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Chronicles from the Future: A True Story Kept Hidden by the Masons now Revealed

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Chronicles from the Future tells a remarkable story about a bizarre and incredible event experienced by Paul Amadeus Dienach, the author, who lived during the beginning of the previous century in central Europe. Dienach claims that during his one-year comatose state, brought about by a serious illness, his consciousness travelled to the future in a different body and stayed there for the entire duration of his coma.  Although this sounds impossible and indeed fanciful, Dienach’s written account was taken very seriously by the Freemasons, who kept his book as a closely guarded secret.

There are many books containing prophecies and visions of future occurrences, however, none come close to the strange circumstances that happened to Dienach nearly a century ago. Only a select few have ever had the privilege of reading Dienach’s detailed chronicle of events as just a small number of copies were printed and published in Greece.

But now, for the first time, people have the opportunity to read Dienach’s incredible story and hear his revelations about the future and the next evolutionary step for humanity.  

Exclusively on Ancient Origins, in cooperation with the editor of the first English version of Chronicles from the Future , Achilleas Syrigos will present pages from Paul Dienach’s Diary in sequence on Ancient Origins, so stay tuned!

Start reading the book now on AO!

The complete book will be published in a few months.

Who is the writer of the book?

Paul Amadeus Dienach writing illustration

Paul Amadeus Dienach, was a professor of German language studies. He was not a writer nor did he ever plan to write a book. Rather, Chronicles from the Future is his published diary containing a detailed description of his experiences.

Dienach suffered from a rare type of Encephalitis lethargica (‘sleep sickness’), and in 1921, he fell into a coma and remained that way for a whole year in a hospital of Geneva.

What was his experience?

When Dienach awoke from his coma, he recorded in his diary that he had been awake and aware the entire time, but not in the year nor the place in which his body lay.  Dienach reported that his consciousness travelled into the body of another man, Andrew Northam, in the year 3906 AD.  

According to Dienach, individuals in the year 3906 AD realized that a different consciousness had entered the body of Andrew Northam, and so they showed him and explained to him everything about their era, as well as exactly what had occurred from the 21 st century up until their present year, showing the path that humanity had followed.

Dienach reported that a new species of human being, named Homo Occidantalis Novus, will follow today’s Homo sapiens, and in his memoires he traces the steps, both good and bad, that will take place over the millennia.

Dienach never mentioned his account to anyone at the time for fear of being thought crazy and exposing himself to ridicule, both in his career and personal life. 

How did his personal diary come to be published?

Paul Dienach at the hospital - Illustration

At the age of 36, with fragile health and after recovering from his coma, Dienach decided to go to Greece in the Autumn of 1922 with the goal of improving his health, because of the mild climate, and also to teach German to university students.  One of his students was George Papahatzis, who later became the Vice President of the National Board of Greece, founding member of the Greek Philosophical Society and one of the reformers of Administrative Law in Greece, as well as a high rank member of a number of secret societies, including the Freemasons.

Two years later, seeing his health become worse and knowing that his death was imminent, Dienach decided to go to Italy. But before he left, he entrusted his loyal student, Papahatzis, with a briefcase full of notes, telling him that if he wanted to read them in the future, it would help him with his German. He said goodbye to his young friend and left. He died from tuberculosis in the first half of 1924.

George Papahatzis translated the notes of Dienach gradually over a period of 14 years – from 1926 to 1940.   He was surprised by the notes that Dienach had left him.  He initially believed his teacher had written a novel in a very peculiar way.  But as he continued to read, he realized that what he was translating were Dienach’s memoires.

The Second World War and the civil war that followed in Greece made Papahatzis cease translations of Dienach’s notes. But later on, from 1952 to 1966, Papahatzis tried to trace Dienach or Dienach’s relatives by travelling to Zurich on twelve separate occasions. He could not find any relatives or any trace of Dienach. So his conclusion was that Dienach (who fought during the First World War on the side of the Germans) had changed his name on his arrival to Greece, a country that had fought against the Germans in the war.


So where can i read it ?

Achilleas Syrigos's picture

Parts of the book will be posted at Ancient-Origins.net and the e book will be available in the next few months



please apprise me as to when I can buy this book...

In his diary did they mention at all what has occurred since his death.

I've big interst in archeology

I think you're on the wrong site now, unfortunately.

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Why do you think so?


So, where can this book of Dienach’s memoires be found?

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The book will be soon published. In the meantime on Ancient Origins we will post in sequence parts of the book.




where do we get the book

It serves no purpose to re-publish this book over the internet let alone on a website whose focus is Archaeology. There is no big secret being hidden by purple circle(high ranking) Freemasons and even if we were it wouldn’t concern the general public anyway; the book is allegorical in nature and will not be properly understood by AOs’ readers.  Furthermore the book has very limited appeal because of its abstract nature and only seems mysterious/forbidden because of its limited quantity, its author,its topic and the controversy that erupted here in Greece when it was published.

