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ArticleThe Langeid Viking Battle Axe and a Warrior Who Singlehandedly Held Off the Entire English Army ancient-origins01 hour 52 min ago
Book ReviewThe Anunnaki Chronicles: A Zecharia Sitchin Reader ancient-origins36 hours 11 min ago
ArticleNative Americans revive squash from seeds found in an 800-year-old pot Mark Miller207 hours 15 min ago
ArticleEnigmatic Carvings on Underwater Ruins in China Mystify Investigators ancient-origins022 hours 50 min ago
Book ReviewThe Genius Of The Few ancient-origins01 day 55 sec ago
Book ReviewEgyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt ancient-origins01 day 2 min ago
ArticleScientists Find aDNA Evidence of the Bacteria that Almost Wiped out the Aztecs ancient-origins01 day 22 hours ago
ArticleDid Humans Speak Through Cave Art? Ancient Drawings and Language's Origins ancient-origins12 days 3 hours ago
ArticleFrom the Pyramids to Stonehenge – were Prehistoric People Astronomers? ancient-origins52 days 4 hours ago
ArticleThe Theory of ‘Three Human Species’ ancient-origins02 days 22 hours ago
ArticleDid a Brutal Volcanic Eruption Lead People to Abandon Their Pagan Gods and Embrace Christianity? ancient-origins13 days 15 hours ago
ArticleThe Legend of the Imperial Jade Seal of China, An Heirloom Lost in Time Kerry Sullivan14 days 5 hours ago
EventContact In The Desert: June 1-3, 2018 ancient-origins04 days 10 hours ago
ArticleIn Medieval Britain, If You Wanted to Get Ahead, You Had to Speak French ancient-origins25 days 9 min ago
ArticleBoats, Bowling and Moldy Bread: Curious Achievements Ancient Egypt Shared With the World John Tuttle35 days 21 hours ago
ArticleThe House of Wisdom: One of the Greatest Libraries in History ancient-origins15 days 22 hours ago
Article17,000-Year-Old Sacred Site - Believed to be Gateway to the Underworld – Is Vandalized ancient-origins06 days 2 hours ago
ArticleHow to Invent a Tolkien-Style Language: Ancient Languages Inspire Modern Movies ancient-origins06 days 10 hours ago
ArticleThe Origin of ‘Us’: What We Know So Far About Where We Humans Come From ancient-origins61 week 4 hours ago
ArticleNew Insights into Rapid Advance in Human Innovative Thinking ancient-origins11 week 19 hours ago
ArticleThe Social Impact of the Bow and Arrow on Prehistoric America ancient-origins01 week 1 day ago
Book ReviewGenesis Characters and Events in Ancient Greek Art ancient-origins01 week 1 day ago
Book ReviewAncient Ruins and Rock Art of the Southwest: An Archaeological Guide ancient-origins01 week 1 day ago
Book ReviewThe Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire ancient-origins01 week 1 day ago
Book ReviewThe Strange Case of the Rickety Cossack: and Other Cautionary Tales from Human Evolution ancient-origins01 week 1 day ago


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The Langeid Viking Battle Axe: The original and the copy.
Contrary to what many believe, battle axes from the last part of the Viking age, i.e. the 11th century, had evolved to become light, streamlined, and well-balanced. At the same time, they were powerful lethal weapons, something the recently reconstructed broad axe from Langeid in Southern Norway confirms.

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