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Mark Miller

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ArticleMillions of silver coins may have been stored in Parthenon attic Mark Miller21 day 12 hours ago
Article1,500-Year-Old Graffiti reveals Gladiator Battles Mark Miller03 days 22 hours ago
ArticleAncient Babylonian Tablet Provides Compelling Evidence that the Tower of Babel DID Exist Mark Miller24 days 58 min ago
ArticleA rich Celtic Iron Age tomb discovered with stunning artifacts Mark Miller11 week 1 hour ago
ArticleGreenpeace treads on ancient Nazca lines site to urge renewable energy Mark Miller171 week 3 hours ago
ArticleWhat New Archaeological Treasures Have Been Unearthed in the Ancient City of Caesarea? Mark Miller11 week 22 hours ago
ArticleWhat English Site is So Favored that Human Activity Spans Across 12,000 Years There? Mark Miller31 week 3 days ago
ArticleRosetta-style engraving lauding Cleopatra I and two Ptolemaic Pharaohs unearthed in Egypt Mark Miller31 week 4 days ago
ArticleMummy hair reveals ancient Peruvians enjoyed seafood and beer Mark Miller31 week 5 days ago
ArticleArchaeologists discover remains of medieval knight with extensive jousting injuries Mark Miller01 week 5 days ago
ArticleArchaeologists Uncover Tantalizing Evidence of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Mark Miller41 week 6 days ago
ArticleExperts explore identities of 5,000 buried in Bedlam psychiatric hospital graveyard Mark Miller12 weeks 1 hour ago
Article2,200-Year-Old Moat with Artifacts Linked to Hannibal Unearthed in Spain Mark Miller02 weeks 4 days ago
ArticleA 7,700-Year-Old Case of Death During Childbirth in Siberia Mark Miller12 weeks 4 days ago
ArticleFrozen in Time: Casts of Pompeii Reveal Last Moments of Volcano Victims Mark Miller72 weeks 5 days ago
ArticleArchaeologists Found the Grave of Famous Spanish Author, Cervantes Mark Miller12 weeks 5 days ago
ArticleStone Age Spaniards ate domestic dogs and badgers Mark Miller03 weeks 1 day ago
Article2,500-Year-Old Skeleton is Oldest Known Remains of a Panathenaic Athlete Mark Miller23 weeks 4 days ago
ArticlePeople of the Arctic worked meteorite iron 1,200 years ago Mark Miller13 weeks 4 days ago
ArticlePharaoh bows to god of gods in newly discovered quarry carving Mark Miller13 weeks 5 days ago
ArticleLavish banquet hall where Henry VIII entertained visiting royalty is discovered beneath playground Mark Miller43 weeks 6 days ago
ArticleDemise of ancient Rapa Nui civilization linked to European contact Mark Miller34 weeks 2 hours ago
ArticleThousands of War Captives Enslaved for Years Before Being Slain as Sacrifice in Prehistoric China Mark Miller11 month 13 hours ago
ArticleScholar deciphers oldest known alphabet primer, in ancient Egyptian Mark Miller21 month 3 days ago
ArticleResearchers discover secret recipe of Roman concrete that allowed it to endure for over 2,000 years Mark Miller161 month 6 days ago