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The Unanswered Mystery of 7,000-year-old Ubaid Lizardmen

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It is a commonly accepted view in mainstream archaeology that civilization started in Iraq, in ancient Mesopotamia with the great civilization of Sumeria . However, there is an archaeological discovery at the Al Ubaid archaeological site, where many pre-Sumerian 7,000-year-old artefacts were found, depicting humanoid figures with lizard characteristics.

The Ubaidian culture is a prehistoric culture in Mesopotamia that dates between 4000 and 5500 BC. As with the Sumerians, the origins of the Ubaidian people is unknown. They lived in large village settlements in mud-brick houses and they had developed architecture, agriculture and farmed the land using irrigation. The domestic architecture included large T-shaped houses, open courtyards, paved streets, as well as food processing equipment. Some of these villages began to develop into towns, temples began to appear, as well as monumental buildings such as in Eridu, Ur and Uruk, the major sites of the Sumerian Civilization.  According to the Sumerian texts, Ur was believed to be the first city.

The main site where the unusual artefacts were discovered is called Tell Al’Ubaid – although figurines were also found in Ur and Eridu. The Al’Ubaid site is a small mound of about half a kilometre in diametre and two meters above ground. The site was first excavated by Harry Reginald Hal in 1919 . Male and female figurines were found in different postures and in most of the figurines, they appear to be wearing a helmet and have some kind of padding on the shoulders. Other figurines were found to hold a staff or sceptre, possibly as a symbol of justice and ruling. Each figurine has a different pose but the strangest of all is that some female figurines hold babies suckling milk, with the child also represented as a lizard-type creature.

The figurines are presented with long heads, almond shaped eyes, long tapered faces and a lizard-type nose. What exactly they represent is completely unknown. According to archaeologists, their postures, such as a female figure breast-feeding, do not suggest that they were ritualistic objects. So what did these lizard figures represent?

Whatever they were, they appear to have been important to the ancient Ubaidian people. We know that the Serpent was a major symbol used in many societies to represent a number of gods, for example, the Sumerian god Enki, and the snake was used later on as the symbol for the brotherhood of the Snake, as William Bramley discusses. Is there a link between the symbol of the snake and the representations of lizards?  For now, these questions remain unanswered.

By John Black

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ho hum.....some Disinformation with my breakfast this morning...

Just a thought, but maybe these statues depicted "snakes" in their lives. Government leaders, perhaps? The lizard baby..well, children inherit the results of the parents' decisions so..it's a possibility. We do it today, make comical copies of people in power and human nature was most likely same then, as now.

Coming from a Biblical perspective these creatures could be fairly easily explained. If the fallen ones had the ability to procreate with human women, what is to say that they could not procreate with animals? The possibility of a "pan" like creature from Greek myth or of a Medusa like creature - or even quite a lot more realistically, Hercules. Unfortunately we'll never know 100% for sure, though I find it fascinating to ponder.

Have you considered the Bible verse in revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels. Or Revelation 20: He seized the dragon--that old serpent, who is the devil, Satan--and bound him in chains for a thousand years.
It would appear that devils had the form of serpents.

Rememver...abot 7000 years ago...Serpents didn't crawl on their bellies... Punishment for deceiving eve..... just sayin... find it kinda coinkidental...

Wow that's ignorant. these statues are 1000 years older than when the earth was made in the bible. It is a interpretation of an interpretation of the original in hebrew, which itself was written by simple shepards and farmers, before science started explaining the world through testing and retesting. The meaning of these figures will not be found in the bible, nor will any factual information at all be found in the bible. It is irrelevant.

Tsurugi's picture

The bible does not say the earth is 6,000 years old. Some christians say that, because they believe it is possible to use the bible to calculate the number of years that have passed since the biblical "creation".

Reading any attempted walkthru of such a "calculation" should leave little doubt that whatever number is arrived at is almost arbitrary, as it was aquired along a path riddled with gaps that have been spanned by assumption.

