Underground bases and Aliens

The Alien Agenda: Myth, Underground Bases & The Extraterrestrial Presence

Deep in north central New Mexico is the sleepy little town of Dulce.  Dulce is located on the Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado - New Mexico Border.  It is home to about 3000 residents and is the capitol of the Jicarilla Apache Nation.  For as small and as insignificant as this remote location may sound, it became the center of controversy in the early 1980's.  Physicist and inventor, Paul Bennewitz claimed he had discovered an underground base occupied by extraterrestrials near Dulce.  His story quickly spread through the UFO community.  Allegations th at surround the base include human abductions ("alien abductions") by these extraterrestrial beings.  He also asserted that the extraterrestrials were engaging in the development of advanced technology including genetic manipulation.  Their plan, according to Conspiracy Theorists, is to control the government and gain ultimate control of the Earth by means of a New World Order.  Stories have emerged regarding an untoward alliance between humans and the inhabitants of the Dulce base which include ties to shadow governments via secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Masons, the Bilderberg Group and the Skull and Bones. 

Dulce is not the only place on earth where it is believed underground bases exist, but it is the one which has received the greatest notoriety in recent times.  Subterranean bases, according to Conspira cy Theorists, can be found around the world with major active outposts all across the United States, Australia, Antarctica and South America.  These bases are connected to each other via a series of channels which connect one base to another.  There are even assertions that one of these tunnels leads to an active base beneath the Vatican which has been exerting control over western civilization for centuries.

A wealth of information regarding this subject has recently surfaced that seemingly reaches across vast extremes.  And as strange as all of this may sound, could any of what they say be true?  We turn to mythology in the search for answers.  It must be stated before we move on, that mythology, like many of the claims that come from the UFO community is treated more like science fiction rather than fact.  Traditional mythologists contend that the gods we f ind in myth represent the forces of nature or the creation of someone's vivid imagination.  With that said, does mythology support these seemingly outlandish claims? 

Stories of underground realms occupied by "the gods" pervade mythology.  Depending on the culture, it has been called Hades, Tartarus, Xibalba, Duat, Patala and Hell.  These "homes of the gods", are not always found deep within the earth, but are sometimes described as being within a mountain or deep beneath the waters of the earth.  Access to their domain, regardless of locality, is often described as located through the mouth of a cave.  The entrance may appear open at one time and then disappear from view completely and instantaneously.  The inhabitants of these underground realms did not desire to be visited by unwanted nor unexpecte d company, yet access was granted to select individuals.

According to ancient texts, entrance into the underworld was anything but easy.  The Mayan Popul Vuh, for example, describes the route taken by the hero brothers Hunhun-Ahpu and Vukub-Hunapu.  It tells of a steep descent into the home of the Lords of Xibalba and the many challenges they had to face.  Similarly, texts such as the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, describe the path by which the deceased god-King must travel to enter Duat.  Like the Popul Vuh, the path is fraught with challenges the individual must pass in order to enter the realm of the dead, the underworld.  The Vishnu Purana states that the deepest level of the underworld, Patala, can be found 70,000 yojanas beneath the surface of the earth.  Gilgamesh, in the epic bearing his name, is described as traveling twel ve leagues in the dense darkness until he arrived in the light filled chamber of the underworld.

The underground domains of the gods are described as filled with houses or vast halls where thousands of individuals could assemble.  Fountains, plants, tall grasses, trees and animals of all kinds filled this land.  The divine ascetic, Narada, who is featured in the Vishnu Purana claims to have visited Patala.  "Patala was much more charming than heaven. He exclaimed "What can be compared with Patala where Nagas (serpents) are adorned with beautiful and brilliant and pleasure-diffusing gems? This region is embellished with the daughters of Daityas and Danavas.". 

Similar descriptions of the underground/underwater homes of the gods are scattered through mythology.  The home of the Sumerian fertility god Enki, which is located in the watery deep, is described as having his house built of gold, silver and lapis lazuli.  Even writers, such as Greek philosopher Plato, echo this notion.  He believed that the earth was littered with a number of hollows that were full of water, air, trees, fruits and flowers. 

