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Out-of-Africa Yesterday, Australia Today and the Pleiades Tomorrow - Pleiadians and the Elders (Part 3)

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If we accept Wilson is correct in identifying Homo erectus (which we do not fully subscribe to but for the sake of balance we will include) as half of the newly emerging Homo sapien sapiens evolutionary model, we need to turn to Original mentors and Elders in discovering the other agency responsible. Whether consulting the Dreaming story “ The Seven Sisters ” which is spread throughout the continent and is specific in naming the Pleiades as the place from which the sisters came, or seeking the advice of many Elders/ Custodians of Original Lore, there is a continental consistency in the location of the Original ancestry. Reuben Kelly, an incredibly wise and highly respected Dhungutti (Thainghetti) Elder (N.S.W.) was adamant his distant ancestors arrived on this planet on a “space ship”. He stated that “our legends tell us that we came to this planet on a space ship made of energy. When it hit this atmosphere, it turned to crystal”.            

Rather than offering a variety of Original testimonials in defence of the Seven Sisters and an off-world heritage, we thought it appropriate to quote from a witness who actually has the right to ‘speak’ on behalf of the beings responsible: an Alien. Taken directly from the transcript of the diary compiled by Matilda O’Donnel, the nurse who attended to the needs of the captured Alien at Roswell, the section of the account found on pages 67 and 68 not only supports the oral accounts held by many Elders/Custodians, but also validates what open-minded scientists like Cann and Wilson discovered. This stranded Alien being told Matilda that the genesis of modern humans took place “in Australia”, and that this occurred “400,000 years ago”.            

In a rare, virtually unheard of concord, geneticists, historians, mystics, Original Elders and Aliens stand as one in declaring that Australia, not Africa, was the birth of modern humans, and that this happened no less than 400,000 years ago. To these truths we would add one highly likely scenario: that the ascension of one type of hominid into Homo sapien sapiens came about through genetic manipulation by an extra-terrestrial life form.

The ‘Elders’ Speak

There are many other genetic studies and commentaries affirming a non-African ancestry in Australia, and we felt it appropriate and balanced to conclude the academic debate with an observation made by a local academic who is no stranger to controversy nor friend of Original Lore, culture or history. Often, and rightly so, he has been castigated for sanitising the ethics and behaviour of the invading race through outright lies and selective omission, but even the extremely conservative historian Keith Windschuttle was unable to ‘tow the academic line’ in relation to the unscientific and illogical hypothesis proposing that Africans came to Australia. Irrespective of whether the date of entry from Africa was supposed to have happened 40,000, 60,000 or 400,000 years, Windschuttle could find no room for any African in Australia or for that matter in any part of the Pacific or Indonesia. He declared that “fifty years of blood genetic research has failed to provide any clue to Aboriginal origins … May I state here and now that our extensive blood surveys conducted in Australia, Indonesia, Melaneasia, Micronesia and Polynesia … produced no genetic evidence that the Negro even entered the Pacific”.                              

The reality is that all of the accepted historical accounts of pre-Cook Australia are fundamentally flawed through always looking beyond these shores when intense introspective research is mandatory. What may have been forgotten for a century or two was never lost, as a highly credentialed Original Elder reminded any willing to listen, “all other peoples of the world came from us”. He did not speak out of turn or alone, Gary, a Walpiri Elder, echoed the same sentiments when declaring “I have the bloodlines of all peoples on the planet running through my veins”. Because this genetic connection began in Australia and then spread, Terry, an Adnymathanha Elder, noted that “this is the centre, the Creation Place. Everything drifted away from here”. These ancient Original statements of cause and effect are the base from which human history must radiate. If that fundamental truth does not precede every Australian assumption made in relation to humanities’ past and future, what follows is veiled by shades of grey and often much worse.  

In a white-fella court, now matter how trivial the offence, it is mandatory that whenever anyone utters one syllable that is recorded, they are obliged to always speak ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ When it comes to official version of the Original peoples’ history and heritage, it seems nothing but the untruth is obligatory.


I have read your earlier work in NEXUS, and note your adventurous reference to the alien pilot 'Airl's account of the evolution of sentient beings in the universe. Perhaps someone with familiarity with Aboriginal stories is better-equipped to find the reinforcement for these ideas (which do appeal to me) but you are likely to thoroughly 'alienate' (sorry!) the hidebound academics in the palaeontology field, who are resistant to re-thinking of many dogmas, as seen in the Javanese hostility to the findings of the 'Hobbit' on Flores.
Compelling as 'Airl's account is, it must be kept in mind that Mr Spencer issues a comprehensive disclaimer, and no audit trail for these documents can be found, or can exclude the possibility of invention. That said, Airl's story answers many conundrums that are not answered -- or even admitted -- by palaeontology.
Dr Fred Hoyle's work on the mutations and genetic content brought to earth by comets is also of interest, and that may well be the clue to the legends' reference to a space ship made of energy, which turned to crystal. Note that Airl asserts the Aboriginal race to be the only race not brought to this planet as prisoners. That may account for the observation of original aborigines living in balance with the environment, which has hardly been seen in the rest of the world. Also, apparently aboriginals carry a high content of 'Denisovan' DNA, indicating admixture of heritage from North Asian contributors.

This is absurd, there is a huge amount of documents proving all humans and modern humans emerged from Africa and traveled to and civilized the rest of the world. No Africans or Black in the Pacific is totally crazy, who are the people from Fiji and the early people of Hawaii would have been in the segregated section of the South during Jim Crow. You can look at the Samoans and see that they have Black blood as well as the people of Angor Wat. Racism still exists but just like ancient Egypt these lies attempting to diminish the role of African people will slowly seep away into the historical reality. Show and prove what you say that all major scientific institutions cannot deny ANYMORE - Africa is the origin of all people -all are descended from the so called Black race. List your sources and research.

I've been following the great work of this fantastic father and son team and can't wait for what they come up with next. Great work guy's and keep getting the truth outhere. Your doing a wonderfull thing for the true Aboriginal People by getting the truth out to the world. Your work will benifit us all. Thankyou!

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