The summit of Kuh-e Alvand, northwestern Iran.

Kuh-e Alvand: Searching for the True Mountain of Noah and his Ark

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Kuh-e Alvand is Persian for Mount Alvand.  Located in the Zagros mountains near the city of Hamadan in northwestern Iran at map coordinates 34.664167, 48.486667, the elevation of Alvand is 3,580 meters or 11,750 feet, making it one of the tallest mountains in this ancient region.

Credit:  Google Maps

Credit:  Google Maps

The purpose of this article is to provide reasons why Alvand should be considered the modern name and location for ancient Ararat and Aratta—the probable landing site of Noah’s Ark.  

Early in the research process, "holy mountains" in Turkey and Iran were used in searches to filter possible locations.  The thinking here is that something as important and significant as where Noah's Ark landed and human civilization started (again) would permeate throughout history.  Almost every ancient culture maintains a flood legend.  In Turkey, both Ararat and Cudi are considered holy mountains.  Generally, Bible-believing Christians hold Mount Ararat in Turkey as the traditional landing site of Noah's Ark, while Muslims adhering to the Koran believe that Mount Cudi (pronounced Judi in Turkish) in southern Turkey is the location where Noah's Ark landed.  In Iran, both Damavand and Alvand are considered holy mountains.

Credit:  Google Maps

Credit:  Google Maps

Comparing the geography of the four holy mountains, Alvand best fits the description in Genesis 11:2 of people moving “from the east” into Shinar and Sumerian literature describing the location of Aratta.  

Tomb of Shem

Near the top of Alvand mountain, there is a local legend that the tomb of Shem is located just below the summit.  This would be consistent with the Book of Jubilees that states Noah and Shem stayed on or near the mountain after the Flood.  Jubilees also mentions that Noah was buried on the mountain the Ark landed.  

The following pictures show what is left of the claimed tomb of Shem.  In addition to the stone walls, there are traces of reddish-colored mud bricks that are said to have been used for the top portion in the past.

Photo by A. Mahdi Ahadian 2015

Photo by A. Mahdi Ahadian 2015

Photo by A. Mahdi Ahadian 2015

Photo by A. Mahdi Ahadian 2015

Photo by A. Mahdi Ahadian 2015

Photo by A. Mahdi Ahadian 2015

Shem’s grave is located approximately 20 meters (65 feet) below the summit rock formation.  The tomb dimensions are 5.5 meters (18 feet) by 2.5 meters (8 feet).  It appears there was a wall made of stones with the roof made of mud or red clay bricks.  Some climbers of Alvand say the roof was destroyed sometime around the 1980’s by treasure hunters, and the stone wall is now shorter.  It is common to see a candle lit near Shem’s grave, especially during the summer religious ceremonies in August.


The picture above shows the distance from the edge of Shem’s grave to summit.  The Book of Jubilees 10:15 “And Noah slept with his fathers, and was buried on Mount Lubar in the land of Ararat.” In 7:16 it states “And Shem dwelt with his father Noah, and built a city close to his father on the mountain”.  A legend of Shem’s grave on the mountain where the Ark landed is just what one would expect from reading the Book of Jubilees.  Noah was likely buried in this same tomb or nearby.  The legend of Shem’s tomb near the summit of Alvand gives credence that this is the mountain of Noah and where the Ark landed.

Summer religious ceremonies  

In addition to the legend of Shem’s tomb near the summit of Alvand, every August there are religious ceremonies near the summit.  This ceremony predates the Muslim conversion of Iran.  It is interesting that one of the first tasks performed by Noah after exiting the Ark was to build an altar and provide an animal sacrifice.  

King James Bible Genesis


And Noah builded an altar unto the LORD; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar. 21 And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.  


Good article by B.J. Corbin and nice photos by Madhi.

I also suggest taking a look at Urartu kingdom.

Ararat: sacred land or high land; the name of a country on one of the mountains of which the ark rested after the Biblical Flood subsided. The mountains mentioned were probably the Kurdish range of South Armenia. The word is rendered Armenia in the Authorized Version but in the Revised Version Land of Ararat. In Jeremiah 51:27 the name denotes the central or southern portion of Armenia. It is however generally applied to a high and almost inaccessible mountain which rises majestically from the plain of the Araxes (Aras River).