Surprisingly, Plato confirms yet another claim made by modern UFOlogy.  Plato goes on to state that these hollows were connected to one another by subterranean channels.  But Plato isn't the only one who refers to tunnels that lie beneath the surface of the ear th.  Inca legends tell of vast networks of tunnels that crisscross the length and breadth of the planet, complete with underground cities.  When Pizarro and the Spanish conquistadors entered Peru, they kidnapped the Inca emperor Atahualpha and held him for ransom.  They demanded enough gold to fill a room in return for Atahualpha's release.  Pizarro's men heard rumors that the Inca gold was being held in a vast network of subterranean tunnels.  The tunnels were thousands of years old and ran for miles beneath the Inca capitol.  In more recent years adventurers who have hazarded into the caverns beneath Cusco entered but were never seen again.  One man actually did make it out of the tunnels alive and he brought with him two bars of gold.  According to officials he had gone mad.  The entrances to the tunnels were then walled up for safety's sake - at least that is the official story.  The Apache Indians report that their ancestors took refuge in ancient tunnels during a cataclysmic disaster on the earth.  They wandered these immense passageways for years carrying the seeds for life in the new world.  

But what about the other claim made by UFOlgists regarding these bases being used for genetic engineering?  According to their assertions it is in the lowest level, the 7th level, of the Dulce base that the extraterrestrials are engaging in this kind of experimentation. 

Again, mythology supports this premise.  Native American tribes across the country are the most vocal when it comes to this topic.  The Jicarilla Apache (whose headquarters is in Dulce), the Navaho and Hopi Indians have long-standing traditions of man's creation and emergence from beneath the surface of the earth.  The Algonquians recount "Thus did the lowermost world-cave become overfilled with living things, full of unfinished creatures, crawling like reptiles over one another in dark blackness."  In this matter they do not stand alone.  Berosus, a Babylonian priest, tells of the hideous creatures that inhabit this underground realm.  He described men who had one body but two heads, some with the legs and horns of a goat and even some with the hind quarters of a horse and the body of a man.  "In short, there were creatures in which were combined the limbs of every species of animal."

These genetic experiments are, according to reports from UFO advocates, being conducted by a grou p of reptilian beings in the lowest levels of the base.  Thomas Castello, a former senior security officer at the base, testified that the base at Dulce is a seven level underground facility with the lower levels described as a series of natural caverns.  It was believed by Castello that these caverns were used by different extraterrestrial races in our remote past.  In Hindu cosmology, the Naga (serpents) once lived on earth, but the great god Brahma sent them to live under the sea and in the seventh level of their underground realm called Patala.  In the Sumerian Inana's Descent To The Nether World, Inana is required to pass through seven gates to finally reach the bowels of the underworld.  Aztec legend says that Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, went to Mictlan, the Aztec Underworld, and created mankind using his own blood and the bones of the previous race.  Throughout mythology the act of creating humanity is always associated with a specific group of gods, the fertility gods.  Fertility gods around the world are traditionally depicted as reptilian or amphibious in nature and appear in art as a blend between a man and a fish or a man and a snake.

A number of individuals also argue the Reptilian's true agenda is to control us, with the objective to dominate the planet.  They cite the development of a New World Order.  Proponents of this theory believe that the Reptilians, or the byproduct of their genetic manipulation experiments, intend to take control of the earth's surface.  This takeover is being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group which includes many of the world's wealthiest people.  Some claim members of this elite group are actually genetically related to each other.  Their goal is to have every man, woman and child on the earth obedient to their covert agenda. The Reptilians are also accused of wanting to reduce the population on the earth and are employing weapons such as chemt rails, GMO's, vaccinations and man-made viruses to reduce our numbers.  It is contended that it is easier to control 500,000 or a million individuals than it is the 7 billion who currently live on the earth. 

