Dead Seas Scrolls Reveal that Noah's Ark Was Shaped Like a Pyramid

Dead Seas Scrolls Reveal that Noah's Ark Was Shaped Like a Pyramid

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According to a reading from a newly digitized fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah's Ark was something different than what is currently believed. The 2,000-year-old text may be prove that the Ark was the shape of a pyramid.

Over 50 years ago, a stone thrown by a Bedouin shepherd into a cave led to what some have called the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. The Bedouin heard the stone crack open an earthenware jar. Upon investigating, he found the first of what came to be known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. When all the scrolls and fragments were sorted out, they accounted for about 800 manuscripts. About one quarter, or just over 200 manuscripts, are copies of portions of the Hebrew Bible text.

Two scrolls from the Dead Sea Scrolls lie at their location in the Qumran Caves before being removed for scholarly examination by archaeologists.

Two scrolls from the Dead Sea Scrolls lie at their location in the Qumran Caves before being removed for scholarly examination by archaeologists. ( public domain )

Now, after almost five years, a laboratory established by the Israel Antiquities Authority as part of the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library project, has scanned tens of thousands of fragments from the scrolls with a custom-made camera. Each fragment was photographed 28 times at high resolution using different wavelengths of light. The sophisticated technology enabled researchers to read letters and words that were previously illegible. Some of the newly-digitized fragments offered new interpretations of well-known Biblical stories.

Part of the scroll discussing judgment day, before being scanned.

Part of the scroll discussing judgment day, before being scanned. Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority

Part of the scroll discussing judgement day after the scan.

Part of the scroll discussing judgement day after the scan. Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority

New Fragments Deciphered

Haaretz reported that the new reading of the fragments has changed our understanding about Noah's Ark. Thanks to the high-resolution imagery, a word following the phrase “the ark’s tallness” had previously been illegible. However, the new scans showed that the correct words is ne’esefet, meaning “gathered,” which according to researcher Dr. Alexey Yuditsky, means that the ark’s ribs were gathered together at the top in the shape of a pyramid. Dr Yuditsky said that the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Bible dating to the third century BC, used a Greek verb with a similar meaning to describe the Ark. Moreover, medieval authors like Maimonides suggested that the ark's roof was pointed.

The newly deciphered words on the ancient parchments stayed hidden for centuries, but are now bringing answers to many long standing questions, as well as raising new ones. Previously, the story of Noah's Ark was known mainly from the Book of Genesis. However, the Dead Sea Scrolls found in Qumran cave in the Judean Desert shed new light on this story.

Qumran cave 4 in the Judean Desert, where ninety percent of the scrolls were found

Qumran cave 4 in the Judean Desert, where ninety percent of the scrolls were found ( public domain )

Noah’s Ark – Not Just a Biblical Story

The Dead Sea Scrolls contain information about many controversial and fascinating topics from the past, the story of Noah and the legendary flood being just one of them. Christos Djonis, guest author of Ancient Origins, explained in his articles ''Evidence of The Great Flood – Real or a Myth? ''( part 1 and part 2 ), that the story of Noah is not just a Biblical account:

''The story of a “Great Flood” sent by God (or gods according to much earlier testimony) to destroy humanity for its sins is a widespread account shared by many religions and cultures around the world, and dates back to our earliest recorded history. From India to ancient Greece, Mesopotamia and even among North American Indian tribes, there is no shortage of such tales that often enough sound very much alike. Some of these stories truly sound so similar that one could wonder whether all cultures around the planet had experienced such an event (...)

Only after 7000 BC when the ocean levels finally began stabilizing, human life once more began to return to normal. Coastal sites no longer had to be abandoned for higher ground, at least for the most part, and between 6000 BC and 5000 BC, once more, we begin to see signs of human activity closer to the sea. Is it a mere coincidence that our “recorded” history happens to start around this time? Is it true that early humans were too primitive to leave traces of their existence behind, or the early pages of our history were “washed away” by the Great Flood of the last ice age? After all, it seems that as soon as the adverse climatic conditions receded, it did not take long for humans to thrive once again. ''


Well so much for a boat eh? That new "Ark" exhibit in Kentucky is a farce, always has been. No way in hell could some dude grab 2 of every animal, sharks, eels, penguins, giraffes, polar bears, grizzly bears, sloths, ants, termites, etc and put them on a boat. Since it has never been found, the "Ark," it is clearly some man made figment of their imaginations. Most likely the "Ark" would have been a DNA repository for the future to save the animals on this planet. Sadly religion has perverted the minds of scientists and laymen alike to the point of no return. Religion is and always will be the complete downfall of humanity. Those without religion are the only ones who will be left standing after the holy wars are completed and then religion will be wiped out once and for all from the record and reason will once again rule.