This part of Armenia was inhabited by a people who spoke a language unlike any other now known though it may have been related to the modern Georgian. About 900 BC they borrowed the cuneiform characters of Nineveh.

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Don, thanks for the comments and mention of Urartu.  I am familiar with Urartu and its changing boundaries over time.  I find it interesting that archaeologists have connected Early Transcaucasian Culture with the sites of Godin Tepe and Sangalan (near Alvand mountain in Iran). Thanks to April and Ancient Origins for posting the article.  There is much more in the book that I hope you would find interesting.


In my humble opinion there is a clear connection linking today Oman with hindu Noah, Manu.
I also believe Zagros mountain as being an inicial settling place, and after Abraham (Ibrahim / Brahma) and Sara (Ma Sarathi /Saraswati) an expansion by the time of Isaac (Y'Shak) culminating with the scythians / shakias / sakas and Khazars. Giving birth to the terms Kzar in Russia and ksathriya in India. Satrapas in portuguese and Strat-egos in greek. I do relate all this with Iranian primordial place Airyanem Vaejah.

Peace, chanti, salam, shalom.

Today, with this whole 'Global Warming' story we often see maps that depict what will happen if temperature rises with a number of degrees. We see that coastal ereas are mostly hit by rising waters and not mountainous areas. So even if there ever was a real big flood some time in history, it's not very logical that a boat ever would land in mountainous ereas.
Science thinks Noah never really existed and the story of Noah possibly only is a metaphorical story. So maybe it's a more interesting question why there are these flood stories and what were their real sources. Even if there were real floods.

Maybe the story of Noah started when people found structures in the mountains that looked like remainders of boats (as some structures have been found at mount Ararat) and those people concluded that only a HUGE flood could have lifted these structures up that high.
Maybe.... :P

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Thanks for the comments.  I think most everyone, including myself, has difficulty imagining a pre-flood world since all we have to go on is the world we see today.  I have found sea shell fossils just lying on the ground near Mount Ararat in Turkey over 5,000 feet above sea level and hundreds of miles from any ocean. Plus there are many fossil graveyards all over the world that testify to sudden death and destruction.  There is much we have yet to discover!


ROFLOL! Google 'plate tectonics' and its consequences among which the fact that you can find sea shell fossils in the mountains.
OMG, am I the only one with - at least - a little common sense!?1

I have observed so many phenomena in desert regions, far away from any water (sea or ocean), that can only be explained by a global flood.

Those who scoff at the notion of a global flood also scoff at any mention of God and accountability to that ultimate authority, and anything associated with it.

Many who appeal to "science" do not understand, or do not acknowledge, that it is only one process humans use to gather knowledge, and that humans are very prone to error, bias, and ulterior motives that can and do taint or completely falsify the results / conclusions.

Abracadabra refers to "Science" as if it were a rational being. It most definitely is NOT. Rather, science is a body of purported knowledge gained through experimental processes and/or theoretical speculations by a class of human beings who are prone to err just like all human beings.

There is also a strict scientific method that scientists claim to follow, yet there are many proven cases where that is definitely NOT the case.

The physical sciences are purported to be the most exacting. However, a peek into the world of scientists - an admittedly challenging task - will reveal anything but an exacting process in theoretical physics. D.B. Larson, in his 1962 book entitled "The Case Against the Nuclear Atom" is an extremely revealing expose of what has actually been going on among those who claim to be intellectually superior to the rest of us. Larson quotes dozens of well-recognized physicists and mathematicians who express frustrations and doubts about ever knowing anything about the real physical universe, that the nuclear theory is riddled with contradictions and defiance of actual experimental knowledge. Larson makes it clear that the so-called nuclear atom is non-existent except in the imaginations of theorists and those who have been brain-washed by the "Science" establishment, which is most of modern human beings since Rutherford (1911) and Bohr (1913).