A look into mythology relative to this claim does have a few pillars of support.  The idea of culling the human population on Earth is not a modern concept.  In the Sumerian Epic of Atrahasis we find a story where the gods do just that!  Twelve hundred years after the creation of mankind the number of people who inhabited the Earth grew.  Their "noise" disturbed the Sky god Enlil's sleep.  Enlil decided to send a plague in order reduce the population.  This worked for a while but when another 1200 years passed the populati on had grown again and Enlil was once more bothered by the noise.  This time, in order to decrease their numbers, he gets the Thunder-rain god Adad to hold back the rains and the world suffered from a great drought where vast numbers died.  The population continues to grow, and by the time another 1200 years pass the noise became too much for Enlil to bear.  Wanting to alleviate his problem he tells the gods to hold back all of nature's gifts.  This went on for six years and as the texts describe, the people of Earth were reduced to cannibalism in order to survive.  The Fertility god, Enki, tried to save the people from starvation.  This angered Enlil even more.  Finally Enlil, in an act of vengeance, decided to destroy mankind once and for all.  He planned to do this by flooding the world.  Enki, once again steped in and saved humanity from total annihilation.  He warned Atrahasis of the impending flood and told him t o build a boat to save himself and his family.

Torrents of theories have come forward as we seek the truth regarding our place in the universe.  Mythology does lend itself to support a number of these claims.  It is difficult to determine if the creators of these theories based their conjecture using myth as their foundation, first hand experiences, or, something else.  What does seem evident is that much of the information UFO researchers are bringing to light does parallel the myths and legends that have passed to us from antiquity.  Bringing this idea full circle; if the stories being unearthed in the UFO community were not based on mythological sources, yet mythology su pports these claims, then the stories of our distant past may have a basis in fact.  It implies that the gods were living breathing beings who walked the earth in our remote past, created man and played an essential role in the development of life and culture on the planet.

By  Dr. Rita Louise

About The Author

Bestselling author and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise is the host of Just Energy Radio and the Founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics. She is the author of the books Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods, Avoiding The Cosmic 2X4, Dark Angels: An Insider's Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entitiesand The Power Within as well as hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She has appeared on radio and television and has spoken at conferences covering topics such as health and healing, ghosts, intuition, ancient mysteries and the paranormal.  For more information about Dr. Rita please visit http://www.soulhealer.com or listen to her live at http://www.justenergyradio.com.


I must wonder where Dr. Rita Louise received her doctorate. This article has so many grammatical errors, that I found it hard to read. If you wish to be taken seriously, please raise the editorial standard of your published articles.

This article is nothing compared to her website http://soulhealer.com/.  Full of bullcr@p and even more spelling errors (‘Testamonials’ and ‘Hailey’s’ Comet …).  And no mention of where she got her supposed doctorate.  Mind you, for those who don’t require their ‘doctors’ to have high educational standards or professional qualifications, she’s perfect. 

I agree about the editorial standards on this site.  They really ought to be higher, but alas I suspect that most of its dedicated readership is made up of people whose own standards are even lower, so they think they're reading something pretty highbrow.

Yorz trooley

Dr Spingle (PhD Univ of Spingle)

Seems you took the same impression as me. i scanned the article and it contains no argument at all. Just a screed of asserttions x is y are z said baby. A Dr makes arguments that influence people. Witch doctors simply influence people with woo

Zuell's picture

The editorial standard is quite adequate Mr Conway, this isnt an English class, lighten up.


I disagree. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are universally regarded as signs of education and professionalism. To be taken seriously, someone who is presenting information will take pains to see that it meets those standards--even employing someone else to correct errors. This is an important aspect of credibility.

You are wrong, it does matter. The ability to write clearly means an ability to think clearly. An inability to form a cogent argument speaks volumes about the dubious nature of the author's thinking.

This article is borderline incoherent, using random bits of mythology from around the world to embellish the Dulce UFO tales.

This reaction is normal. Attacking grammar is easy. Changing world views is difficult.

*no comment on the content of this article though :-)

This reaction is normal. Attacking grammar is easy. Changing world views is difficult.

