Development in Sub-Saharan West Africa Theodoros Karasavvas01 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleNew Analysis of Ancient DNA Proves that Canaanites Survived Biblical Massacre Theodoros Karasavvas31 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleWere Peculiar Holes Drilled in Rocks Used to Construct Shelters by Ancient Sudanese? Theodoros Karasavvas21 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleYou Speak Like a Viking! 10 Everyday Words in English with Old Norse Origins Theodoros Karasavvas11 month 3 weeks ago
Article11 of the Most Ancient and Continually Occupied Cities in the World Theodoros Karasavvas41 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleIncredible New 3,500-year-old Chavin Style Friezes Discovered at Central Site in Lima Theodoros Karasavvas11 month 4 weeks ago
ArticleScientists Find 280-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Forest…in Antarctica Theodoros Karasavvas12 months 3 days ago
ArticleOldest Examples of ‘Tree of Life’ Designs Discovered in Domuztepe Mound, Turkey Theodoros Karasavvas12 months 1 week ago
Article10 Ancient Serial Killers That Foreshadowed Jack The Ripper Theodoros Karasavvas02 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleHalf-a-million-year-old Feeding Ground for Homo Erectus Found Near Tel Aviv Theodoros Karasavvas12 months 3 weeks ago
ArticlePhryne, The Ancient Greek Prostitute Who Flashed Her Way to Freedom Theodoros Karasavvas13 months 1 day ago
ArticleWhy are Noses Missing from so Many Egyptian Statues? Theodoros Karasavvas203 months 2 weeks ago