Please note that I am defending the ancient "biblical" texts here, not 6k Christians. Nor am I defending religion. The collection of ancient writings which are termed as "biblical", some of which comprise the modern Bible, are extremely valuable historical documents from deep antiquity, similar to the Pyramid Texts, for instance, or Homer's Illiad. All have references to verifiable historical events, as well as events that may be historical but are yet to be verified. All have multiple references to divine or godlike beings, the existence of which appears to be beyond question from the point of view of the authors.

Illiad, and the Pyramid texts, are considered historical treasures, they are revered and respected.
The bible is not revered or respected, and far from being considered a historical treasure, many openly state they wish it had never existed, or that it could be erased somehow.

The obvious difference between the biblical texts and the Illiad and Pyramid texts is there is an active major religion based on the biblical stuff. The other two are couched in major religions too, but those religions have been defunct for millennia, so their followers aren't around to annoy people. So those texts do not get part of the ire and retaliation of the annoyed, haha.

I agree with you but remember the bible used symbols from ancient Sumeria therefore these images do relate to the bible as with many other cultures. The figure is nursing a human baby? The figure is half human. The Enuma Elish speaks to this. The human brain is actually at its rudimentary level a reptilian brain hence the name reptilian brain=brain stem/limbic system: http://thebrain.mcgill.ca/flash/d/d_05/d_05_cr/d_05_cr_her/d_05_cr_her.html

Humans also shed their skin like snakes and our skin is actually highly developed scales.

Tsurugi's picture

These figurines could indeed have some relation to things found in biblical texts. Then again, they might not. I don't know.

As for the rest of your comment...I agree, but, what is your point, exactly...?

There is evidence, though still not proved fake or true, of human feet (wearing sandals) from 850,000 years ago and a hand imprinted in limestone from 100 million years ago. The bible and all judeo-islamic religions are quite recent compared to that time, and whatever was that existed back in that time escapes our grasp and concept of existence.

Whew......they sure is ugly..... now we know why they found a way to hide their true form and identity!

Isn't the most simple explanation that these are depictions of imagined lizard gods, or some such?

Tsurugi's picture

It is an explanation. I don't think it is the simplest, however, nor is it the "least hypothesis", i.e. the explanation containing the fewest assumptions.

nothing hidden that shall not be revealed

Ur? Could that be Ur of the Chaldeans, the ancient civilization from where Terah, father Abraham set out to go to Canaan before Abraham his son was formerly called by God to complete that journey? It also suggests to me that there is an ancient, serpentine trinitarian order that was used to spiritually enslave humanity. This will explain the response of God as a trinity that offers salvation.

Tsurugi's picture

What? What ancient serpentine trinitarian order are you talking about? And what do the words "sepentine" and "trinitarian" mean in the context in which you use them?(For example, by "serpentine" do you mean "reptile", or do you mean "winding, twisting")

I find the statues to be interesting because of the ubiquitous global association of the "serpent" with wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment....a symbolism that stems from deep antiquity, as do these figurines.

Mate, you really are a massive knob. All you do is comment on everything as tho your an expert on all subjects.your a sad wanker

Tsurugi's picture

I'm not an expert on all subjects by any means...or any subject, really. I comment because of my intense interest in the topic at hand.

As for the rest of your assessment of me--"smart-arse", "sad wanker", "massive knob"--I'd have to say it's fairly accurate.

Did you have to say it out loud tho? >.>

angieblackmon's picture

i love that the phrase "mainstream aracheology" is used...i hear it most on my fav show! :) i appreciate that whatever these creatures were, that they believed in breastfeeding...something a lot of americans seem to have a problem with...serpents and snakes were also used in a variety of cultures around the world...seems like nearly everyone has some tie to a snake or serpent-like creature.

love, light and blessings


you make a great point!

Yes, I believe this is the Ur of Abraham's father.

Maintstream arhaeology is wrong then, it appears the more that you give it that label, the more erroneous it becomes. We have found older civilisations than that of Sumer, we just do not know as much about the other sites, and have less records and artifacts than we do from Sumer. There is a site in North America that is a few thousand years older than Sumer, located in the NW regions of the United States and SW Canada. This is not the only instance where mainstream archaeology has been wrong. Now I am not saying underground archaeology, no pun intended :) is always right either.

Tsurugi's picture

Hah! "Underground Archaeology", lol. That's awesome.