Don't think you'd need to be grabbing sharks or other marine creatures even if any of it was true.

Perhaps, but if the deluge was 40 days/nights then the Earth would be flooded with Fresh Water, so why not the sea animals? Makes sense, IF as you state any of it were true, except the flood. As the author wrote, the flood tale is worldwide, not just written down in the babble. And flood evidence has been found world over.

Jason, I agree that religion seems to be the great enemy of mankind. However, seeking the truth is nothing but good for us. I think that our definition of God will chnage as our knowledge chnages, but even higher than the most advanced alien covilization in the uniiverse(s), I believe that we will find an original organizing and very simple consciousness. It could be that this consciousness does not even know how it came to be...anything is possible. I have found that rationality only gets a person about 25% of the way...the rest is through something quite mysterious, maybe revelation or divine intervention. It is beyond the words in English, anyhow. As to the Flood, you maybe should google Graham Hancock. He thinks that about 9,000 B.C., several cometary fragments struck Canada and northern Europe and melted the Ice Age glaciers basically very, very quickly. Hence the flood. The salt-water fish could just dive down to the salty layer below the incoming fresh water layer and survive that way. As to the Ark, it may have been built by Noah or it could be an allegory for an Atlantean or alien genetic repository, as you said.

"Since it has never been found, the "Ark," it is clearly some man made figment of their imaginations."
The logic is a little faulty.
By the same reasoning the dead sea scrolls didn't exist. Well, until they were found.
And all those wooden boats that rotted away thousands of years ago and were never found were figments of someones imagination.

They've found plenty of "wooden" boats. Lost Viking boats, lost Egyptian boats, etc. But that history eludes you! Well if you read the story then you'd know how the Dead Sea scrolls were found or did you even bother to read it?

Well the Ark is a figment of some persons wild imagination. The babble was written by men to control man, woman and child and to tell fantastical tales. Since the Dead Sea scrolls mention a Pyramid, then the babble is false about a boat!

If you've read the Bible, then you'd know that the Ark was not in the shape of a boat but more of a large box. You're telling others to read, do a little reading yourself. just saying.

how are wooden boats a figment of someones imagination, when you before imply they existed, rot away then cant be found. wood rots ! But egyptian boats have been found, roman ones too, are we to say none existed, till they are found ? when we know before found, they did exist. Seems you contradict yourself. No one has found cleopatra, that mean she didnt exist ? or till she is found, oh wait, we found her; she exists Now.. ?

Hey you presumptive prick. That it was shaped like a pyramid doesn't exclude it as having been a boat which it is still recorded as having been. as for it not having been found, that is in fact debatable. The Ark of the Covenant for example is real and it is known. It is in a special church in Ethiopia where it is under a guard who guards it for life and passes the responsibility on. It also makes people who spend time near it sick, and is believed to be radioactive. As for Noah's Ark, it does appear to have been located although the exact location escapes me it was near Turkey and the remains scanty as they are don't refute the idea of it having been pyramid shaped on top.

no, I think you are the presumptive prick. yeah, I read the book on the ark and saw the blah blah history channel show too. they say its in that church but the only pic you see is some guy standing in front of a building. no ark to be seen. dont be so gullible just because someone writes a book. same goes for the so called noah ark also the pics shown are out of proportion and there has been at least two different locations sited and no proof!! presumptive prick indeed!

"It also makes people who spend time near it sick, and is believed to be radioactive." How does the guard not get radioactive contamination as well since he is around it for life???

The City of Troy was a myth until it was found..

There are alots of artifact from Noa arch found near mountain Ararat in turkey just google or YouTube
But Noa were not the only one arch who survive the flud in north of Albania on the Iron mountain
Is isfound one very big iron Ring also big ship anchor on the topth of the mountain there is no car way or any other possibility to bring these atefacts on these place
Even from the heavyweight unposible today with modern equipment to bring there from human and such rings were found even in other mountains to in Albania

Please provide a citation for your post.

Numerous unrelated cultures have a flood/boat story. Origins tend to point to the end of the last ice age when glacial dams were rupturing everywhere and washing across the land. Who lived to tell about it? -Anyone anywhere in a boat.

