3d Digital Sculpture of Giant with hair, copper breastplate, and gorget. Image courtesy of Marcia K. Moore, Ciamar Studio.

The Establishment Has Already Acknowledged A Lost Race of Giants - Part 1

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One of the most controversial subjects regarding the ancient prehistoric cultures of North America concerns what we refer to as the Unique Physical Types (UPT). For the purposes of what follows, these UPT are often gigantic humanoid skeletons with hyper elongated or high-vaulted crania, occasional extra or pathological detentions (including several reports of double or triple rows of teeth), and are usually discovered in the burial mounds and associated graveyards of the Adena-Hopewell, Archaic Cultures, and Southeastern Ceremonial Complex.

It is common today for alternative history researchers to tell the story of how these beings were discovered en masse throughout the 19 th and early 20 th centuries. Historians, antiquarians, and archaeologists recorded the discovery of the Unique Physical Types all over the United States, with a large concentration found in the mounds and earthworks of the Ohio River Valley and along the Mississippi River.  These accounts can be found in any number of county, township, and state histories, as well as anthropological literature from both inside and outside of the Smithsonian Institution. Here are several examples:

Kentucky: “From a mound on the farm of Edin Burrowes, near Franklin, were exhumed, in May, 1841, at a depth of over 12 feet, several human skeletons. One, of extraordinary dimensions, was found between what appeared to have been two logs, covered with a wooden slab. Many of the bones were entire. The under jaw-bone was large enough to fit over the jaw, flesh and all, of any common man of the present day. The thigh-bones were full six inches longer than those of any man in Simpson County. Teeth, arms, ribs, and all, gave evidence of a giant of a former race”. (History of Kentucky, Lewis Collins)

Jo Daviess County, Illinois : “The mounds on the bluff have nearly all been opened within the last two or three years…In all that have been opened the excavators have found in the center a pit that was evidently dug about two and a half feet below the original surface of the ground…The bones in this pit indicate a race of gigantic stature, buried in a sitting posture around the sides of the pit, with legs extending toward the center”. (The History of Joe Daviess County)

“Near the original surface, 10 or 12 feet from the center (of the mound), on the lower side, lying at full length upon its back, was one of the largest skeletons discovered by the Bureau agents, the length as proved by actual measurement being between 7 and 8 feet. It was all clearly traceable…” (12 th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology)

Kanawha Valley, West Virginia : “No 11 is now 35 by 40 feet at the base and 4 feet high. In the center, 3 feet below the surface, was a vault 8 feet long and 3 feet wide. In the bottom of this, among the decayed fragments of bark wrappings, lay a skeleton fully 7 feet long, extended at full length on the back, head west…. Nineteen feet from the top…in the remains of a bark coffin, a skeleton, measuring 7.5 feet in length and 19 inches across the shoulders, was discovered”.  (12 th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology)

“Within the village of Brownstown, ten miles above Charleston and just below the mouth of Lens creek, is another such ancient burying ground…At Brownstown, not long since, two skeletons were found together, one a huge frame about seven feet in length and the other about four feet, a dwarf and deformed”. (History of the Great Kanawha Valley)

Mounds in Dunbar and South Charleston recorded by the Bureau of American Ethnology in 1884

Florida: “Pursuing my investigations, and excavating further toward the south east face of the mound, I came upon the largest stone ax I have ever seen or that had ever been found in this section of the country. Close to it was the largest and most perfect cranium of the mound…Near by the side of this skull were the right femoris, the tibia, the humerus, and part of the radius, with a portion of the pelvis directly under the skull…Anticipating a perfect specimen in this skull, I was doomed to disappointment, for, after taking it out of the earth and setting it up, so that I could view the fleshless face of this gigantic savage, in the space of two hours it crumbled to pieces, except small portions. According to measurement of the bones of this skeleton, its height must have been quite 7 feet”. (Annual Report of the Boards of Regents of the Smithsonian)

Digital sketch, ancient Florida giant.