According to the Nag Hammadi cuneiform texts of the ancient Sumerians, they described two alien beings that were known as Archons. This is from John Lash's website, Meta History:

"Physical descriptions of Archons occur in several Gnostic codices. Two types are clearly identified: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type. Obviously, these descriptions fit the Greys and Reptilians of contemporary reports to a T. Or I should say, to an ET."


You can also find an array of links about reptilians by doing a search for that term in the Biblioteca Pleyades portal:



Good essay. Very interesting. Did you know that there were artifacts released in 2012 by the government of Mexico that show figurines with almond eyes, breasts, and cone shaped heads? There may be some connection here but that is still a very open question.

There are several approaches to a solution to the question of the Ubaid Lizardmen. One is that they may represent human ancestors. I know it contradicts mainline science but every new discovery does the same thing. Well, if they a human ancestors then what kind of ancestor are they and just how far back in time did they originate?

Well, look at things like this. Evolution requires a very long time for changes to accumulate in a population, millions of years. Also, it is known that humans have a collarbone. This is an extremely ancient characteristic, possibly 90 million years. This means that the human lineage must be at least this old.

What would you expect a human to look like if it were that old or even older? It would have to be very different than we are today. So, how could we recognize it? How about through its behavior? The Ubaid Lizardmen seem to have human like behavior. This argues that they may be our ancestors, maybe.

However, although these ideas are logical and not disallowed by science they will never be studied unless science is willing to put aside bias and consider this issue seriously. But, lets face facts, no professional scientist wants to deal with attacks from both within and without of their specialization.

So, it remains for the non mainline researcher to pursue this study. We have been looking into these matters for some time and publish essays on our web site.

Origin of people living in Sumer is unknown?

They left inscriptions saying they were black headed, they came from Aratta (Ararat-Armenia), they told about their two rivers (Tigris and Euphrates of Armenia), mount Mashu ( Masis in Armenian) and their artefacts show they were Armenoids. Aratta is today's Metsamor. Sumerian is the name given to them by modern historians after the city Sumer- Shinar in Bible. Shinar+ar is a builder in Armenian with AR being God Creator. People living in Sumer called their God Enki which had several names, one of them being Haya...Hay means Armenian in Armenian language.

The Sumerian Anunnaki God Enki (Akkadian Ea, Armenian Haya), with the twin streams of the Euphrates and Tigris emerging from his shoulders.

Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods: The Temple of the Watchers and the Discovery of Eden. By Andrew Collins

Have you heard the Hungarian Language connection? How do you explain what your stating and facts? They claim the Hungarians are the modern day descendants of the Sumerians.

Have read his books they are fascinating, these figures relate well

Origin of people living in Sumer is unknown?

They left inscriptions saying they were black headed, they came from Aratta (Ararat-Armenia), they told about their two rivers (Tigris and Euphrates of Armenia), mount Mashu ( Masis in Armenian) and their artefacts show they were Armenoids. Aratta is today's Metsamor. Sumerian is the name given to them by modern historians after the city Sumer- Shinar in Bible. Shinar+ar is a builder in Armenian with AR being God Creator. People living in Sumer called their God Enki which had several names, one of them being Haya...Hay means Armenian in Armenian language.

The Sumerian Anunnaki God Enki (Akkadian Ea, Armenian Haya), with the twin streams of the Euphrates and Tigris emerging from his shoulders.

Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods: The Temple of the Watchers and the Discovery of Eden. By Andrew Collins

Peter Harrap's picture

Looking at the figures their sexual samenesses to ourselves have me wondering whether they are :

  1. The people with naturally elongated skulls
  2. Beings identified as being similar to ourselves to remove future and then present fears of them (as first post indicates is necessary!)
  3. Stuff made by art students on a rainy day featuring their mythological characters ( for me the most likely)
  4. Fantasy figures such as we get these days in MacDonalds and in books like Harry Potter.

in these comments not one mentioned dinosaurs. Is it possible that dinosaurs due to the death of humans from dinosaurs maybe were considered some higher form than humans at that time? Although the comments I am reading about the fallen angels is interesting who really knows why they made those statutes

Early furries?

Early Scailies

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