‘Vampire’ burial site found in Poland

The Vampire burials of Poland

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The last few weeks we have been bombarded by the discovery of graves, evidence of ancient massacres and dead bodies found all over the world. But we do not hear every day about ‘vampire’ bodies! Well here we go.

In South Poland, in the city of Gliwice, now a city with a population of 2 million, a surprised discovery took place while constructors were digging as part of preparation to lay out a road. Four skeletons were found that were buried with their head between their legs, a procedure that was followed for possible ‘vampires’. Another similar burial site was found in 1914 in the village of Stare in Masovia.

Archaeologist Dr Jacek Pierzak said that the skeletons were found without any possessions or jewellery and, at the moment, the age of the skeletons cannot be defined, but tests will be conducted for that purpose.

According to folklore traditions, burying bodies in such a way was in order to protect people from vampires.

Vampires are mythological beings and although the term vampire (vampyre) was first used in 1700 AD, as supernatural creatures they are mentioned in many different mythologies all over the world from Mesopotamia to Ancient Greece and America - supernatural beings with a taste for blood and flesh. Examples include Assyrian Lilitu or Hebrew Lilith and her daughters, drinking the blood of babies, a Philippines spirit named Alan, an ancient Greek daemon called Lamia feeding with children, Japanese being named Rokurokubi and many, many others beings . The interesting thing is that all of those beings were related in one way or another to the Gods and some of them were so-called Gods themselves.

Later on those attributes were given to Demons and Devil and although all of them are considered mythological beings, it makes someone wonder how it is possible to have not only ancient references but also modern references of those beings. So what do you think… reality or myth?

By John Black

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