End of the Enigmatic Christopher Columbus:  A Man at Last Emerges to Eradicate the Myth

End of the Enigmatic Christopher Columbus: A Man at Last Emerges to Eradicate the Myth

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A special, limited edition – including abundant, new material, now appearing for the first time in English – was released on May 20, 2016, to commemorate the 510 th anniversary of Colón's death. While supplies last, Columbus: The Untold Story , by Manuel Rosa.

Top Image: The Inspiration of Christopher Columbus by José María Obregón, 1856. ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )

By Manuel Rosa and Bob Lamming


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The article above listed Professor Trevor as agreeing that Columbus was a double agent working against Spain on behalf of King Joao II of Portugal. My conclusion about Columbus working for King Joao II comes from my reading of 15th century Portuguese archival documents pointing to linkages among King Joao II, Christopher Columbus, and the Genoese mariner Antonio de Noli (de nolle) who discovered the uninhabited Cape Verde Islands for Portugal in 1460.

His signature is very curious. The last "S" seems to me different from the other would be "S" marks. If the others are indeed "S"s., then this would support my own hypothesis that the last "S" in his signature is actually the number "5" (Five). Would the use of a number "5" mean something significant? Since the advisor to Queen Elizabeth I was known as the original "007", perhaps the REAL man behind "Columbus" was also an agent of the royal court. the "5" might be his secret agent designation. Maybe these "agents" served a higher authority than any royal monarch and were each and all part of a more secret society?? Perhaps the would be Knights of Malta, who were alleged to be steeped themselves in ancient mystery religions that could trace back through Egypt and other ancient cultures. The possession by the real man of the Ptolemy Map could also indicate his connection to the Ptolemy Dynasty of Alexandria, Egypt and the fable Library of Alexandria itself. The ancient city of Alexandria was targeted by Christians and they were the ones who burned it to ashes, fearing the assembly of high knowledge and Spain was very Christian at one point. Perhaps the rumors of Venice, Italy being but one location of the descendants of Templars was true and so was the secret society around them. why else would the knowledge of the fallen Alexandria and Ptolemy be in possession by this real columbus person?

Christopher B. after finishing reading Rosa's new book, I am convinced Rosa is right and that Columbus was a Templar Knight. Columbus The Untold Story is a monumental work of research and I believe soon all history books will change. I agre with your comment that Columbus served a higher authority and I am accept that higher authority is still running world events today.

Garcia, Thank you. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who believes Columbus, whoever he really was, may have been a Templar Agent or Knight. The most interesting note in the article (to me) was the "Ptolemy Map" being in the possession of Columbus. I feel this is a very important detail that ties up the evidence he had access to highly arcane info and education most others would not even understand (back then). I read before from more than one source that the city of Venice was derived in name from the root word, Phoenitian, which is a reference itself to the planet Venus as well as the ancient peoples. The city of Venice was allegedly founded by Templars in hiding after the great purge of The Order by decree of The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. The Templars long before then had allegedly found long lost information and educational materials while searching (officially) for the lost Holy Grail. It was soon after that the Templars began their new banking system that had seemed to just pop into existence out of thin air. The idea and info to do this HAD to come from somewhere or someone with the knowledge. Another guess is that among the would be treasure they found was old maps and detailed ancient data from long lost ages passed. Perhaps the maps told of what today are The Americas and how history really played out in the far ancient world. Some also speculate that in the years just before Columbus set sail, the Templars found the lost tomb of Merlin of King Arthur's time and that Merlin was both a Druid and keeper assigned the care of protecting secret knowledge that some claim showed early Gnosticism ( a precursor to later Christianity and Cathors ) was founded in what today is Ireland. Many sights noted in the Old Testament can be found in Ireland, such as it being close to the infamous "Rock of Gibraltar", which in name is Gibr-Altar, or Hebr-Altar, as in Hebrew Altar, depending on how one pronounces it. The "0" hour on the time zones is in Greenwich, near the Rock of Gibraltar... Curiously. Some say that Jewish is a term that is derived from Druid, as in Dru-ish. There was an inside joke on this in an old movie by Mel Brooks in his film, "Spaceballs". But it has been a rumor for long before that movie.

In 1317 King Dinis 1 of Portugal created the Military/Knights of Christ. The membership of this order where former Knights of the Templar Knights, those who had survived the persecution and mass slaughter in France and other parts of Europe. During the Age of Discovery this Order gained a great deal of wealth and power.

I have always found it interesting that with all of the depictions of C.C. ships the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria on the sails of these ships is displayed the emblem of the Order of Christ and the Knights Templar.

Also of interest is that in 1882 the Knights of Columbus was formed in the United States. This order has become the world's largest Catholic Fraternal Service Organization. In 1893 the 4th degree of this order was presented to Cristobal Colon de La Cerda, the Duke of Veragua. A descendant of Columbus.


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