The Mysterious Didanum People

The Mysterious Didanum People

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One of the races mentioned in sacred texts, especially Bible texts are the Didanum People (or Ditanu or Tidanu), the precursors of the Nephilim and Rephaim going back to 3,000 BC. There are not many references to this race, however we will try to touch upon what is known about them.

Many already know about the Nephilim, the offspring of the ‘sons of Gods’ and the ‘daughters of men’, beings of gigantic size with incredible abilities and powers who are associated with the demi-gods of all different religions and mythologies. In the same category belong the Rephaim, who were also beings of enormous stature and powerful abilities, a generation of heroes. Furthermore, references to the Rephaim in the Bible, identify them as shades or spirits, giving another dimension to their existence as if they were able to interact or manifest at the same time in different realities.

God ElIn ancient texts, it seems that the Didanites are very closely related to the Rephaim, making them another race related to the ‘Gods’ of the past. In the Epic of Kret (Keret), a Canaanite Epic of the Bronze Age which is written in the Ugaritic language found on 3 clay tablets, God El (the father of Gods according to Canaanites, also identified with the Egyptian god Ptah) promises King Keret that the glory of his family is going to be restored. It mentions the assembly of the Ditanites, referring to the Didanum people. King Keret was a descendent of the Didanites and a ruler of the region around the mountain of the Amorites as well as Tidanum Mountain. The importance of the Didanum people was significant since the presence of the Council of the Didanites was required during the accession of the Kings.

References to this text may also identify Amorites with the Didanums. Amorites (or Tidnum in Akkadian) were a group of people from ancient Syria who lived around 2,000-3,000 BC. The Syrian region Jebel Bishri is what they called the mountain of the Amorites. Whether Amorites just used the term Didanum or if they were the Didanum people is not known. Furthermore, in one Sumerian poem called the Descent of Inanna to the Netherworld, the Didanum people are referred to as an enemy of Inanna (Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility and warfare).

In other texts Didanites appear to be connected to Dedan who also happens to be an important God of the Nubians in Egypt. It is interesting to notice that Dedan was a descendant of Noah. The people of Dedan were warned by the God that his wrath was going to fall upon them because Dedan questioned the motives of God, in the same way that all descendants of the Nephilim were executed by Joshua with the help of ‘God’ leaving no traces of them.

Concluding what we can say about the Didanum people is that they were gigantic people, probably descendants of the ‘Gods’ with great physical and mental power associated in some ways with the royal dynasties of the past. They were so important that their name has been used later on as a title for important royal people. What happened to them and how did they come to exist is unknown. But the important thing is that we have reference to another strange race of giants amongst humanity that suddenly disappeared.

By John Black

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As an archeolexicologist and a scholar of ancient texts it always concerns me when writers make statements such as "mentioned in sacred texts, especially Bible texts" without providing the tools to validate or dispute the statement. When one considers how badly the original bible language has been abused through translation, intentional deception and the normal morphology of languages; statements such as "the bible says" turn out to be more religiosity rather than an honest rendering of the words that are there. Please provide references. Thanks.

I agree about the mistranslations...We've never found evidence of there being a true giant race on Earth, even though we can find fossil specimens of creatures that lived millions of years earlier. Perhaps when they say "giants in stature" it is a mistranslation of someone who is very important?

I doubt the only reason they wiped them out was because the questioned the motives of god/gods


if we take the story of Alice in Wonderland and we have the key to the story, it makes almost complete and perfect sense.
Alternatively it is the work of a savant with a penchant for telling stupendous stories.

The key in this case is M.J and Morning Glory and other such God given plants like Mandrake and Amanita Muscaria. One would either need to experience these or to have a well grounded knowledge to appreciate the key and how it fit the key in the lock and turn push open the door and see the next reality.

We may say that Astrology is bunkum and detest the thought of having a pre-determined destiny.
I write not of magazine astrology which is somewhat less than entertainment for the mindless.

The epic of Gilgamesh is pure Astrological teaching, as all the best learned lessons come in the form of a story. Stories are the preferred method of teaching in that which we call 'primitive', tribes, as was the case with us many eons ago.
For myself, being an amateur Astrologer many of the ancient myths make perfect sense.

If mainstream could just take a small step to the left and embrace the (pseudo) science of Astrology a new world opens up and understanding (enlightenment) is just on the other side of that inhibiting door.

I was fortunate to grow up with my mom an astrologer. She hosted the weekly astology meetings at my home with a wonderful teacher Barbara Wood, who had a little astrology TV show in Connecticut back in the day, and I was exposed to all manner of esoteric AND general religious information.

My impressions of Astrology are that it actually ISN'T predictive or set-in-stone and that really what it is indicating are TRENDS and INFLUENCES in your life that you can either guard against or plan for and exploit for benefit.


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