The word "Marmaria" on the slab.

Does First-of-its-Kind Hebrew Inscription give Evidence for New Testament Account of Jesus Miracles?

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Volunteers from Israel and from abroad are participating in the excavations at Kursi beach site, particularly from China and Taiwan and students from the International Program at the University of Haifa. Ground penetrating radar and other tests are being implemented in cooperation with Dr. Yossi Salomon of the Technion and researchers from Spain and France. In addition, volunteers from the religious girls' high school at Nov participated in the excavation as part of the Antiquity Authority's "Heritage" program. Additional archeological findings at the site include earthenware vessels and an earthenware oil lamp featuring fish, as well as another ceramic oil lamp featuring a ship.

Featured image: The word "Marmaria" on the slab. Credit: Jennifer Munro

Source: University of Haifa. "Excavations uncover unique Hebrew inscription showing existence of a Jewish village at Kursi." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 18 December 2015. <>.



“….The dedication comprises eight lines, so that it is very detailed or expansive…...”

and so far we only get the word "Marmaria" translated on the slab? Okay, it’s in hebrew, it’s old, it has a ‘word’ which echos something out of the NT. So that constitute evidence of miracles???

Let us know when the whole 8 lines are translated and what the entire inscription says. Until then it’s just another rock with some writing on it.


What Osiris says!
This article and its header only proof how people tend to blow up insignificant facts and stories to mythical proportions to proof the existence of their specific savior. It's all a fraud!
Very bad try AO!

If anything is proves people haven't evolved since the carvings.

You mean Titus who passed by the Sea of Galilee...

STRONG evidence required...!
Is that "marble" what we now call "Pink" Marble?
I only ask because it doesn't seem to have the sheen of marble - though I accept it has been left open to dust gathering, which may have dulled its surface. But has no one tried wiping the dust off of it...???

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