New England’s Day of Darkness

Unravelling the Mystery of New England’s Day of Darkness

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McMurry said that the study provided “a unique opportunity to take historical accounts and combine them with modern technology and the physical historical evidence from the tree rings and solve a mystery with science.” 

Featured image: ‘Day of Darkness’, San Pedro de la Paz, Chile ( Wikimedia Commons )

The article ‘ Unravelling the Mystery of New England’s Day of Darknes s’ was originally published on The Epoch Times and has been republished with permission.


The recent wildfires in California have caused major smoke over Colorado.  We as a society have destroyed the forests and left them overgorwn and deformed in many areas, because we have suppressed wild fires for years.  

And we do other stupid things.  I live in a highly developed part of a national forest in the mountains outside of Denver.  Thousands of people live within a few miles of me.  You can walk for miles and miles and never get out of sight of many houses.  But at the same time, most people leave their property seriously overgown with way too many trees, including dozens and dozens of little stunted trees among bigger trees that block out the sun.

One day it will explode like in California.  But not this year, because of massive amounts of rain all summer.


Tom Carberry

It seems surprising to me that the people of New England, who depended on fire as their only source of light, couldn't tell the difference between a fire blocking out the sun (ie: smoke) and some end-of-days event. I imagine they all knew what it was like to live in a world where there were fires considering how many open flames there were. People of the 1700's may not have had a lot of technology, but they weren't stupid.

If the smoke and ash blocked the sun, how could they still see the moon?

Haha. The 'smoke' 'scovered the sun' and turned the sky literally in black, but - hey - there came the moon (ok, a bit bloody coloured). That makes me think, that the greatest amount of 'smoke' filled the space between the Sun and the Moon, ha? This article is silly - or i should put it - the article is not telling the whole story, or the 'scientist' were more of 'local philosophers' than real scientists.

but then... even the moon would not shine if the Sun had been 'covered in darkness'. That being told, the most logic (but not possible) explanation is, that on that day the Earth took a quicker spin than usually :D

Or maybe the atmosphere was filled with some 'aerosol' that blocked direct Sun-waves, but permitted the infra red light reflecting from the moon? Can smoke do that? And are not there also infra red rays coming from the Sun, that could be seen in that case?

Silly article, still.

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