Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Disturbing True Story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin

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By Ḏḥwty


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Many colored cloth makes me think right away of gypsies. There was another story I'm searching for where I read about children going missing from the towns and on the outskirts were the gypsies. They were chased out of town after town when the kids turned up missing. One was in the 11th century and a record was kept of the little boy's name that they found in the woods dead along with a drawing of him. Rohms are the Romanian gypsies of today, changing their surnames almost every generation, the scourge of Paris I have read.

I find this tale one of the most fascinating. The figure of this mysterious piper is very intriguing and there is something in the the line from the document of Hamelin town "It is 100 years since our children left" that is eearily real to me and intriguing. and the fact that that is the first document of that town and the chronicles go from there. I must visit that place now.

Well that would make sense.

1. Russians ( or the indigenous people before the empire ) are colorful dressed people cross between Asian and European features ( Eurasian ).

2. Men prefer young spouses and homosexuality it condemned. Women over 25 are considered spinsters or unfit wives. even today.

3. About colonization. Russia while it is resident of the satellite Roman Empire ( when Rome was ruined with Jewish slaves, Christian uprisings, and false allegiance to the empire ). It makes perfect sense for a group of people to run to where the plague was not present. However Russia also has a theory of evolution more related to Africa then Europe.

Somebody made a comment about gypsies. Makes perfect sense as well. Bare in mind that many Jew, Islamic, Asian types was considered gypsies.
Thus the Russian circus as well. That is on par with history. Even today in various European nations there is no law against trading your children for other items as many people live in a 2nd world, or even 3rd world state of mind. Even in Britannia they have related laws of marriage that goes back hundreds of years. The Pope ( forget which one ) called "Europe a veil of sin". That is recent 2011-2017. I forget which Pope and where. So again that is on par.

Mask Off is catchy


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