Doppelgangers and the spirit doubles

Doppelgangers and the mythology of spirit doubles

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Depiction of a trow replacing a baby with a ‘changeling’. Image source .

Many Native American creation myths likewise provide for the role of dualistic twins. Hopi legends refer to the twins who were called the Child of the Sun and the Child of the Water. The Hopi also believe in duality between the Upper World and the Underworld: that whatever is happening here in the Upper World, the opposite is happening in the Underworld.

So where did belief in spirit doubles come from and is there any real truth to them? While many today still belief in the existence of a double self, some scientists believe the phenomenon occurs based on injuries or stimulation to certain parts of the brain which cause errors in spatial reasoning. Others believe it is the result of a vision, hallucination, or that we live in a parallel universe in which everything in this world in replicated in another dimension.  Whatever the real truth behind doppelgangers, belief in the spirit double has instilled both fear and wonder in people for thousands of years.

Featured image: How They Met Themselves, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, watercolor, 1864. Source: Wikipedia

By April Holloway


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As a merely rational man, there is a few things I cannot deny.

The Vardygir phenomena.

Since I grew up in a very irreligious family, yet somehow spiritual to some extent, the term Vardygir was mentioned to me almost casually by my mother. As if she almost took it naturally.n She didn't tell me until in my adult years though. Whcih has made me question what is real and not.

i saw my own doppelganger but as a reflection on the mirror and then infront of me leaving passing throught the wall. its been i think two weeks and iam so scared because its an omen of that house i was leaving alone and now i already visited my family and i think i shouldnt go back to were i saw the doppelganger.can you help me?

The evil doppleganger does have tell tale signs tho, no real feelings, soft talkers until you rile them. Also , blood type and rh factors change. Fingerprints of children then retaken as they grow and wa la! The prints wont match. Its best to make them happy and not mad and I found out the hard way by experimentation into this theory . At least I know now. Silly niave me.

I found several of them . VERY INTERESTING. Thanks! Got to love a good mythology story - eh?

The Lincoln example is not a doppelganger, he is looking in a mirror, so he sees an omen in his own reflection. he does not see a separate person who looks real, but who doesn't cast a shadow. doppelgangers are not reflections in the mirror, a reflection in the mirror is a reflection in the mirror.

Thanks for sharing this information that is very difficult to find in libraries!! I just knew about some cases. And I really wanted to know about that picture!!



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