Illustration of Koshchey (Koshei) the Deathless, riding his magical steed.

A Slavic Legend of Immortality: Koschei, the Deathless

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It is here where discrepancies in the mythical story appear.  Koschei was not killed with the use of his egg according to Andrew Lang's text, thereby implying that since Ivan did not come by it, it must have been previously destroyed. 

In Lang's and Afanasyev's versions, Koschei chased Ivan and Marya down unsuccessfully and was slain by either Ivan's sword or a sharp kick to the head by Ivan's steed, and the sorcerer's body was properly burned. 

Regardless of the telling however, Koschei the Deathless was indeed considered dead by the end of every version, with Ivan and Marya Morevna living "happily ever after" and Ivan's relationship with his sisters restored.

Featured image: Illustration of Koshchey (Koshei) the Deathless, riding his magical steed. 1901. Public Domain


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By Ryan Stone


So fascinating, these legends. I always wonder what story is they started out with

Sunny Young

Many levels of undestanding

Name Kaschei consist from каша и щей, here is the immortals diet. An egg is flesh and so is death.

Don’t try to be immortal twice. Coming back again in Явь throu our children is not meant to him, as he takes immortality from a man in a woman, he is repayed back and his immortality is taken from him. 


Дед Яга

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