I enjoy reading Ancient Origins and I’m glad it is succeeding but it shouldn’t publish boring articles or in this case 832 pages of boredom which hold no interest to anyone.

Achilleas Syrigos's picture

I know exactly what you mean. But that's why it was edited down to 230 pages. And that was the reason of this whole effort. To make it perfectly understandable for almost every reader. But then again, you have to read the new edition to understand that. People that have read both editions told me that now it makes sense. No abstract parts are left. Only the essence of the book.



Ok point well taken Achilleas, I appreciate and respect your time and effort and my comments were not meant to demean your work. Even though I have the book for years I will still download the Ancient Origins edited version for more insight on your perspective and to demonstrate my support for Ancient Origins which I think is one of the best Archaeology webpages on the net. The only reservation I still have which another commenter said is that a more accurate title would have been “ preserved by masons” not “hidden”, that is all.

“..the book is allegorical in nature and will not be properly understood by AOs’ readers.”

That’s a mistakenly broad assessment.  You’re implying that you’re a Freemason—I’ll take your word for it—and I understand that Freemasons have privileged access to esoteric knowledge. But to state that the entire category of this site's readership will be unable to properly interpret the content of this work is insulting and incorrect.

It's not a “mistakenly broad assessment” because it's correct. Even the author of the article agrees that for it to be understood It needed to be edited down to 230 pages from its original 832. Ofcourse there will be outliers, perhaps yourself; who would grasp the book but by and large the vast majority would be unable to. The book is almost completely abstract and inundated with euphemisms in allegorical form so those without    A background in veiled allegorical symbolism will be lost. If you think your one of the few who would comprehend the full unedited version I will gladly provide a link here where you can purchase the actual book- since no one is “hiding it”. 

Please provide the link. Thank you.

If it is a carefully translated english edition, I would certainly appreciate a link.

I’m unclear on how reducing the length of a book which presents insights in symbolic form will increase its comprehensibility. As someone who I assume has read the text, are you of the opinion that the shorter version will even be worth reading?

It’s the original so the link is for the Greek language published version.

That original 832 pages book / manuscript available for purchase? Appreciate the contact. / Link.

- Reto

It doesn't matter so much whether your original statement is true or not. The point is that people will be able to decide for themselves whether or not to read it and whether or not they "understand it properly."

Ofcourse you don't hide it and of course most people won't understand.It is a book written for Freemasons and mysts.It describes your paradise would be my guess but who knows

This sound soooo fascinating, sounds like astral travel to me. I would love to read this book! and to anyone who says "its boring," and "no one will read it...' needs to speak for themselves! Anyway, keep us posted as always,


In your opinion, of course. I find it fascinating and can't wait to read it.

obviously by many of the comments- there Is interest to others and many wish to read the book. if You don't wish to read it. simply--- do not. X out this page- forget it exists and don't bother to read the book once its published. easy peasy nice and easy :)

Perhaps this book holds no interest for YOU, but please don't presume to speak for the many of us who ARE interested in this subject and would very much like to read this book. Many allegorical books have been written and shared with the public without undo confusion happening to the reader. I think the human race can handle reading an allegorical book. If this book turns out to not be allegorical at all, but an early document of true events to come, our descendents will surely value this book as an ancient treasure which came to light thousands of years earlier.

You sound as if you are trying to cover up this book and prevent people from reading it. Chill, please. Take a breath and let the human race read what it wants to read without censorship from you and yours.

Wow! How do you read my comments and infer all of those intentions on my part? I'm simply offering my opinion. I'm not telling anybody that they can't read this book. When I was young, I probably would have been anxious to read it, but I'm older now, and my views have changed. Am I not allowed to simply express my viewpoint? No offense, but it seems to me that YOU are the one who is attempting to suppress MY viewpoint. Rather than attack what you imagine I'm thinking, deal with what I said; that's how debate works.

So the title of the article should read: "Freemasons preserve an historic publication from a time of religious oppression and political unrest."

Usually things such as this tend to be little more than hyped material to promote more "new age"/luciferian concepts... and is unlikely to have much in the realm of truth in it. The further endorsement in an above comment by an implied freemason serves to entice people to seek after the text, especially with the typically arrogant freemasonic presumption that "lay" people cannot comprehend it properly. No doubt Dienach's condition was exploited by subversive spirits to promote ideals and concepts hoped for the future by said spirits.

I'd advise everyone, including the publisher, to regard it with extreme skepticism. Nothing about it sounds the least bit trustworthy.

There you are..!!Couldn't agree more

Waiting for the book

florence's picture

Interesting! I’m looking forward to reading more about it! :-)



Wow! I can hardly wait Achilleas!!!



