Mark Laplume’s reconstructions

The Story Of Elongated Skulls And The Denied History Of Ancient People: An Interview With Mark Laplume

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Mark Laplume’s reconstructions can be seen on his  facebook page “Root Race Research” . The  albums offer an excellent overview of the elongated skulls from various regions of the globe. Mark can also be reached via his personal Facebook Page .

By Igor Gontcharov


Yes Akua, I am aware of the Mangbetus. Their elongated heads are a result of binding, and are, or were perhaps some of the last people to do so. They are not the ones I am refering to though.

to John Dale
John Dale , quote : Until then I am part of the crowd who believe we may be looking at an unsolved mystery. - See more at:
Please read my comment again . It is not an unsolved mystery . The Mangbetus ( originating from Egypt ) are well and alive til to date , in the Kingdom of Lado . Ask them !
Happy New Year !
Akua Serwaah

Head binding, cradleboarding and the like were global practices. This art literally molds bone like soft clay and the results can be very exotic and stunning to behold, which was probably the whole point. Skulls derived from such practices are the realm of Anthropology. Nothing more and nothing less. However, when skulls are discovered composing of only two and not three parietal plates amoung other features, regardless of whether or not the skulls went through binding to achieve elongation, such finds are the realm of Cryptozoology, in my mind. The only way such skulls can be classified as examples of normal skulls, modified, is to show me that the act of modification can cause a fussion of those bone plates to such an extent as to erase or make invisible the sutures of the bone plates.One or two can be an aberration, but not dozens. Until then I am part of the crowd who believe we may be looking at an unsolved mystery.

Mr Mark Laplume !
With all respect to your work , you have left out the biggest continent , AFRIKA .
First , Nefertiti ..... EGYPT !!
Second , my brothers and sisters , the Mangbetus !!!
Residing in the Kingdom of Lado , occupiet by the British/Belgium ...SE MAP
Please make your research complete !!
In Respect to all African Black People wherever they are ....
Akua Serwaah

<a href=";rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=w... rel="nofollow">Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race</a>


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