Seeing gods among the stars

The Jesus Paradox: Were Gods Real Beings of Flesh and Blood, Who Once Existed on Earth in Ages Lost?

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Academia maintains that mythology derives from astrotheology, the “worship of the stars.” Subsequently, most believe myths can be explained through celestial observations—as we see with Jesus. But not all myths can be explained in this way. The paradox is that if astrotheology is correct, then Jesus is a mere allegory, along with all other savior figures. However, if Jesus existed, as millions claim, then mythology must be treated in a historical context. This is known as Euhemerism, from Euhemerus, the philosopher and mythographer in the court of Cassander, king of Macedon in the fourth century BC.

Votive Relief Dedicated to Mithras by Euhemerus.

Votive Relief Dedicated to Mithras by Euhemerus. (Codrin.B/ CC BY-SA 3.0 )

He believed the gods were real beings of flesh and blood that once existed on earth in an epoch lost to history. It is time we take his approach to myth seriously. Astrotheology remains a theory, not a proof. Our most ancient ancestors may have, in fact, superimposed the exploits of the gods onto the heavens to serve as a living record of a time before the age of writing.

Top Image: Seeing gods among the stars (Public Domain);Deriv.

By Priscilla Vogelbacher


Interesting article which has generated multiple comments.  The bible can be seen as the word of god or an historical document of a group of people who lived long ago.  Is Jesus a “real” person or a combination of people who were added to the legend of Jesus?  Doesn’t matter what you believe, don’t force your belief on others.  


Exactly, he is mentioned numerous times by writers and ancient historians. And i agree such a poor article blemishes the site and casts other articles into doubt. Also a recent book from the Vatican library has been translated The Magi, indicating the star of the East is the mystical third eye often referred to as the star in the center of the third eye as being in the East of the body.

The statement "Jesus of the New Testament is a mythic figure, not a historic one. Nowhere outside scripture has he ever existed..." is a myth in itself. There are various ancient documents that refer/allude to Jesus. Really, if this kind of article is allowed to stand then it brings the site into disrepute.

But what do I find? This same old, tired trope trotted out once again. Christ was deliberately dropping hints like atom bombs all over the place, trying to get people to recognize him as the SON (not sun) of God (aka Hercules, Heracles, Perkwunos, Indra, Hathor, etc.) (same legend by many names) that had long been anticipated, even by a couple of Greek philosophers (which might just explain why Paul took the gospel to Athens first, after the Jews rejected it). He dropped these hints not only by his curious birth, which was only fully understood after his departure, but by the many events in his adult life, such as his profession as a rabbi ... a 'master of the law', his time in Egypt, his marriage to Mary (oh YES HE WAS!), his 12 disciples, the donkey, the palm fronds, declaring that the very rocks would cry out, his baptism, his crucifixion, and, perhaps most mysteriously to everyone, both now and then, the sacrament. Oh, you really need to study that more, self-taught one. It applies directly to you. Crowning all this was his ascension. And what question did he leave them with still on their lips? And what did the angels tell them about this? And why? And when did they ask the very same question once before? And why? And what was the great discovery on the road to Emmaus, that unfortunately didn't help as much as they'd hoped because it only came after, not during? What was the problem here? And how does that connect him to MARS? And how does that connect Mars to Jupiter? And how does that connect Jupiter to Saturn? And what can all this planetary stuff mean? Seen It's a Wonderful Life lately?

Jesus Christ was mentioned in many other books at the same time period. College history classes as well as many other RENOWNED scholars are not arguing whether or not the Jesus of Nazareth, the Jesus Christ christians claim to be their savior was real or not. They are arguing solely on if he was God or not. This garbage was one person who didn't know all the facts wanting to condemn a whole religion as incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate. These errors cannot be overlooked, I am a believer and I'm not just defending Christ because he is the way the truth and the life but because I feel as though this article may scare those weak in their faith away from the truth. I would be happy to reread this article once those minor corrections have been made but when you say "Jesus is only referred to in scripture you are completely wrong. Thank you for reading. God Bless.


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