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The Truth Behind the Christ Myth: Ancient Origins of the Often Used Legend – Part I

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Top Image: Green Man painted on a ceiling ( CC BY-NC 2.0 )

By Mark Amaru Pinkham


This is pagan thought practised by Druids in Britain. They didn't write anything down!
However, their practices do oddly seem to have parallels with other cultures around the med. This makes a little more sense in this context. They had Apollo (the spear of light at summer solstice), I guess this is your green man. They also had a mother goddess (winter solstice). A fertility goddess (Aphrodite - birth of the day, east - spring equinox of equal day and night) and a goddess of the underworld/night (Artemis-mistress of animals - virgin, Athene type - representing night and autumn equinox - equal day and night).
It's a clever unified system as you can use these to represent cardinal direction, Seasons, day and night and length of the same, all together. Apollo south, mid-day (brightest light) and zenith at summer solstice. Mother goddess North, winter equinox shortest day. BTW this is also the main axis, the serpents refer to the Star constellations of Draco used to find the pole star and the serpent on the equator plane. Collectively, it all made sense.

Keeps Truth away.

My contribution coming up. The Bible and the Greek and Roman and Egyptian myths, everybodys in fact wherever you are, are NOT myths.
They are parables that record in well-disguised forms bro, the creation of Gods, Avatars (the top no 1 variety) Boddhisattvas and saints, through initiation, and subsequent reincarnation etc. The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan book of the dead are scriptural guides to these processes. The best book on the subject was in french "La Divinisation de L'Homme, publishe pre-internet in France.

God Himself is ALWAYS incarnate in a human body on Earth ("Behold I am with you ALL DAYS unto the consummation of all things"), so just maybe our interests lie in His direction, though of course, you'll need to quit everything you now are for a few years and live a myth of your own to get to the Man.

The key to understand Christ is the your name original: Emannuel, means "God in Us".

I feel like a jerk saying this, but after doing research into the said things mentioned in your article I couldn't find them..The closest parallel I found was that Mithra (The one that wasn't the Greco-Roman mystery religion) was born of a stone, murdered a bull, and ate dinner with the divine.. As for the green man the only evidence that seems to be found is the use of him in architectural elements which quite a few believe to have been a real man that inspired the usage as such and just got engrained in people's minds, which then switched to animal heads around the 5th century AD.. I always look at evidence and try not to believe or refute it just at face value, but investigate further...This really isn't the "Mythos" of Jesus.

Absolutely agreed, there are various information sources on the flood in historical literature. Just because something is an older account doesn't mean that its the correct or even factual account.. After looking up the various things written about in this article, literally.. It shares nothing past A strange birth (Of a stone in Mithra's case), and.. If you want to draw conclusions Christ's crucifixion and Mithra killing a bull. Then he ate with the divine..So...Yeah definitely connected right there.. Green man? There is literally nothing at all to explain it outside of people's thoughts there is no story or any kind of text found to this day.


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