New Research Shows that Some Ancient Egyptians Were Naturally Fair-Haired

New Research Shows that Some Ancient Egyptians Were Naturally Fair-Haired

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Redheaded female found at Fag el-Gamous.

Redheaded female found at Fag el-Gamous. ( Brigham Young University )

Featured Image: Anubis, supervisor of the mummification process. ( CC BY SA 2.0 ) A mummified blonde boy, about five years of age. ( British Museum )

By Natalia Klimczak


When I read research like this I am forced to question such result. This test did not take into consideration other factors. Those that were tested do they have the same genetic code with those that exhibited the fair hair?

Were their hair buried natron in the same geographical location? And do they eat the same food with those that showed the fair hair?

I agree, there seems to be a lot of factors they did not include. And I'm sure the fact that the mummies had been buried for a few thousand years plays a part as well.

Well I guess that the article is implying that the original ancient Egyptians were pale,blond hair, blue eyed race of people who came from outside Africa, such as Anatola ha ha ha…

Charles Bowles

It would be very easy to trust in these findings, if they had genetic proof. In the light thrown with these findings, it is still fairly uncertain. Well, those samples only need to be buried in a desert location for 2000+ years, then we can be more certain of the matter. I think the genetic analysis could be a bit faster to produce, if decent DNA samples can be obtained from the mummys in question.

DNA testing has been conducted ( more than a few times now, always same result ) on Tut, and others, by a Swiss genealogy company named IGENEA concluding that they belonged to an ancestral line, or haplogroup, called R1b1a2, that is rare in modern Egypt but common in western Europeans. This is the reality and the non reality babble is based and fueled by political correctness and the widespread anti White sentiment so popular now. The current ridiculous fable being spread, viciously by the modern Egyptians, and academia, this Egypt was then populated by the same ethnic group that populates Egypt now. Those this people didn't show up until much much later. Truth and reality is the Kryptonite to modern academia and status quo.


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