*no comment on the content of this article though :-)

I have known many Doctors. PHD's, MD's, DO's ect. They are not known for their grammatical standards. In point of fact a great many of them can't spell worth a lick and use ghost writers if they write professionally.
If they write in a chart in the hospital and you have to interpret, good f#$^ing luck. Which is why most of them dictate.
The arguments she makes should not be judged by the amount of spelling errors.
I do agree that when an article is presented to a site it might be wise for the site to get permission to polish the article but I would understand a writers reluctance to allow that as well.
In any case, pay attention to the information not the delivery..

If a cabal of wealthy, extremely powerful people are working with an agenda to control earth's population, it stands to reason that legislation and other policies in the area of reproduction would favor abortion and birth control. Yet we see governments repeatedly restricting abortion and birth control--much easier ways to control population than manufactured famines, vaccinations, and plagues.

Governments are promoting abortion even including it in the socialist fiasco of obamacare. More black babies were aborted than born in nyc the last few years and the numbers arent much better in other urban areas. China has a strict policy on child birth also. So I dont know why you think abortion is being restricted. Also vaccines have already been used to sterilize millions of people in Africa. Bill Gates and Ted Turner have both stated publicly their desire for population control in Africa through these methods. Elites of the world dont recognize you and I and especially not poor Africans as human beings that deserve the same respect as them. They are psychopathic eugenicists many of them.

Totally agree with Ephraiyim. If you've ever had to read anything a Dr of any type has written, good luck! This just shows me that she writes her own articles, which I appreciate. Thanks!

malisa wright

riparianfrstlvr's picture

The pics that show the "Dulce Base" entrance are the opening to the San Juan coal mine not to far from the Chaco ruins in NM. the coal processing plant on the surface is just that. Not a human/ alien genetics lab nor human flesh processing plant. the only thing that the "Dulce base" believers got right is that it is underground and there are tunnels and rooms like any other mine. the only "reptoids" that live there, live on the surface, and us non-superstitious people call them "lizards." the only "reptoids" that eat human flesh are crocs, gators, and comodo dragons, however not real dragons, they are all a bit frightening especially if they are chasing you. google it or go there but beware you might step on a lizard and you will be trespassing. we also don't need man-made viruses to control the population, ebola seems to be getting a handle on it as well as cancer, the flu... I spend more time out doors than anybody i know, i have never seen chem trails, vapor trails yes. what are these chemicals, has the good doctor collected samples? some  airplane engines, both piston and turbine, inject water into the combustion chambers for more power and they run cooler under heavy loads. the J- 57 turbo jet on the B-52 did and gained 2,000 pounds of thrust over straight fuel thrust. thus the water vapor would leave long skinny clouds, and yes some residual chemicals that all internal combustion engines produce. predation and disease is what culls the sick, lame and lazy. we have extricated ourselves from that, survival of the fittest is the natural law. if you transported the entire population back in time a mere 200 years the population would be diminished by at least half by spring. it would continue until only the fittest survived. the pampered rich would be amongst the dead, indigenous people living within the laws of nature would survive far better. just because someone has a degree does not eliminate superstition nor paranoia. rectal thermometers have degrees, so do not put them in your mouth. you can get sick and die from e-coli, which in a sense is man made as we grow it in our guts. the only government cover up that would be involved is when the county coroner covers your corpse up with a sheet. myth does not support paranoia nor superstition, it just perpetuates it. what i have written are facts folks. of course i could be all wrong. just as we fatten up beef and pork for the slaughter, maybe that is what the evil alien gray/ reptoid/ government conspirators are doing to the American population, fattening us up for slaughter. not fact but i have observed this process as has many more.