Well at least we've got the answer now to were these 'flood myths' came from. People found shells and boat structures in the mountains and concluded that there must have been a flood. (They didn't know about plate tectonics etc.).

were = where

Noah's ark was the mushroom Amanita muscaria. The flood was not water but people, and other culture. All life on the planet evolved from the mushroom. Please stop taking a religious book so literal. In fact nearly all stories in the Bible are about the mushroom. Adam and Eve ate it. Jesus too was an Amitina. Why you people want to believe this crap is literal I will never understand.

The late David Alan Deal has a book that covers this subject very well. Naxuan is the place where the ark landed after the waters receded. His illustrations show his concept of how the ark may have been constructed. Ark remains in the form of a 538 foot long boat impression in a mud-flow adjacent to the Kurdish village of Uzengili. Noah and his sons lived there in that place for a long time and there are ruins still traceable as well as thousands of graves. "The Day Behemoth and Leviathan Died" is the book.

This is another of Deal's good books on Noah's flood. From Artisan Publishers.

"Noah's Ark, The Evidence" This book rather than the one I listed above, gives the most details on the whole area surrounding the landing place of the Ark. The Bible states the Ark came to rest in the "mountains of Urartu" not Mount Ararat, as most everyone thinks.

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I was with “Big Deal” and on the “Noah’s Ark” site in 1998 (went to the site earlier in 1989 and 1990).  This site is/was supported by David Deal, David Fasold and Ron Wyatt (and others).  I have David Deals book you mention as well.  I appreciate everyone who claims or wants to believe the Durupinar formation is Noah’s Ark… heck, there is even a Turkish tourist center at the site with a sign stating its Noah’s Ark.  I encouraged excavation to help make a final determination, but the last time I visited the site in 1998, only a dynamite explosion hole was all that was visable. David Deal was also a heck of an illustrator. May he rest in peace.


I agree that the durupinar site needs excavation to end the controversy,but on another note both david fasold and david deal pushed ron wyatt aside and claimed the site for themselves, ron was the one that dedicated his time to the site and those two just came along and took over and came out with the reed ship and naxuan fiasco the same goes to bob cornuke who took the claim from ron wyatt with help from david fasold about the location of the real mount sinai in saudi arabia,is this christianity at it`s best??

Money and time wasted. Noah's Ark never existed. It's a story in the Old Testament that has no basis in fact or history. It's just a story, like most of the New and Old Testament.

Here are the facts: history does NOT record many of the Biblical patriarchs (there is no evidence in the historical or archaeological record that they ever existed). The same is true of Jesus himself, there is no contemporary evidence that records his existence (at all). And on and on, like Moses. His is allegedly the author of many books of the Old Testament, yet Moses never existed either.

Most 'believers' won't believe any of this, but they've done no research on the topic and refuse to read the works of the best researchers and archaeologists. They should - because they have embraced fables as fact - and that is why all things "searched" for such as the Ark are never found (but there is a great deal of fraud and fabrication to bolster these stories).

An idiot name Wyatt tried this many times, alleging he found the Ark, the burial cave of Jesus, chariot wheels in the Dead Sea and on and on. He joins the ranks of MANY frauds and charlatans that are fleecing people of their money.

Read history. Read the known facts. Read the research. Or go on pretending that there is a magical fairy that governs all life...

I totally agree: Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Mozes... All fiction.
What science says that really happened is that the Jews originally were just Canaanites of the social underclass probably very much in debt. They rebelled and fled into the mountains. There they started their own new identity or even ethnicity. And to give themselves a history they adopted myths from different cultures and adapted them to their own needs.
The latest is that ever more people understand that even 'Jesus' is fiction too!!! See for example the Richard Carrier video: Richard Carrier – 'Did Jesus Even Exist?'

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Recommend reading my entire book (with an open mind) and you may find some surprises. It’s really a common sense approach to our ancestors many stories, myths and legends of a flood and some survivors.  It looks at the Bible, Sumerian myths and real history and archaeology. Some researchers state dozens of ancient flood legends, others claims 100’s of flood legends. The “names” of the main flood survivor changes many times depending on the culture telling the ancient flood story.  I know most of the arguments against anything beyond a regional flood… melting glaciers of an ice age…. yada, yada, yada. But no one on this planet was on this earth pre-flood and has any real idea of what the earth was like.

