The three faces of the Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone, New Hampshire, USA

Out of Place Artifact: The Mysterious Stone Egg of Lake Winnipesaukee

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The Perfectly Drilled Holes

Another interesting detail worth noting are the two holes bored in both ends of the stone, with different size bits. Each bore is straight, not tapered. Scratches in the lower bore suggest it was placed on a metal shaft and removed several times, according to one analysis done by New Hampshire state officials in 1994. Richard Boisvert, a state archaeologist, believes these holes are highly regular. " I've seen a number of holes bored in stone with technology that you would associate with prehistoric North America. There s a certain amount of unevenness and this hole was extremely regular throughout. What we did not see was variations that would be consistent with something that was several hundred years old," he said.

Boisvert went on to suggest that the holes were drilled using power tools rather than traditional techniques used by Native Americans. He added that there was every chance the holes were made during the 19th century which would mean tampering of the object. This has led some to believe the Winnipesaukee’s stone mystery is simply some kind of elaborate hoax. 

The only thing that seems certain, or of which there is consensus, is that it was created using some type of machine. However, the fact remains that no one knows who made the object, when or why.  At one time this stone attracted the wonder of the scientific world with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. offering to send a map to Seneca A. Ladd to make a casting of the egg. Today, the stone is currently on display in a case at the Museum of New Hampshire History, surrounded by mirrors to show off its features.

The face on the Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone, New Hampshire, USA

The face on the Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone, New Hampshire, USA ( Noahsage)

Featured Image: The three faces of the Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone, New Hampshire, USA (

By Bryan Hill


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I have deciphered the egg it says in ancient times people used to lay stick in a x shape using two other sticks with corn , the corn would turn into popcorn which in ancient time they thought it was a gift from the gods they then sealed the popcorn inside an egg in hopes it would bring good luck... (i think it says that)

I found a stone once. Shape of heart, in ground at Big Indian NY. I left in a friend's car by accident. He was going to come to my house for dinner. He and gf were late, so I made a sign and called to the stone and said, "No, you're not coming over to dinner. I'm hungry.!" I was just about to eat my pasta , about a minute later, phone rang. "My car died! Only five miles away!". I said, call me, let me know if you can jumpstart. I issued the reverse command to the stone and made summoning sign. Call came right after, "Car running...battery fine." So yes stuff works. I don't know what happened to that stone but I'd say it's a problem for someone if it isn't put back where I found it.

wow, that is an amazing situation you are in. Why have you never held all 4 again & entered the altered state again?

a lot of people have the wrong idea about what thunderstones really are my life time I am the only one I have ever known that found any. there are questions about how to find them and where they come from .. my story I hope will clear these questions up or totally confuse everyone ... sorry

my father & mother took my oldest brother ,me and my youngest brother rock hounding for gem stones ... after finding some . the land owner ask my father if he was going to the Indian dig site , my father said what is that . and the land own showed him a site .. it was a plowed field .. he told my father the near by university had dug there before and did not find much . but now and then pottery would show up in the field . so we ate lunch and the land own left and we started to hunt for pottery . I walked about 8 or 10 ft into the field and just stood there ,. my father told me what happen next .. I looked straight up above me and went into some kind of a mediation trans walked about 4 ft and stopped and bend down on my knees and started running my right hand threw the dirt I never took my eyes off the sky above me ...I picked up something and put it in my left hand .. I then walked about 15 ft away from that spot and did the same thing ,I never look down and then walked to the edge of the field and did it again .. all the time my eyes were looking up at the sky even when I was walking ...the last one ,I walked about 60 ft away and dug down a ft or more deep and found the stone and put it in my hand and walked back to where my father was about 15ft away from him I stopped and my head looked straight forward and i froze like a dead person .. my father had been watching all of this the whole time , he tried to see what was in my hand but I was frozen in my tracks and he could not get my hand open .he then yield to mother telling her I was not breathing , he then started to panic yelling at me and shaking me trying get me to wake up ... I came out of the trans and don't remember any of it ...but when I open my hand there was the 4 black stones .. I don't know how or why ...I know this is how they were found .I was there ,they found me ..did they fall from the sky ..NO ..but I can under stand why people would think that ...they defy modern science and logic .. I under stand this but if you can tell me how this is possible ,I will be just as happy as you are to know ... I don't know what this means .. I don't under stand it .. but that is the truth and that's how they were found ...I most likely have just as many questions as you do about this .. I just don't know the answers ...I have so many questions about this I gave up and put them away and that's where they have been most of the last 50 years this fall....I know it sounds crazy but that's the truth and that's what happened ...that 's nether here nor there ...these are not made by human hands ..they are just as they were the day I found them ...I have no idea what they are made of .. I have been told many theories threw the years , , what do I know about them .. they are some kind of black stone not onyx or tourmaline, they have what looks like fine wire gold running threw out them .. one has what looks like a small diamond chip in it .. very small and very shinny ,they are not machine made ..they are heavy for there size like the weight of black gold ,they have very small pen point pick marks all over them ,more on some then others ...I get light headed being around them and my arms lose feeling if I hold them ...some other people could not touch them at all .. it freak them out ...some did not even like being in the room with them ...

