Mammoth hunting scene

First humans in Florida lived alongside giant animals

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The scientists hope future investigations will show how humans, animals and plant populations interrelated at Vero. Adovasio said they hope to distinguish lifestyles of the folks who might have lived at Vero in terms of how much they match or don’t match other behavioral models from other sites ,” he told PastHorizons.

Mercyhurst Archaeological Insitute will work with Florida Atlantic University scientists to analyze ancient DNA found at the site. The idea is to better understand life forms in Florida at the end of the last Ice Age.

Featured image: Mammoth hunting scene [Credit: Indian River Community Foundation]

By Mark Miller


Of course people were here with the dinosaurs!
The Bering Strait theory is just that, a theory. Not fact.

The Bering land bridge as a mode of migration is scientific fact, not theory. This is derived using the scientific method within an archaeological framework. If you don't understand this, then stop watching television or using your smartphone; technology that was developed and perfected using the scientific method within their respective disciplines. How the hell do you end up talking about dinosaurs when this article is strictly about megafauna? Your alien mommies must have dropped you on your Paracas skulls. lol

Hey Brian the Unsurper. The Bearing Land Bridge is still just a postulated theory. There is still the possibility that earlier migration came earlier by the sea route. Although this theory has yet to reach scientific consensus due to the fact that any evidence that could be found is lying under water for the most part.

To believe that early humans could not build boats and colonize along the coast as they traveled is blind to what humans have always done.

oh, the religious dogma of current high-church anthropology. Gotta love the faux-scientists that genuflect to this decade's THEORIES. What actual HARD evidence is there for the Bering strait migration from Asia to Alaska? NONE. don't cite DNA as that means only that some Asians are related to or DESCENDED from American natives. makes more sense going west, not east.


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