Darwin Theory Debunked - Washington Man

New Fossil Turns Darwin’s Theory of Human Origins Upside Down

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The Smithsonian Institution's Hall of Human Origins has announced that one of its scientists has discovered a hominid skull fragment that is approximately 5 million years old, drawing Darwin’s theory of human origins into question.

The skull fragment, which was unearthed at an excavation site in Washington DC has been designated to belong to a new species called Homo washingtoniensis or ‘Washington Man’.

Scientific theory has long believed that our earliest human ancestor came from Africa. This was based on the discovery of a 4.4 million year old hominid in Ethiopia in 1992 called Ardipithecus ramidus ("Ardi").  However, the story of human evolution will now have to be radically revised in light of the latest finding.  "Instead of originating in Africa," a Smithsonian spokesman said, "humanity clearly got its start here in Washington, D.C... Scientists at the Smithsonian have always been open to new evidence, even if it challenges long-standing theories, and this new evidence turns Darwin's theory of human origins completely upside down."

Researchers at the Smithsonian Hall of Human Origins have combined Washington Man’s skull fragment with some unidentified fragments found in the same region in order to reconstruct a complete skull.  From this, they have been able to recreate the probable appearance of Washington Man. The results have been published in Reports of the National Center for Science Education.

Interestingly, the Smithsonian Institute published this study on the first of April. Could it be that this report was all just a joke? We think so ...

By April Holloway

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