DNA repository would not even be the case because those people had no idea DNA existed in the first place. The whole Noach story is a copy and pasted story of a old Sumerian tale and even that tale comes in various forms, maybe due to local flooding. Anyway Noach was not historical and the story never happened obviously. It was indeed the figment of the imagination of the hebrew Jews in 6th c bc while in Exile, they copied and edited the storys from Babylon out of Sumerian clay tablets to their liking. So there was no Ark that we know of and yea well maybe in a local flood there were a couple of people who made a boat or something but not as described in the Noach story and not with that much animals. Forty days of rain does not make a flood as described in the bible in the first place and water as high as the highest mountain is not even possible and it would be extremely cold that high so it would freeze and there would not even be enough oxygen on that height also and too many moisture. The ''boat'' could not even been a Ark anyway. I do not recall the Sumerian txt or any other flood story with a pyramid Ark. So this even this Ark thing must have been an figment of imagination of the ones who wrote the Dead sea scroll, a Qumran Essene sect.

you ever read bible scripture / or do you always judge things before reading. ? And how did fossils get to the top of such high mountains ? your words of religion being destructive can have merit, But Jesus (God) is not a religion. He is Alive and lives more surely than you and i do ! To believe death has been overcome, by God's action on the cross, not anything we could do, at all. And seeing his power work, with Love as his evidence, and how the bible compliments itself as written, Love is truth, it's power as truth, testifies to Love. If all you know is how to put down truth, please realize truth is bigger than you are :) your wimpy denial, changes nothing.. The great flood did happen, God influenced the animals to come to the ark. Noah was faithful to God, a remnant from all others back then who fell away from him. Just as you do today. this type of hstory will happen again, this time; Jesus will return, (the next thing in scripture destined to happen) and others like you, will be left behind :( Hope You get with Christ, before he shuts the door.

You are so full of love towards your fellow man that you hope he ‘gets with Christ before he shuts the door’ – nice God you have there – he created that same person you are putting down with your self-important nonsense – he made that brain, that inquiring mind, even you with your smugness & pat-yourself-on-the-back strut.   If I had made humans I would be feeling very sorry for the mess I created, not telling them do this ‘or else’ !   We all know what compassion is, and it is not what you are putting out ! 


you better remember something when you spout off the bible and scripture the bible was put together by a group of men and THEY decided which so called gospels would be put into the bible not god or a divinity and this was out of Hundreds of gospels to choose from. so it was a prejudiced judgement to begin with AND your bible has been translated badly over several centuries and languages so don't take this so called historical writing as always fact. it is riddled with things you don't follow and inconsistencies. Finally, you people always, I said always take things out of context when you preach this so called book of authority which it isn't. Just to intimidate people into thinking that everything is a sin also now you people just ignore the old testament because it is too harsh to your belief taste today.. to quote a great movie and Jack Nicholson "go sell crazy somewhere else we're all full up here!"

Jesus is not God, at no point in the bible does it say this.
The Romans misinterpreted the meaning of messiah

Jesus answered them, “I and My Father are one.” John 10:30-33

Isn't it strange that we have ice cores from glaciers, the Arctic and Antarctic which show the earth's climate for millions of years - but no record of a flood?

If the entire earth flooded, such an event would be recorded in these cores. But it's not.

Logic. It's what's for breakfast this morning.

Religon is the root of all eval

In my opinion religion is the only proof for the flood and Noah 's ark ever existing So isn't science driving people to be dillussional

Tenar10r's picture

It was two -two mating pairs- of all unclean animals and seven pairs of all clean animals if I remember correctly.

Not sure how they jumped from "gathered" to pyramid. A peaked roof sounds more reasonable.

The framing of my house is gathered on a center line. By there reasoning, wouldn't it be a cone?

Noah's ark was stolen off of Mt. Ararat by the evil government and then classified. The ark is boaty shaped and about 500 ft. long and the prints can be seen on Google maps now in detail including the road that was dug to remove it.

show me!

Also, this is the reason that they classified the ark:
The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.


