Lilith: Ancient Demon, Dark Deity or Sex Goddess?

Lilith: Ancient Demon, Dark Deity or Sex Goddess?

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Due to the misunderstandings and disappointments related to Lilith, God decided to create a second wife for Adam– Eve.

Lilith, the first wife of Adam.

Lilith, the first wife of Adam. ( Public Domain )

An icon for modern pagans and feminists

Nowadays, Lilith has become a symbol of freedom for many feminist groups. Due to the rising level of education, women started to understand that they could be independent, so they began looking for symbols of feminine power. She also started to be worshiped by some followers of the pagan Wicca religion, which was created in the 1950s.

This appeal was enhanced by artists, who took her on as a muse. She started to be a popular motif in art and literature around the Renaissance period, when Michelangelo portrayed her as a half woman, half serpent being. He presented her around the Tree of Knowledge, and increased the importance of her legend. With time, Lilith became more attractive for the imaginations of male artists like Dante Gabriel Rosetti, who created her image as the most beautiful female being of the world. The author of ''The Chronicles of Narnia'', C.S. Lewis, was inspired by the legend about Lilith in the creation of the White Witch. She was beautiful, but dangerous and cruel. He mentioned that she was Lilith’s daughter and the she was determined to kill Adam and Eve’s children.

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery.

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery. ( Public Domain )

Less romantic pictures of Lilith appeared in the mind of James Joyce, who called her the patron of abortions. Joyce pushed Lilith into the feminist philosophy, and started the process of adopting her as a goddess of independent women in the 20th century. When women started to receive more rights, they started to disagree with the man-concentrated vision of the world, including the Biblical story about the beginning of the life on Earth. The name of Lilith appears as a national literacy program in Israel and the title of a Jewish women's magazine. The ancient Sumerian legendary female demon is one of the most popular topics in feminist literature related to ancient mythology. Researchers still discuss if she was created as a real demon, or as an untrue warning of what may happen if women receive more power.

Featured image: Lilith, satanic looking angel. Source: ( CC BY-NC 2.0 )

By Natalia Klimczak


Ernest Abel, Death Gods, An Encyclopedia of the Rulers,Evil Spirits and Geographies of the Dead, 2009.


The story, as I have heard, is like Quintessa stated. Namely that Lillith was not sexually (or any other way) submissive to Adam (Atum). I really think the story is a creation myth about matter, in the sense that there is really only a few different particles that everything is made of. There is only one electron, but it is very busy...

Lilith means darkness, or night. Lilith is no creature. All stories of a creature Lilith are apocryphal and as a believer I find them lasciviously satanic ala revelations 2:12-24.

I feel sorry for you for having such a low opinion of women. You sound like a small man who is brainwashed, sexist, and delusional. Women aren't on this earth to be subjugated by spineless men who can't handle their power. Women should always have the freedom to do more than conform to 'their traditional roles and customs'. Grow a spine.

Isn't it interesting how even in ancient times, people were keenly aware of how evil women could be when they departed from their traditional roles and customs. Lilith shared with feminists, and horrid modern women, her manias toward gender equality, toward so-called "independence", and her bitter aversion against women being a man's source of love, inspiration, and affection, to say nothing of her services toward domesticity and motherhood!

Even Eve screwed up badly when she disobeyed Adam (and God), and listened to the serpent by picking and eating the forbidden fruit, and getting them all kicked out of paradise. What can anybody say? Even the Divine Creator can't create a woman who will get anything right!

Of course, women have only become WORSE since then, with feminism and all!

As an Christian and a Woman who supports equality of all people - male or female this debate about Lilith is Horse Poo. Many of you, seem to forget that a choice-one way or another- has a consequence again good or bad. What was once a equal partnership of Adam and Eve became after their choice to disobey God- was that not only was their personal face to face relationship with their Creator was cut-- and their reactions and attitudes changed... Both when confronted with their Sin blamed someone else- Adam, his partner Eve. Eve, blamed the serpent. Neither took responsibility for their choice. Adam knew that fruit and where it came from when Eve offered it to him... He could have asked her where it came from to confirm what he already knew, he could have said No, we were told this fruit is forbidden. Did He? No He chose to live in Disobedience of God with his partner Eve, rather than live in Paradise without her. This is my take. That shows the kind of power we can have over a man for Good or Bad. I will never call myself a feminist because frankly, having a Demon as a mentor of femininity, responsibility and power is Crass, retarded of any intelligence or culpability of character and opens my power and freedom as a Woman to becoming a blight and scourge to deceive, destroy. I want to be a light that heals, encourages, brings laughter to those who weep. Be a Warrior for both the unborn and born - A Defender and Voice for those who have no voice or have been ignored by Society. You cannot be those things bowing down to a demon who only aim in life is to lie, cheat and destroy. So, So Sorry! NOT!!


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