you can not see threw them or even into the them .. they are not perfect they have some scratches and light roughness ...

the wampum bead is made of the same type of stone and is hand made ... the Shaman must have had a source of this type of stone ...or knew where to look for it ...I have a garden with lots of clay and I would have found some of this stone there if it was from clay .. so it most likely is from glacier movement or something like that ... the site was dated to 1685- early 1700's around the time of the lost nation ...and that would be about the time the egg would have been made...coopers falls was founded in 1649 and it had to be 20-40 years after that ... we still don't know if it has anything to do with guiding me to the stones ...? and why me there were 5 people there that day ...?

so lots of questions and lots of more questions

this is a shaman stone or thunder stone its part of a 5 stone set I know I have the other 4 stones of this set .. yes it is a treaty stone then they recorded their shaman's death on the stone .. this is not a joke or a hoax's and they should put it back where it came from ... in northern New York there is a old story bout a lost Indian village . that vanished this stone tells what happened to them .. He was a very powerful and feared Mohawk Shaman ...found the other stones when I was 7 . I am 56 now and most of my family is dead or dyeing,,,... don't touch the stone .. I am the only one that can .. if you knew the whole story you would know why ... ..I am 1/3 Mohawk and I have lived my life as a shaman ,, this spirit makes that stupid movie of the Manitou look like a joke . don't look at it , don't touch it ...put it back where it was ...
and yes I can read the stone ... that odd thing under the corn ,the corn is the sign of fall
the Mohawk wolf tribe is the head under that is a front deer leg the sign of the Adirondacks the bend knee shows the high peak and south east to the turtle tribe where the Shaman was most likely born ...

the face down piece of the moon shows how long has past from new moon till they got to where they were going .., two spears side by side mean hunting party and two poles behind them show the families and hunting part were both together . this means the whole tribe is on the move as one group .. that dose not happen often ...the face has its eyes closed . the Shaman has died ...the teepee is big and full that's where the Shaman was born ,he was going home to die , the big hole goes on the thumb and the index finger on top ...the face and how long it took to get there was added after the treaty part , it is read from bottom over the top and down the other side . there are two lines of meaning .. the spin wheel is the tribes talking it means these two tribes knew each other and the Shaman is why ......this is the magic thunder stone of a very powerful Mohawk Shaman and you should put it back ....Now ! this is a bad bad baby . don't play your modern games with his spirit he can turn your nightmares real ...he can kill anyone that touches or their families and friends .. he likes doing that ... he loves suffering and knows how to do that well ...this should not be in public view and any one that looks at it can be link to his spirit ...

this is not some fake ass BS .. your in real danger .. that Manitou in that movie is a total joke this spirit will kill everyone around you first ...a normal Shaman could stop a war just by being seen ...both tribes would run from this Shaman if he was mad ....he was a living nightmare and the future of his tribe with out him they were as good as dead ., and so well you be if you touch that stone .....the stone egg is not fake . see you have to know the spirit , he cast the 4 stones knowing his tribe would find them and remember him .. but something went wrong and they never came back . they vanished ..thus is the lost village....I would love to bring the stones back together but if this Shaman spirit gets free he will kill everything in sight ...of that stone ... anyone that touches it ...

I saw this egg last night for the first time ...the tool marks on my 4 stones and the tool and bead I have are most likely made by the same Shaman skill level , easy evidence to prove ...the fact the stone tells us the wolf and turtle tribes is prove already ...

most of the thunder stones you see on the web are fake ... I have 4 that are real ...I have only had them out 3 or 4 times in almost 50 years ...


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