I find the “intelligentsia” to be some of the most rude, smug and closed-minded people on the planet and are mainly good at calling others stupid.  It’s hard to learn or grow when you already know everything. It’s a search for our ancient origins and the truth.  Let’s stay open minded and respectful of others in their search. Ok to disagree minus the vitriol.


Your comments are consistent with my observations and experience. Pride is what blinds the so-called (or self-identified) "smart" ones from learning. Anything they don't - or can't - understand is automatically labeled ridiculous or worse. They cannot bring themselves to admit - to themselves or those they consider beneath them) that they don't know and/or understand everything there is to know and/or understand. Humility is not something they know or experience.

Having spent part of my undergraduate time studying anthropology, and since then reading various articles and books on this topic, I'm aware of numerous isolated cultures that contain various versions of this theme, as well as other antediluvian history that was captured by those who had a hand in composing the books of the Bible.
The fallen nature of humans easily accounts for the differing accounts which are / were corruptions of the actual historical facts.

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Hello Larry,
As a Comparative Mythologist and Cosmologist I too have pondered over the cultural and global occurring Flood Myth.

This myth is a specific part of the Story of Creation. The creation in the ancient times dealt with everything, which could be observed by the physical senses.

Day and night provides different observations of the creation as well as the Earth annual orbit around the Sun provide the seasonal changes.

Especially the night observations plays an important role in the stories of creation. Markings of the Earth celestial poles was naturally observed as well as the seemingly revolving stars, star constellations on the night Sky. All this is a part of the stories of creation, the world in which all humans live. But, there is more to it.

If looking at the night Sky, one can observe a crescent figure which also revolve around the celestial pole. This is the Milky Way figure which was given sacred names in every ancient cultures and one of the most given names, was “The Heavenly River”.

Now, if not having a clue of the ancient telling of the Milky Way Mythology, historic and temporary scholars have no other options than just believing literary and concrete on the biblical telling, thus searching for Mount Ararat and Noah Ark.

If having the mytho-cosmological knowledge, it is quite another case: The Heavenly River (The Milky Way contours) can be observed “running all around the Earth in the night Sky”. This logical and cosmological fact then become interpreted as “a flood running all oven and ON the Earth as a divine revenge” which is pure nonsense.

Even the Mount Ararat has its cosmological explanation. This represents the mythical term of “the cosmic pillar” i.e. the Earth celestial rotation axis. EVEN the very Milky Way crescent figure on each hemispheres fits to the telling of Noah Ark.

If imaging this “Milky Way Ship”, it is revolving around the Earth celestial axis, the “Mount Ararat”, and if also knowing of the ancient animal star constellations, “all animals are sailing (revolving) together with the celestial ship.

So: All in all we have a perfect and common mytho-cosmological telling from numerous cultures which describes the still and same celestial conditions and motions in our common creation, but most modern humans have forgotten this ancient language and its very concrete knowledge.

Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

Yahshua or Jesus if you prefer, existed, whether you believe He was Christ or not, He existed and was described by Flavius Josephus, outside the Bible. Simply saying none of the Biblical folks existed doesn't prove anything. Atheists and naysayers are free to believe and speak whatever they feel is appropriate - Free Country.

"The Holy mountain' is Mount Elbrus that Prometheus climbed to steal fire for humanity. God punished Prometheus by having him chained to Mount Elbrus to have his liver pecked out by crows every day, and resurrected every morning to suffer the same for all eternity. Mount Elbrus the mountain of El, is a volcano and the largest mountain in the Caucus mountains that ends with Mount Ararat.

The demon-possessed commenters never fail to show up when the story concerns God and Jesus and all things related. They work diligently to try and destroy, and as they have since the beginning utterly fail. Once I considered them merely ignorant,now, clearly evil. Resist them and their words of death and they will flee.

