Facade of Philip II tomb Vergina Greece

Remains of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, confirmed found

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Featured image: Facade of Philip II tomb Vergina Greece.  Image source: Wikipedia

By April Holloway


lizleafloor's picture

What a fascinating find!

"He married between five and seven women, causing confusion over the line of succession." Hm - historically one of the surer ways of cementing your own assassination!

rbflooringinstall's picture

Excellent! Now that we know who the tomb belongs to, we might could find some awesome arifacts to help us figure out maybe just where Alexandre is.

Peace and Love,


I do believe that Tomb II was sealed long before the remains of Alexander III were moved to their final destination. So it makes no sense to look for clues in a much earlier tomb...

I am interested in any and all historical information.

angieblackmon's picture

it's amazing how much can be learned when we stop and carefully examine everything. i'm always amazed at the amount of gold that's found. the amount of gold will still never pass the amount of knowledge we can learn from these sites.

love, light and blessings



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