The man from Taured.

The Mysterious Tale of the Man from Taured – Evidence for Parallel Universes? Or an Embellishment?

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Featured image: The man from Taured. Photo source: lechemindeleveil

By Wu Mingren


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IMO a very real case of Time Travel. The Japanese are very wise and have an affinity for spoken word and details to events. I suspect, just like UFO sightings, these are time travelers from the Multiverse from points in time behind and forward of current time. Black holes are essentially worm holes to another universe in the multiverse. Our scientific discoveries are less than a century old. We can't launch a new Space Shuttle, we can hardly have a man in space for a full 365 days, just 340 days. We are Neanderthals in the vast multiverse in terms of knowledge and capabilities. There are certain people in the World who think 1 being created everything we can and cannot see. The first question to them is this, who or what created that being who was capable of creating all this, that and the unknown? Earthlings have been on this planet for less than day of a year in comparison to the existence of this planet and multiverse.

............Time Travel? Time Travel is your serious opinion? see, this is the problem with your race, humanity believes time is not a constant, and can be manipulated,and shifted........Time is not an illusion! Time can not be manipulated, in any way at all!! setting your clocks forward or behind is the only way humanity will ever be able to manipulate Time, understand that!! allow me to explain exactly how constant and immutable time is using your own science, 186,287 miles per second is the speed of light, it takes 499.0 seconds for light from the sun to reach the surface of the earth, it does not matter if it at the top of mount Chimborazo or at the bottom of the Kola BoreHole, no matter what it only takes 499.0 seconds, now think bout that for a minute. Time is not immutable, it can not be subjected to manipulation, the time line you are on right now is a constant! for arguments sake lets say you somehow force this time line to change, the timeline you are on now will proceed as though nothing happened the second time line would not lose a millisecond nor would it gain a millisecond, it would just run right beside the original ,this is called dimensional drifting, see, a line describes one dimension, a plane describes two dimensions, and a cube describes three dimensions. this guy, the guy that showed up at the Japanese airport, was experiencing dimensional drifting, in theory its not too hard of a thing to achieve, Tesla knew how to achieve it, but was limited to the technology of his time, today, anyone with the drive and some knowledge could achieve it!!

I CHALLENGE ANYONE THAT SAYS DIMENSIONAL DRIFTING IS BUNK, OR THAT OTHER DIMENSIONS DO NOT EXIST TO DO A CONTROLLED EXPERIMENT AND INHALE 2 HITS OF N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, for those of you that do not know, it is THE SINGLE ONLY substance found in every form of matter in the universe, it is in every star,every blade of grass,every being, everything, its the 1 single compound that ties the universe together! if you want to be enlightened, expanded, if you want to understand this is the only real way!

Are you talking about tussing? That makes 3 people that has mentioned that!

If this stuff is in every matter in the universe why are you inhaling it.You should be loaded with it. Let's get some sense into this conversation please.The product appears in certain plants as a natural product and has been used by Amazonian Indians for "medicinal " purposes for aeons. It proves nothing by taking it apart from you hallucinating that your dimension is shifting. Perhaps you were being sarcastic and I missed it. Cheers if you were..


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