Yes, I'm EVIL!!! I'm coming to haunt you in your sleep! BOOOOOOOOHHHHH!
A lot of common sense to you, Philip, the coming year(s)!!!

As I had said in my post earlier was that linguistics, archaeology, anthropology and genetics all say the same thing, Europeans, Asians and Native Americans came from one man and his name was Japheth.

Spencer Wells and National Geographic proved it.

And they want to say that we are not academic or have not done enough research, but Biblical researchers have spent more years tracing history through all the historical sources extra-Biblical than the average BA in biology has spent in a lab to look at one DNA sample.

They won't even admit a flood, when the very definition of flood is "to cover previously dry land with water” and the evidence is glaringly evident on Google Earth. Yes, there was a flood even if they want to call it rising sea levels, which is a flood. All those areas now underwater, is seen on Google Earth. Not only that, Pangea is evident, the African Rift is still widening, the Himalayas are growing taller and even the Zagros Mountains are being pushed further.

The man that the Hebrews called Noah, when he came off the mountain he made wine, and at the foothills of Zagros is the oldest grape and wine making industry in history.

Seems to me the Bible writers knew what they were talking about. Nothing was borrowed, because it all came from the same source of origin, even the very language the critics is simply a modern form of Sanskrit, which the Rig Vedas were written in. And wait, what is next door to that? Why of course, Harappa, and who was there? Oh yes, the original Sumerians. And who was from Sumer? Why yes, Abraham.

And why are they always saying that there is no way there could be an event such as the Tower of Babel when the very origin of Proto Indo European is from...guess where? You got it, the Central Asian Eurasian IndoEuropean SUMER, which is next door, you’ll not get this one...Shinar. Wait, what was in Shinar? You got it, the Tower of Babel.

The next time they complain about the Bible not being true, I will remind them Proto Indo European….and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Indo means…..from what part of the world? Asia...and Europe means..well, we all know that.

Central Asia, the birthplace of our English language and the Hebrew Bible. But maybe the critics speak a different language?


In all the cultures of the world affected when the Laurentide let out its floodwaters some 8k yrs ago, there are two types of "repopulation myth".
If the folks involved walked uphill to escape the waters rise, there is a flood myth and then the repop myth, which varies from culture to culture.
In areas , such as the Sunda, where the occupants had to boat their way out of danger, they have a "Noah" character, then the repop myth.
The ocean level rise 8k yrs ago occured rapidly, over some 70 some yrs according to pollen in ice cores.
That is why Papua New Guinea has 1/4 of the known languages on earth, and East Timor has 27 separate cultures.
Not many things actually occur on a global level, and all are emembered differently by the cultures and in the languages of thse who survived.That's why the Persians are totally different from all the Arab peoples, they were forced up out of the sea.

You're right, the Laurentide flood is a good candidate as source for many flood tales. Sea levels rose up to 1.4 meters! That's huge! (But it won't take boats high up in the mountains by the way... The shells there come from plate tectonics.)
Interesting article on the Science Daily site: 'Noah's Flood' Kick-started European Farming?

Seriously, noone ever thought about that Noah used the ship to build new houses to live in? Noone?
That's why humanity can't find the ark.

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Holy ships is a common mytheme in many cultures. Read for instant this article – and in my opinion one cannot understand the Flood Myth unless knowing of the Milky Way Mythology.

The Milky Way is culturally named as “a river in heaven” because its crescent whitish contour runs around the Earth. This myth is misunderstood for a historical flodd running ON the Earth instead of a mytho-cosmological river running OVER and around the Earth.

This mytheme is a part of the ancient cultural Stories of Creation which is very closely connected to the Milky Way. That is: The Noah Ark is a heavenly ship and “all the animals” represents the zodiac and other animal images in the Sky. The “Ararat Mount” is an allegory of the “Earth world axis” or “world mountain”.

Read more on my Mytho-Cosmological site


Yet the physical descendants of Japheth, Shem and Ham are known by their patrynomic names.


I have suspected for some time that Zagros is the mountain range. And there is a peak called Kuh-e Hami.