Sorry bloke, but you are wrong! Chemtrails are real and have been admitted by various gov'ts. Note that contrails are the result of humidity being condensed at the back of the wingtip, where a vacuum is created. The contrail lasts only minutes. The chemtrail lasts much longer than a contrail possibly can. I suggest you do some research before you blurt crap. Try googling ' geo-engineering', or look up one of the companies involved. Evergreen aviation is a good one to start. It has admittedly been going on since the '50's. You might also look into the patented versions, then pull your head in and apologise.
As far as ebola goes, you should do some more research.
The DOD published papers showing colloidal silver as being effective against ebola a couple of decades ago, so, you can imagine what's going on.
Let me help...
US and friends started human testing with ebola only a couple of months prior to the outbreak, and just nearby the outbreak.....and in a lab which was knowingly not secure enough a facility to be doing that crap.
Check out the CDC owned patent on the 'adjusted' version, which they made airborne.
Isn't that nice of them?
With the name you use you're obviously too gutless to put your name to your words, as you know you haven't done the research.
It's okay, FEMA will look after you.
(Fattening 'US' up? Not me buddy....but if you're fat, it's your own silly fault. Just another sign of your intellect)

riparianfrstlvr's picture

another fact: that pic at the top is of the boring machine digging the "chunnel" under the English channel i saw the exact same pic years ago in Popular Mechanics magazine.


Roberto Peron's picture

I've been to Dulce and didn't see or find a thing out of the ordinary.  I also didn't find anyone living in the community who was willing to talk about some alleged underground alien base.  In fact, they looked at me as if I were crazy.  I think the TV show "UFO Hunters" went there also and found nothing except a few people who did admit to them that they'd see strange things in the area.  

I once found an alien in my basement. It was dead and rotten, but I could definitely tell that it was an alien because of the large probe it was forcing into the dead human next to it. I called area 51 and the FBI, but they didn't believe me. So I went to the white house broke in stole the president and showed him my basement. He believed me and called area 51 and told them to come investigate. Turns out it was the 2 kids I abducted years earlier rotten and forgotten, and forced to have sex with each other and the probe was nothing more than a dildo.

If I did my math correctly... which I certainly may not have... 70,000 yojannas is roughly the equivalent of 910,000 km or 565,448 miles. I was under the impression that equator which is the biggest lateral stretch and longest line around the planet is roughly the equivalent of 40,075 km or about 24,901 miles. I do not think the people making the approximation decided it was an accurate approximation. It is more than a little fun to play with the numbers. If you are interested, a league on land is approximately 3 miles, though mile distances vary from location to location. At sea a league is precisely three nautical miles. So the distance traveled by Gilgamesh would have been approximately 36 miles in darkness. Just an F.Y.I. our Terra is a little fatter than taller. This would not seem too accurate. If I had to lean towards who was right I would choose the Sumerian version over the Hindi version. That is all for now. Have a good one.

rbflooringinstall's picture

If all this and everything else I've heard about it is true, than one this for sure is those aliens need to learn how to live with us as much as we need to learn to live with them if they are to stick around here.

Peace and Love,


I believe the Sumerian 'Noah' in the Epic of Gilgamesh was named Utnapishtm, not Atrahasis (never heard this name so I shall look it up of course). Before this I assume, and certainly ever since, the world population (of Homo Sapiens anyway) has only increased. This,even against the worst wars of genocide (culling efforts), unspeakable natural disasters (great misfortune), countless plagues of dread disease (poor health policies and human ignorance). It has hardly made a dent with the very few exceptions in the case of plagues in European history.

If they have been looking to reduce us humans to a manageable few and havent knocked us down yet... them aliens dont stand a chance!

Ok. I should have read further (and long ago) to know who we are referring to in the Flood Legends. Atrahasis and Utnapishtim (also named Ziusudra or Zin-Suddu depending on whether you read Sumerian or Akkadian tablets) are listed as kings of Shurrupak who received instruction from the god Enki to build a boat. Like Noah in the later epic, the two are different versions of the same character. The difference being that there is written evidence in the King Lists of Sumer and the Epics recorded on Sumerian and Akkadian tablets and some later Babylonian tablets - the emphasis here is on 'river floods' which the Tigris was apt to do periodically. I dont believe there was any such written record in the form of tablets for the 'Noah' epic which of course involved lots and lots of rain. Now I cant stop reading about that!

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