Alleged Mummy found at Nazca, clearly has three fingers and toes

Paradigm Shift Required? 3-Fingered Mummified Humanoid Found in Peru May Change the Story of Human Origins

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Three-fingered being found amongst petroglyphs nearby in Nazca

Three-fingered being found amongst petroglyphs nearby in Nazca ( Screenshot Youtube )

Many questions remain regarding this mummified body: If it is real, is this an example of a forgotten human species? Are the unique features deformities – either developmental or intentional? Could this be evidence of a non-human species? If proven true, what would this discovery mean for the study of human origins and the ancient past? To answer such questions, further examination of the find is required.

Top Image: Alleged Mummy found at Nazca, clearly has three fingers and toes ( Screenshot Youtube ) Source:

By Alicia McDermott


I was excited when i saw this. a quick search on youtube and there are many videos that very clearly debunk this and shed some light on the sources, which happen to be shady. After watching them, the only paradigm that shifted was my trust in Ancient Origins. I ask the moderators to remove this post because it takes away credibility from this website, which has a lot of really great content.

Hi Luis,

I saw no claim in the article as to the validity of the finding, and nothing by the author regarding his personal opinion on the subject. The idea of the site is to present the facts,as they are known so that you and I, as the readers, may be prompted to do our own research on the subject and form our own opinion. It stimulates our curiosity to learn.

To remove an article because you or I, or anyone else did not agree with it’s content would be to go against the goal of the site itself, and THAT would destroy the credibility of the website.


R. Lee Bowers

Thanks for your reply. I stand by my comment. There have to be some standards in any kind of journalism or publications would be full of unsuitable content. This article does a disservice to Ancient Origins. Some amateur YouTubers provided much more meaningful, concise, enlightening and relevant information on the topic.

General comment. As humans were developing would there not have been some 'side species' which never went anywhere and died out ? And surely also some abnormalities would have occurred just as they do today. Just a thought

For now, I am going to need to reserve judgement of this seemingly game changing find until I see a bit more scientific evidence. Once the DNA sequencing is completed, along with more in depth scans, we may have a conclusive result. Is it fact,of is it fake? Time and more study may just reveal the truth.

R. Lee Bowers


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