Digital sketch, ancient Florida giant. Image courtesy of Marcia K. Moore, Ciamar Studio .


When I was around ten or so, in the late fifties, I visited the Nevada museum and carefully examined the eight foot, reddish-haired giant on display there. It was in a glass case and perfectly real as far as I could tell. It was dressed in what appeared to be a rough woolen tunic and the face looked as if it might have been smashed by some sort of club. The hands were huge and perfectly preserved, down to the hairs growing out of the pores in the skin. It wore rough woolen clothing and there were a few other badly burned skulls of giant size.

Why would the government cover up these supposed discoveries? 7 feet in height is very tall, but it's not unheard of either. The tallest man ever was 8'11. Anomalous discoveries do not prove the existence of a race of people. Look, when homo floresiensis was discovered, you know these guys as the Hobbit people, because they were little, did "the government" try to hide this discovery? No! Of course they didn't! And this is a whole new race of people who lived contemporaneously with modern homo sapiens - the locals of the area say they died out as little as a few hundred years ago! (Although so far, the skeletons found have been dated to.... around 10,000 years old if memory serves.) Either way, they lived with homo sapiens.

Oh yeah, and there are actually other governments in the world, besides the US. I've heard tales of these giants appearing all over the world, so you'd actually have to have a whole bunch of governments co-operating with one another for the sole purpose of lying to the public about some big skeletons they found. Who needs diplomacy and economic trade agreements when we've got weird skeletons to fuss over!? And no, Americans. No. Your government does not control the world. My country actually has not all that much to do with the USA, let alone be its vassal state. And what about, say, Yemen? If they found a big skeleton would they go running to the US in order to hide the damn thing in a cupboard so no-one can see it? Somehow, I don't think so. Or how about Benin? Or Belarus? Our good friends in Russia? Global politics are primarily based in economics, not hiding old bones.

And another thing. A big, massive conspiracy like this would have to involve hundreds of people. You've got the people who discovered them, everybody who saw the remains, the people who collected the remains, the people who prepared the remains for storage, the people who keep the remains, the people who study the remains (assuming they exist of course) and so forth and so on. And yet, everybody involved has been totally unable to nick a bit of proof and show it to us for verification? People make crap up all the time. I once went beneath the Earth and met a giant named Thorston who made me dinner out of a giant pumpkin and we had an eating competition and I won through clever trickery because that's how the stories go. Do you believe me? Of course not! So why believe equally crackpot tales with an equal dearth of evidence?

I googled around for supporting evidence of these supposed discoveries, and all I could find was links to other internet sites who also provide no concrete proof. This whole thing is a giant circlejerk of pseudo-scientists and people who get kicks out of gossiping about conspiracy theories, the more ridiculous the better.

Have you guys heard of Photoshop? It's this crazy new invention that, wait for it, it actually lets you change what an image looks like! And you can do it on the computer! Amazing! You can not only manipulate photographs, you can also create newspaper articles! Technology truly is incredible.

I do understand that the purpose of this site is to entertain rather than provide facts, but the unfortunate thing is that people are coming here and believing this, without question. Look, if somebody can come along and prove me wrong, that would be great! I'd really like that, that would be incredibly interesting. But proof is not synonymous with internet-assembled gossip.

Are bigCats giant Cats?, iLoveMy Cat.
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My grandfather worked in the space program. I grew up in California. I was his first grandchild so he took me everywhere and showed me off, as a result I met many of his colleagues. They loved my enthusiasm. I was a fly on the wall. Once someone he worked with (who was also a collector), pulled out this very large skull ( he said he brought it with him from Europe). He held it up to his head( he was 6ft,broad built), this skull made his head look like a child compared to a adult. It was large, but otherwise appeared like ours. I don't recall extra rows of teeth.

Human giants are and their existence is not a surprise, really; ponder how many big animals and species there has been in history, how many huge mammals and other animals that has been walking our ground. It makes sence humans also have been in other dimensions (size´s) - there is nothing intelligent in blindly assuming we (close relatives) are an exception to this!


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