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There is an important claim being made for these writings, and that is that they are of heavenly origin. They should therefore be made available uncensored in their entirety- like the Book of Mormon, and Anne Catherine Emmerich’s life of Christ, to name just a couple such things, along with Head Cayce’s prophecies….


how do you do Peter,

I like the idea of yours, but I think of more; if it is of heavenly origin as you describe it, then "they" will know that only half of the book, which is according to Achilleas never meant to be a book in the first place, will be published as such.

Achilleas Syrigos's picture

I am definitely sure that the edited version will help. Remember this is a Diary and not a symbolic book like Apocalypse. It was never meant to be a book. Just a desperate diary of someone who claimed that lived in the future and wanted to write what he remembered from that period. The stuff that has been edited is the thinks that were repeated from his own past and not the events of the future.


I can barely wait..

An entire article but no hint at all. No example to make it inciting. It might be a joke. A bad one!



We’re waiting for...

I had bigger expectations. Give me at least one example to understand the hint of the future....
You know, every night a writer was dreaming about the greatest story ever but could not remember the dream next morning. After several failures, he finally seceded to mark down a few words in his sleep. In the morning he woke up and read: A BOY LOVED A GIRL!
So, you see, without an example the article is useless!

Best wishes!



Achilleas Syrigos's picture

It’s not an article Vic. These are the first pages of the book. Soon enough you will read the hints. I had the same reaction with you when I first read the same pages from the original. But that’s just how the story is going. Follow the story and you will see that it delivers...


Sorry for the delay. My PC is broken. I got it now. I„ll expect to read te book

I can't accept that anyone can know the future except when it's revealed by God. See Ecc 7:14, and Ecc 8:7.

As a corollary to my first statement, it seems to me that this memoir about visiting the future must be an implanted memory created by demons.

I expect that most of you will disagree with me.

Sorry Vince, you`re wrong, I agree wholeheartly with you….


looking forward to reading it I think will be quite interesting

Gostaria muito de ter oportunidade de ter um pleno conhecimento da Incrivél historia de Paul Amadeus Dienach, independente de estar ou não preparado, conf. alguns comentários observados.

Sounds very interesting, is there any original version (German) that survived? I would rather prefer that one over a translation to Greek and then to English... As every translation looses some feel to the story.

No only in Greek. That's why we are doing all this work so that readers from abroad can read it at least in English...

Well, sounds like that's what the UN wants to start building here starting now, with their on track unification of the world governments & religions = Agenda 21 and the 2030 plan. Off of a man's dream state while in a coma that they believe to be true? Those are just 2 of the plans that have partially emerged for public viewing. That man's dream state recollections while in a coma for a new human species also sounds eerily familiar to the old 'new age' desire and crystal ball predictions of a magical transformation of humans, into a human alien hybrid or 'age of aquarius' new 'higher consciousness' species.
Well, lot's of people 'see' things while in coma's, conjuring bizarre types of afterlife living while the brain may still be very active, however no one sees the same thing, they all 'see' (dream) according to their own personal individual beliefs and own personal individual imaginations, influenced by sci-fi and what they read and watch on tv and have stored in their thoughts. Those 'I went to heaven' mind dreams they turned into best selling books that many people still want to believe are true. It's the brain sorting out the jumbled mess into a fantasy dream. Just like reading this man's coma- dream state fantasy will do to those who 'want to believe' by assimilating all or just choosing portions of his story and beliefs into your belief system. The mind is a fascinating thing.
Interesting that people will never know and comprehend the fantasy of it because those living today, will not be here to see the false reality in it all. Anyone can spin their far in the future fantasy about life on earth dream state stories and 'recollect' more all the time, to add on more and more to their wonderful tale. Sci-fi writers do it all the time, usually depicting a horrid, deplorable future, which is still total fantasy!!! Or alien-human hybrid takeovers for our own good to survive. Hybrid or new species of humans + outer spacey alien type cities; and just what are the sci-fi programs, books & movie themes that are constantly being produced?
Many dreams (coma or not) seem real enough but most people wake up and realize dream fantasy from reality. Wishing for, desiring to be true, isn't time travel reality. However, people are free to stuff into their heads and believe whatever they wish, blurring fantasy with reality, absorbing tales of a (perhaps far distant) future or event which no one can prove. It's exactly like the assorted, can't be proved (usually about aliens) beliefs while attempting to reconstruct our pre-history past. A lot of conjecture, theory, supposition, mix of beliefs and great error in not knowing provable history and great error connecting the dots. No one can prove one ounce of it but there are endless programs on Discovery, Sci-fi & History channels, many books are written and more theories are formulated on a wrong foundation that cannot be proven.
This guy's coma dream state fantasy about earth's future "reality" will make a lot of $$$. Perhaps even a future screenplay in the making.
Sounds easy enough to spin a yarn with sequel potential; putting on top of my to do bucket list.


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