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Planet X – Is there Scientific Evidence?

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What if, though, as Sitchin suggested, the planet between Mars and Jupiter was not obliterated but rather pushed into a new orbit? We must not ignore that Ceres, a watery planetoid in the Asteroid Belt whose spectral characteristics suggest a composition similar to that of a carbonaceous chondrite, match with Sitchin's Tiamat (or Earth if you prefer). Vesta, on the other hand, a water-poor achondridic asteroid, not only has a completely different composition from Ceres, but is believed to be a planetoid associated with several other smaller objects in the solar system, including most near-Earth asteroids.

Is it possible that Vesta, and most V-type near-Earth debris, could be remnants from the colliding planet that ultimately pushed the fractured Tiamat in its new orbit, as Sitchin suggested? Perhaps, time—and space—will tell!

Christos A. Djonis is the author of the book "Uchronia? - Atlantis Revealed"

Featured image: Artist’s depiction of a mysterious Ninth Planet. (CC BY-SA 4.0)

By Christos A. Djonis


Go research 'Stitchen debunked'. He translated Sumarian texts wrong and full of error. Thus,' Ancient Alien ' theories were born based and built upon his falsely translated material, since not too many do their own research . Niburu was 'Mars' on a much different orbit than it is today. Read Mars-Earth Wars by Donald Patten. Interesting stuff. His translation, (paraphrased) 'Those who from heaven came' is completely wishful thinking slanted to and according to his own beliefs. He was never a Sumarian language expert. he just thought he was. And people will still believe even though all his work was already debunked.

do not read THAT stuff, read THIS stuff......this is real, and that is all wrong.
.and you know Sitchin is wrong because....? YOU are an expert in early Sumerian translations?
YOU are a Sumerian language expert? gosh, how special you are.

First read the info before these kind of remarks CARLOS1 ... PLEASE !!!
PETUNIA is right in what he/she says.

Childish remarks like that says only something about you.

johnblack's picture

PS, Sitchin was an excellent researcher and most of the time in his books (if you have read them) you will see that he clearly identifies what is a speculation and what is not. Because of him we know a lot about Sumerians and their writings. This of course doesn’t make him perfect and he did excagerate in many things.

Quoting two ‘debunking’ sites is not a reliable source at all. Basically no debunking site is a good source. Debunkers have only one goal “no matter what discredit anyone that is against mainstream”. They take things out of context, add things, cook things and present them in a convincing way. That’s all. 

"PETUNIA is right in what he/she says." ...interesting, all that from on High, I suppose

PS, I did read the info. then I read the remark about how one theory/idea/speculation is
just wrong, and this other one is just Truth, so believe it. then you defend he/she/it and refer me to 2 debunking links about Sitchin/Von Daniken. (hardly reliable sources)
OK OK I am now convinced, you and Pet. are correct and I am a childish dope for believing anything else could possibly be truth. I am waiting now for your quotes from the scripture


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