A celestial clock found in Cathédral St. Jean in Lyon (14th century)

The Lost Cycle of Time: An Ancient Look at the Future - Part 3

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The Greek historian Hesiod spoke of the wonderful nature of the last golden age, when “peace and plenty” abounded. The ancient Maya and Hopi used names such as “worlds” and “suns” and numbered them to identify specific epochs with the Hopi myths telling us of cities at the bottom of the sea. It wasn’t just the Greeks and Mesoamericans that broke the great cycle into an ascending and descending phases, with four periods each. According to Vedic scriptures, when the autumnal equinox moves from Virgo to Aries, humanity moves through the ascending Kali, Dwapara, Treta, and Satya yugas, or eons, before slowly declining in reverse order as the equinox completes its journey (the Satya Yuga marks a golden era). These periods correspond neatly with the Greeks and early Mediterranean civilizations. 

Whatever language is used, the concept is the same. In his book, The Holy Science (1894), Sri Yukteswar explains that when our solar system is at a point farthest from its companion star, humanity’s consciousness is at its lowest point (which last occurred around 500 AD), and when the sun is at its closest point (which next occurs in 12,500 AD), consciousness reaches its highest point in this cycle. These celestial points are located at the intersection of the autumnal equinox sun and one of the zodiac’s twelve constellations – the celestial clock. When the AE sun is in Aries, which is almost always placed in the twelve o’clock position of the zodiac, the Earth is in the best possible stellar environment, making it easy for many people to experience an awakened state of consciousness. When the AE sun is in the constellation Libra, conditions are at their worst, and a dark age, a period of deluded consciousness, prevails. 

Please note that we are not saying the stars or constellations cause the changes, or giving any credence to horror-scope astrology. Rather we are pointing out that we can tell where we are in the Great Year by using the stars as a celestial clock. In fact we can do the same with the seasons. When Orion is high in the evening sky we know it is winter. Orion does not cause winter but if we just woke from a coma we could look at the sky, and with just a bit of knowledge, determine exactly where we are in the earth’s revolution.

Presently, we are just a few hundred years into the ascending age, crossing over from what the Greeks would call the Age of Man (Iron) to the Age of the Hero (Bronze) – yet still very far from the Age of the Demigods (Silver) and the Age of the Gods (Gold), which are utterly inconceivable to us at this time.

The two equinoxes act as markers on the face of the celestial clock

Caption: The two equinoxes act as markers on the face of the celestial clock. The ancients used the autumnal equinox (AE) as the hour hand of the ages, with 500 AD as the low point. The renaissance represents the awakening from the Kali Yuga (Iron Age) to the Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age). That process is now quickening at an exponential rate, akin to the Sun casting more light as it rises above the horizon.  

According to Eastern teachings it means we are now awakening from a time when individual consciousness perceived itself as purely a physical form, living in a strictly physical universe, to a time when we begin to see ourselves and the universe as more transparent and mostly made up of subtle energy. This began with the discoveries of the Renaissance (principles of electricity, laws of gravitation, microscopes, telescopes, and other inventions that expanded our awareness) and has accelerated since with the emergence of quantum physics, which shows us that matter and energy, are interchangeable and proves Einstein’s concepts that even time and space are relative. In short, we are back on the upswing, just beginning to “remember” ourselves as pure consciousness living in a world of undreamed of possibilities.

According to Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi , by the year 4100 AD (when we cross into the Treta Yuga proper, a.k.a. the silver age), “telepathy and clairvoyance will once again be common knowledge.” It may seem far-fetched, but according to myth and folklore, there was such a time on Earth before, in about 3100 BC, the last Treta Yuga. Some pre-Dark Age stories, such as Genesis, would designate the Treta Yuga the pre-Babel age, when mankind communed freely with nature before God “confused the tongues.”

People often forget what the world was like just five or six hundred years ago, when every nation was at war, plagues and poverty decimated large populations, lifespans were half what they are today, individual rights were nonexistent, and justice was doled out through torture, inquisition, or burning at the stake. Yes, the world still has problems, but consciousness and awareness are expanding rapidly, manifesting in many ways; in the U.S. alone, millions of people are meditating, doing yoga, and using “nontraditional” healing practices to maintain their well being. From the perspective of technology, many believe we are now approaching the “point of singularity” Ray Kurzweil explored in his book The Singularity Is Near – an acceleration of intelligence which will blur the distinction between man and machine. But it is so much more. Can there be any doubt that improvements across all areas of society over the next five hundred years will be off the charts compared to those of the last five hundred?


I find this article to be beyond facinating.  When I was a young girl....I was always drawn to the mysterious and unexplained.....something that has never changed over these many years.

I read as much as I could ..........but there was always a nagging belief that somehow, somewhere in some way we had lost so much knowledge, regained some of it and lost it again.......many times over.....I just couldn't understand how

I had come to believe that our civilizations had been destroyed by one means or another over and over again......thanks to Emmanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Colision........here....after ready this 3 part series.....things make a lot more sense

Thank you for a facinating and wonderous read that answered some of my age old questions. I look forward to reading more


i feel the same, always have loved reading about these type of things!

I always believed that our ancestors are not apes and they did have more knowledge then we probably could imagine. But, the scriptures like vedas expresses things in abstract way. The deeper meaning is hidden and lighter meanings are floating. My college lecturer used to say, these scriptures makes everyone happy. The one with more grey matter to the one with almost nothing. Hence, one reading of vedas will not qualify us of understanding it fully. The clear explanation by Walter Cruttenden made my day. I am looking forward for more such articles. Thank you Walter Cruttenden.

Walter has such a way with words and really makes it easy to understand a complex topic.

Jason Martell

archaeology buff

"Please note that we are not saying the stars or constellations cause the changes, or giving any credence to horror-scope astrology."

However the entire content of the article is in fact, Astrology.

rbflooringinstall's picture

This article is brilliant. More people need to be recieving this type of information.

Peace and Love,


It stands to reason that the great monuments, pyramids etc. are much older than we are led to believe. Stone cannot be carbon dated and it takes thousands of years for silt to bury them. They would have to be remnants of the Golden Age, when mankind could achieve amazing feats that we cannot begin to understand from our "Iron/Bronze" perspective. This article confirms my theory that a global advanced civilization existed and, rather than being isolated in separate cultures unknown to one another, they were all connected.

The end of Kali-Yug is near and also ending of Satanic Religions. After Shri Krishna and Buddha its time for Rebirth of Lord.

The Hebrew and ancient traditions consider the Spring Equinox to be the first day of the new year. Thus, I consider Pisces to be the last month of the solar year and also the end of the Great Year.

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Very Good Article.
I’d like to see this in a future E-Book offering to add to my collection.

"It's freedom for everyone or it's freedom for no-one..." The Windstalker

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