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The Ancient Mystery of the Ever Burning Lamps

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By Ḏḥwty


For the record there was no temple to Minerva in Athens. The temple spoken of in this article would have been to Athena Polis. Minerva was Roman, not Greek.

The thing is that there are no signs of soot in the tombs, under the pyramids etc.Which speculate that there were not any torches or fire in order to see to work

This article I must admit is fairly balanced pro versus con. However as it says “given the fact that there is no physical proof for such lamps” isn’t it really a non-mystery and non-story. There are loads of historical fantastical claims and it hasn’t been beyond religions to invent “miracles” for their own benefit. It might as well be about Unicorns there’s loads of unsubstantiated stories about them, e.g. The Bible  However I await the usual “it’s alien technology!” opinions.

rbflooringinstall's picture

They probably had their own version of a light bulb that was powered off of something like a baghdad battery and it was way better than anything we've come up with lately.

Peace and Love,


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Immense methane deposts are all over the world.  Particularly in some of the temples mention.  It came up through cracks in the land caused by seismic events.





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