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William Bramley , author of one of the most popular books on ancient astronaut theory,  Gods of Eden , has given an exclusive interview for the readers of Ancient-Origins. In this interview he provides some insight as to why extra-terrestrials would wish to be involved with humans and what their plans may be. He also presents a startling new theory called the "Species Replacement Hypothesis”, which, as you will see, he hopes will be proven wrong…

Q: Your book,  The Gods of Eden , is one of the most popular and talked-about works on the subject of extra-terrestrial influence on human history, yet you have said that you thought few people would ever read it. Do you think its popularity is a sign that more and more people are coming to accept the idea that extra-terrestrial beings have had, or continue to have, an influence on our history?

A:  I think the book taps into a belief that has been around for as long as human beings have been here. It is the idea that intelligent non-human entities are influencing  human affairs. We used to call those entities "gods," "angels," "demons," and similar names.  But when we look at some of them through modern eyes--through the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis-- they come into focus in a new and startling way. So in a sense, my book is really nothing new. It is saying, "Yes, there may actually be some truth to the belief in non-human intervention, but it's only today that we can truly start to understand it because of our own advances in knowledge." 

Q: The view you put forward in your book is that extra-terrestrials have always played a very sinister and controlling role in human history, for example, through their involvement in the Black Death in Europe and by influencing wars and other major political events.  Could you explain more about this ‘sinister side’ and whether you think extra-terrestrials could have provided any positive influence to humanity?

A:  I think the best analogy was expressed by Charles Fort a century ago: "I think we're property...other worlds explored and colonized here...something now has a legal right to us....[To Earth's owners, humans are like] pigs, geese, and cattle."  

Look at how we as humans handle our livestock.  In many cases, farmers try to treat their animals well.  When an animal get sick, the farmer may call in a veterinarian.  Many farm workers even develop emotional bonds with some of their favorite creatures. But when the time comes to send their livestock to the slaughterhouse, the farmers will do so.  In the meantime, farm workers will forever keep their livestock penned and under control, no matter how well they might otherwise treat their animals. 

When you look at UFO abduction reports, you see that humans are treated a lot like livestock. Humans are abducted against their will, they are immobilized, and they have physical procedures performed on them that are often reproductive in nature. The humans are not necessarily treated cruelly, but neither are they treated with the dignity of equals.  

To control a large population, you can't build a large pen around it like you can around a herd of cattle. At least two famous thinkers--Machiavelli and Sun Tzu -- spelled out what you do instead. You get the population to endlessly squabble and fight amongst themselves. The theory of my book is simply that this technique may have been applied to the human race as a whole. If the theory is true, I don't think that the ETs necessarily consider themselves sinister. Such a method of controlling the human population would simply be a necessary management technique in their minds.  

Q: One of the themes you have raised, linked to the title of your book, is that in the story of Eden, ‘God’ made it a sin to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge, and you have hypothesized that ‘God’ actually refers to a race of extra-terrestrials who created humans to serve them but who wanted to keep us ignorant.  What type of knowledge do you think this race of extra-terrestrials was trying to withhold from human beings?

A:  My theory is that the knowledge is a true understanding about the nature of consciousness, how it relates to the fundamentals of physical reality, and technical knowledge that would make humans a true space-faring race. These categories of knowledge, if developed to a high level, would make human beings rivals to the ET.  The Adam and Eve story, the Tower of Babel story, along with their predecessors in earlier Mesopotamian legends, suggest that this knowledge is something that humans will never be allowed to fully attain.       


If you replace the term Aliens with Fallen Angels / The Serpent seed then the events described in this article are accurate…!

Is there any reports of these hybrids not having a Soul??? I believe this is most important question that can lead us to a better linkage of what can be done to help the situation.

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