It makes complete sense that the 'flood' of the 'books' was the melt from the ice-age, and it also makes sense that this did not kill everything, but a large proportion of creatures drowned, others simply went to higher land where they could. The 'boat' concept is probably a story that was created to explain how anything survived the 'flood' - since almost everything seemed to have drowned. Obviously the population of humans was reduced to a low level, and most of the old cultures were flooded, but man rose again and recreated a lot of what had been before.  That ice-age melt flooding happened in devastating 'bursts' in some places, rather than a simple slow trickle only. I do not think that anyone actually believes that the current population of humans on the planet is descended from only Noah & his extended family ! Humans tended to believe 'folk stories' to explain events, some still have to have a story, but most people accept that there are things we do not know and stay open to the possibilities.


"It makes complete sense that the 'flood' of the 'books' was the melt from the ice-age"

No it does not.

It makes sense that you would use whatever knowledge we have today to try to support the myths you already believe in.

This explains why you make all kinds of statements without providing reasonable argumentation nor evidence like;
"That ice-age melt flooding happened in devastating 'bursts' in some places, rather than a simple slow trickle only."

"I do not think that anyone actually believes that the current population of humans on the planet is descended from only Noah & his extended family !"

People that believe in virgin births, people walking on water and transubstantiation should have no problem believing this and a few centuries ago most, if not all, christians probably did believe that.

"but most people accept that there are things we do not know and stay open to the possibilities."

Some people have an open mind to the extent that their brain falls out.

I guess you have a firmly entrenched ‘view’ that is based on some religious framework then ? And your rartionalization for that is ? I just do not understand your contempt for an open mind & determination to condemn anyone who cannot believe in any currently existing framework but wants to try & understand what truth & reality ARE –  Do please enlighten me into your super-wonderful firmly fixed “knowledge” !


I'm an agnostic atheist. That means I need reasonable evidence before I believe (leaving exceptions like disbelief in solipsism out for now). Extraordinary claims require extaordinary evidence. I have no problem with open minds but I do have problems with agnostic theism (unreasonable by definition) and (claims of) gnostic theism that are supported with weak evidence. These minds often claim they are open but they are in fact closed; the openings are filled up with nonsense.

There is currently only one way to gain knowledge about reality; science. Science is explicitly not firmly fixed knowledge.

math and logic are not science but tell us a lot about reality.

Meant to add – those ‘bursts’ of flood water were something suggested by one researcher to suggest the patterns of strange soil deposits in the border area of US-Canada, based on a known fact of huge lakes holding meltwater until breached suddenly  – I would have to go look it up, but it was not my idea – there is a geological puzzle explainable by that concept – that is a SUGGESTION – a concept which you seem unable to comprehend – I guess because you have some fixed format in your head and therefore none of it has to be ‘explained’ anyway, since YOU know & understand everything already ? Please give us your formula – I suspect it has something to do with one or other religious views.  How dare I suggest your ‘God’ concept could be wrong or non-existent ? 


A simpler explanation is that the biblical flood never happened and that some minor flood was simply blown out of proportions. Maybe some guy got lucky because he was just about to cross a river with some animals on a boat. It is for the religiots to provide reasonable evidence that it was more than that. So far they have not and there is no use in wildly speculating with todays knowledge about ice ages.

I know that some years back it was generally accepted that those ‘primitives’ were just so many storytellers & created THE FLOOD MYTH to explain a local flood – but, over the years it has become apparent that in every continent & among almost all peoples, there are similar stories – not likely unless there was something much bigger going on. They are gradually discovering that ‘primitive’ man was not quite so primitive as they have been assuming – many things appear to be a whole lot older than first thought, since the discovery of 
Gobekli Tepe, we are just now beginning to see actual ‘qualified’ scientists (ie part of the establishment) beginning to consider that maybe their assumptions about the ‘stone-age’ were not quite correct, and they need to reconsider what they have been calling ‘fact’ !! I love this – suits my rebellious nature & my loathing of the conceit of conservative ‘professionals’ –time for a rethink !!! 12,800 yrs ago which is the dating of Gobekli Tepe is right at the end of the last Ice Age – so, we all have to put on our thinking caps – how to explain that from the ‘stone-age’ primitive ‘grunting’ peoples they imagine of that time ???  No – somehow things have just been exposed for the unknown reality they actually are – what if Graham Hanco9ck’s or Eric Von Daniken’s ideas are NOT so far from reality – how do we explain Sumer popping up SUDDENLY out of nowhere, where did all that ‘civilized’ spontaneous culture come from – I am all ears & adore this subject above all other. There is still room to fit a God in there if you insist, we just have to admit we really do not yet KNOW what the truth of history actually is.  