Oh, but JR, you don’t know that it does.

Japheth, the eldest son, his name is found from India to Ireland, from Greece to Scandinavia and his children Gomer, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Mesheck, Tiras, Ashkenaz are all found in place names everywhere.

They were known to Herodotus, Strabo, Ptolemy, the Assyrians, Homer, Aristophanes, Josephus, Pliny, Eusebius, Romans, Vedic Indians, Babylonians and the writers of the Hebrew Bible.

Their names are found in villages, lakes, rivers and entire groups of people.

And Ham, let's not forget Ham, which is the father of Egyptians (Khem) and Cush.

And Shem, the father of the Hebrews through Eber, and the Arabians.

In fact, the vedic sages say that Japheth’s name was Djapatischta, and his brothers were Sharma and Charma.

Not only that, genetics also verify this in Central Asia, and Spencer Wells and National Geographic went to Kazahkstan to interview a man whose paternal ancestor was the father of Europeans, Asians and Native Americans. As all the ancient writers, historians, kings, rulers and sages all have pointed back to who the Greeks called Iopades, the Romans called Iouspater and the Indians called Djapatischta, I think that linguistically, anthropologically, archaeologically, historical records and genetics prove it.

Even Spencer Wells said the father of all of Europe, Asia and Native Americans came from one man, in Central Asia.

And the Bible said so almost 4,000 years ago when the sons of Shem sat down with their quills and recorded places that they had never visited, such as Armenia. And they knew Gaul was a descendant of Gomer, and that Javan was the Ionians. Really though, you could say it was all a myth, but then you would have to deny that all of these people live in places named for their patriarch Japheth knew what they were talking about, because even the Scythians couldn’t not have possibly been of Japheth, but they were.

I know you probably don’t believe the Bible but perhaps the actual geographic place names and descendants might be tangible enough to believe?


Noah's ark if and where it came to rest has been over the years been of personal interest to myself. More so with the idea of the flooding of the Black Sea and more so when taking into account the 'new' idea/translation that this ark was round in shape. There is an oral tradition in my family that has been passed down through time. My mothers' fathers mother was from the country of Georgia. I have been told that her family lived in a mountainous region that on a good clear day you could see both the Caspian and Black Sea's. Also it is mentioned that when the ark came to rest and the time for Noah's son's to take on more wives/mistresses that these folks came from my great grand mothers family.

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Before searchng for a geographic locality of Noah´Ark, one should consider the plausiblity of Noah gathering and keeping a pair of all animals on his ship for 40 days.
This is of course quite imposible and therefore this telling must have other meanings, most likely a description of a heavenly ship and some animal star constellations and the animals of the Zodiac. Read more here –
The very same question goes with “The Flood”. The contours of the Milky Way is mythically describe as the “Heavenly River” running OVER the Earth and not ON the Earth. This myth is scholarly misinterpreted and distorted to mean “a divine flood revenge over the humans”.

Hello everyone. For a long time searchers, archaeologists, climbers and many others have had differents opinions about the location of Noah´s Ark remains, and the possible mountain where it might rest, but some of the eyewitnesses give us importants clues. For me, the most remarkable of them is Ed Davis. His testimony has been the most discussed and studied, and it has a lot of important informations that could give us the answer for this enigma. I think that some places have not been researched satisfactorily yet, for example, the mountains of Irán. Some sites of these mountains have not been completely explored, for example the Zagros mountain range. It has 1500 kilometers of extension, and at some places of this range, its inhabitants believe Noah´s Ark rests well hidden from the most of us. Many knows more than it appears, not only today, if not in the past, as the guides of Ed Davis well they knew. For now, we hope some day this enigma will be solved.

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@Jose Perez,
“For now, we hope some day this enigma will be solved”.
This enigma can only be solved by focusing on the Milky Way Mythology and interpret “The Flood” as it is meant to be: The Milky Way contours is mythically described as “a River/Flood in heaven” and the “ship/ark” represents the crescent Milky Way contours on both hemispheres.
The whole scenario takes place in the Sky – and not on the Earth. Read my comment above yours and visit the link.