Flew over the west many times and noticed landscape is nothing less than support for that idea. A huge melt water lake dammed up; Red River valley; as well as million square miles, broke through the dams and created the Grand Canyon and washed the plains. clear of several hundred ft of sand and gravel

Glacial Lake Missoula

You think that a country that keeps pushing the Made up Holocaust so it can have the rest of the world give it money and say poor Jew, is going to reveal everything about Dead Sea Scrolls?

Also the fact that they are Murdering, stealing the land, stealing the children, stealing the water of Palestine.
And are a Zionist State.

Are you that Naive?

And there is NO doubt at all where YOU stand on the subject of Israel – the hatred is glaring at me from the page – you make a big mistake taking one side of the argument – there is always another view, and there is no answer now to the status of “Palestinians” except to get on with their lives and make a country for themselves, maybe drop the unproductive Islamic doctrine and CREATE something worthwhile? – you get absolutely nowhere with Islam, the cult of terror, hatred & submission (Islam=Submission, NOT ‘peace’ btw) – they would gain a great deal from being friends with the peoples now living in Israel, none of who have ‘stolen’ anything from them (except those pushing into new illegal ‘settlements’ in “Palestinian” areas), they just happen to live where they live just like the rest of us on this planet.  Funny how we do not see ANYBODY really supporting the “Palestinian” people by helping them to develop themselves, all we see is denial by other Arab nations that they have any right to move anywhere – so they are just stuck where they are. The Jewish holocaust was real, do not kid yourself, Germans have to face the reality every day of what they did, and they ARE truly ashamed of their history. Other peoples have also faced similar fates, and this continues today in some places; yes - humans are a disgrace, but history must be put down & positive moves made to fix things for the sake of the future.


Already when the person said "Made up Holocaust" you knew anything you say will just pass without stopping, through this person's head.
Maybe he just thinks it's a reason to say something else stupid. After all, there are still some things in the Protocolls of the Elders he hasn't referred to as The Truth yet :-D

Veronica- I understand why you write as you do but I would like to say that you really need to read up on your history to find out exactly why Israel is where it is and how it came about. Those who developed and implemented the idea, under the influence of Zionists,which 'gave' the land to Jewish people, thought that those pouring into the area , and those already there could live together. However, driven by the ancient idea that this was originally 'their' land given to them by God, the Jews began to develop Israel as their own. Their Government gradually pushed those who came to be called Palestinians further and further, finally building a wall and continuing to treat them in the most abominable way, using as their excuse the fact that some Palestinians reacted with force to the way they were treated. This has largely now become a tit for tat situation. But those who suffer the most are the ordinary Palestinians who just want to live a quiet life, in houses which are in one piece, to farm the land, to have the water they need, which is currently almost all diverted for Israel's use.
There are, by the way, several agencies trying to help them, against great odds - and not all Israelis are happy with the actions of their government.

YOU accuse him of hate while you would gladly see the end of Islam?? now about Israel, that was forced upon the people living there at the time without their consent that makes it an illegal state, and as for the Holohoax google the Jewish almanic for the population at the time and while you're at it google the Red Cross report on it that says there is no evidence for the holocaust and when you do that come back to me with Documented evidence that supports your view, history is written by the victors don't get me wrong I'm not saying hitler wasn't an evil bastard he was but when you compare him to the number one terrorist regime on the planet (USA) he's only an amature

yes, dna could have been known about way before you discovered it and there are patterns in ancient rock carvings of such dna type structure.
in a story that 'water' represents emotion the flood could have other meaning and even buddha might tell you to calm the waters else you be swept away and continue on your journey through birth and death. but then that version may be too personal for these current ages of kali... so the earth continues to recycle the mountains and the seas and the people and their footsteps falling everywhere on sacred ground where the bones of saints and sinners are all returned into dust from which they came.
now i must sleep but thanks for all the comments for and against and thanks for all the articles and stories of what might have been!

I wonder what your comments would be like if you all read the "The Twelfth Planet" by Zecharia Sitchin. He covers this topic at some length and makes for a very plausible argument about The Deluge and the aftermath of it. Cheers.

It should have been obvious, long ago, that The Pyramids, themselves are shaped as they are to
resist, and dissipate, downward pressure from above from...wait for it...a Flood. It doesn't take a
'genius', or 'scrolls' to figure that out. Simple Observation.

"Simple Observation."

That's a deduction based on the unreasonable assumption that the biblical flood happened. Not an observation.


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