Sefrefet above made the comment on the ark being used to build houses. David Deal discusses this in his book I referenced above. Noah and family were likely in the long process of stripping the ark of useful things when a heavy rain, presumably/apparently/possibly, caused the ark to lose its stability and slide down the hill in the mud where it came to rest and where it remains today. Deal also shows the remains of foundations and fire pits still there and pretty much worn down over several thousand years of erosion. He also suggests tens of thousands of graves at the site as well. Just finding the ark is one thing, but to show that a small city sprang up at the same spot pretty well solidifies the story as that place is an unlikely spot to travel to and build a city, otherwise. Even Deal's art work depicting the ark based on the shape left in the ground is interesting, as it is not the bulky, trudgy, clumsy, awkward ark of most biblical story illustrations. Of course, all the animals of the Earth were not required as this was a regional flood only. Some of the animals came in numbers of 7 each, which were (likely) to be used as food during the duration of the flood. I highly recommend his book on Noah's ark and his other books as well. Too bad he passed on. He was planning on coming to Texas to get some data on the Rock Wall just outside Dallas to do some work on a possible new book about the Giants and the Rock Wall. The city of Rockwall still bears the name of that formation.

Noah's Ark is on a mountain range south of the Caspian Sea. The summit (and mountain) the Ark rests on is not named. Only the people who safe guard the Ark, know where it is. The Ed Davis account is the most accurate eyewitness account we have.

Davis honestly didn't know where he was, but he did describe the mountains as slopes and steep hills. It rained most of the time and he was said to be surrounded by fog. He describes the Ark as being in a "horseshoe shaped" canyon, between two other canyons.

Ed Davis says that he drove from Hamadan (where he was stationed) to Qazvin. Once in Qazvin, they climbed to a small village on the foothills of the said mountain where the Ark was located. The way up to the Ark sight was dangerous, so there was(is) no recreational climbing on the mountain (like Ararat and Damavand).

It took them three days the reach the Ark sight (normally two, due to bad weather). It took Davis five more days to get back to his base, because he "stopped in Tehran for supplies". Davis would not have been on Damavand if he started his climb to the Ark in Qazvin. If the Ark was on Damavand, Davis would have started the trek in the city of Tehran.

Christianity like to play on the traditions of men rather than the truth. The Ark is not located on some grand looking mountain. It is hidden on a messy mountain range that is hard to find. Ed Davis gave us all the information we need to find the Ark summit he visited. And it's not on Ararat, Damavand or Kuh-e Alvand. The location is unnamed, but can be found on Google Maps with enough patience.


Mic Worthy wrote "Christianity like to play on the traditions of men rather than the truth."

I beg to differ with you. It is very typical of natural man to fantasize and be led by false notions, no matter what they may claim to be or who they claim to follow.

The term "Christianity" is used in at least two different ways:

1) the teachings of Christ, the Logos, as recorded, preserved, and disseminated by the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, as witnessed to by countless martyrs.


2) the varying notions subscribed to and taught by those who may pretend to be Christian, but actually deviate substantially from what Christ actually taught, and can be proven to be wrong by honest persons who only seek the truth - and Christ IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Bottom line: "Christianity" gets a bad name from those who lie and deceive, and/or who are hypocrites.

As a Catholic who accepts what the Church has always taught (not the errors of the current pretenders of the Catholic hierarchy), I accept the truth wherever it comes from, providing it is actually true, which I'm obligated to test and confirm as a rational being created in God's image.

Larry, what does any of that have to do with the location of Noah's Ark?

Mic Worthy:
you wrote: "... what does ... (my response to your statement about Christianity) ... have to do with the location of Noah's Ark"

Is that the sum-total of your ability to respond to my criticism of your attack on Christianity?
What does your ignorance and malicious calumny against Christianity have to do with the location of Noah's Ark?

No need to be didactic about the statement that I made. I was referring to how Christianity shaped the views of the Western world and how Christians like to say that the Ark is on Mount Ararat in Turkey. After all, it is Christianity that drives these myths (just like the myth that the Messiah's name was "Jesus" and that He was some white guy with stingy hair.)

Christianity is built on pagan myths going as far back to the days of the Protestant Church. There really is now name for what the Most High considers "religion". Religion means "to bind". There is no name for it, but YAH did say "be ye holy". That didn't start with Christianity. Holiness always existed, because YAH always existed.

Now, getting back to the Ark. The area where the Ark really is in northern Iran. Back then the are was called Media (the early Iranians were called the Medes people -- dark-skinned people that were later called the Magi -- like the three wise men (3 kings). They came from the east (Persia).

When Noah and his family left the Ark, they came from the east and settled in the valley with two rivers (known today as Iraq). Scripture says that Noah came from the east and settled in Shinar. Turkey is north of Iraq, so how can the Ark be on Mount Ararat?

Christianity teaches that the Ark landed on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Does that make any sense? Nope.

Ok. It is clear Mic Worthy is an antichristian bigot, immersed in the flood of false notions advanced by sophists for centuries, leading sensuous driven humans to swallow anything that titillates their egos. It is against reason, but dresses itself up in the outward clothes of reason, as wolves dress themselves in sheep's clothing.
There is no benefit, but much evil, in casting pearls to swine.
The real Noah's Ark is consistent with, and proves, all that the Catholic Church has always and universally taught.
If you think scientists are all noble and totally devoted to reason and facts, and would never indulge in deceit and irrationality, you need to read DB Larson's "The Case Against the Nuclear Atom"

Larry, I'm anti-lies, anti-deceit, anti-false doctrine. I am talking about the location of the Ark and how religion has warped the account of Noah into what it is today. You can defend your church all you want. You will find that human history tells a different tale. We are way beyond fairy tales here.

Noah's Ark is not on Mount Ararat, or Kuh-e Alvand. It is on an unnamed mountain range south of the Caspian Sea. Take it with a grain of thought.

I detest lies and deceptions of every kind, and that is why I detest the culpably ignorant, malicious assertions about Christianity that Mic Worthy inserts into a blog about the location of Noah's Ark.
If he wants to be truthful, he needs to make distinctions which he apparently is to ignorant to perceive.

Lies, lying, half truths, mis information, dis information, pyscho babble mumble jumbo. Deceit, collusion, bend to the will of, coercion, intimidation, threats, fear. Corporate lies, government/political/politician lies, police lies, military lies, intelligence lies. Diplomatic lies.

Really, one could go on and on with this. Legal (law ) lies, Medical lies, Religious lies. We are surrounded by and inundated with lies. So many lies that it is difficult to separate lies from truths.

Then there’s rhetoric. The art of saying something by saying nothing. Or as I put it; those whom can create the most colourful BS. Really nothing new here. We seem to prefer to listen and believe in lies rather then truth.

Truth tends to be painful for many. It is difficult for anyone when faced with any truth(s) in that we would have to be bluntly honest with ourselves in order to say to ourselves – hm, perhaps what I believe in may not be the/a truth
Have you ever notice that when it comes to a truth or the truth it seems to be more subjective then objective.

It is almost at times like we are ‘programmed/conditioned’ to accept lies. We lie to protect ourselves. We lie to protect others. We lie to others. We lie to ourselves. Self esteem, ego, integrity, privilege, power, position, job, career beliefs are all at stake for many.

Answers to questions tend to be simple. It is the human ego that can not accept the simple. Common sense . As a friend of mine once said to me; “ You know it’s funny.. Of all the senses we humans have the sense that is the least utilized is ‘common sense’.

Speaking of lies. Dwelling in the land of IF. If this character known as Satan, Lucifer, Devil, a fallen angle- what ever name you wish to put. If this character is the mother/father of any and all lies and no one or thing is better at it. Including God, who we are taught is not capable of telling lies. If the lies are so good and insidious that an individual is not aware of the/any lies. Is it not possible that the GREATEST LIE ever told is that of God?

And by extension much of the Religious/Church prattle?

It has been interesting and entertaining reading the discourse over the last number of days.

Keep it up.


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