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Goddess Ninkharsag—Ancient Powerful Mother who Faded into The Holy Ghost

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The tale of our creation we know from the Bible is only half the story—one which has been heavily edited. But have you ever wondered how god created male and female in his image? There are other sources that give alternate accounts, filling in missing details or answering questions raised by reading Genesis. The Jews wrote their religious texts while in captivity in Babylon, using the Sumerian and Assyrian tales of gods and goddesses as a basis, and then amending them to fit their own mythology and religion. It is in the Sumerian/Babylonian tales we find a different perspective on a well-known story.

In ancient myth Enki and Enlil were known as two half-brothers fighting for control over Earth, with their father, Anu, undecided as to who should succeed him. Their half-sister was Sud, and she was held in the highest esteem by the Annunaki, and had her own base of power on a sacred mountain, Eridu.

Sumerian, Babylonian gods: Anu, Enlil, Enki and Nin-Hur-Sag

Sumerian/Babylonian gods: Anu, Enlil, Enki and Nin-Hur-Sag ( Image Source )

It was said the tradition among the Annunaki was to secure the bloodlines through mating half-siblings (never full-blooded siblings). So even if a male produced an heir with his concubine or wife, if he then had a son with his half-sister, that child would be the heir presumptive.

This was the base of the disagreement between Enki and Enlil, which we see replicated in the story of Abraham and his sons. Abraham had a child with Hagar, and their son Ishmael was the eldest and should have been the heir, but his wife Sarah was, according to some accounts, Abraham’s half-sister and so their son Isaac had precedence.


Whether it was to keep the family together and bring peace to the warring brothers, or because she had plans for her own descendants, Sud mated with both Enki and Enlil, producing heirs. The result was such that the next generation found themselves continuing the dispute and quite often Sud had to be called in to settle wars.

Image of the Sumerian god Enki, with characteristic symbols: bird, goat and water flows.

Image of the Sumerian god Enki, with characteristic symbols: bird, goat and water flows. Wikimedia Commons

Reproduction of a seal representing the Sumerian god Enlil and his wife, the goddess Ninlil.

Reproduction of a seal representing the Sumerian god Enlil and his wife, the goddess Ninlil. Public Domain

As a result of her peace efforts and in acknowledgement of her accomplishments as a scientist, including the creation of humans, she was given the honorific ‘Lady of Life’, or Mammu/Mama and became known from then on as Ninkharsag. She is the mother-goddess that we know in many forms, (though not Mother-Earth, which is Tiamat or Gaia), the creator of life whose milk nourishes kings.

As far as we know, legend indicates her motives in creating humans were unselfish. The Annunaki wanted servants to do the menial tasks for them on Earth and so it fell to Ninkharsag and Enki to create these beings.  After some time, Enki was not satisfied with their creation who “ate out of troughs like sheep” and wanted to give them more intelligence. Ninkharsag agreed and their experiments were eventually successful, though Enlil was outraged at what they had done, accusing them of making men “like Gods.”

While Ninkharsag’s motives were said to have been for the best —seeking to better the lives of their servants and give them intelligence with the hope they may have fulfilling lies—Enki was a little more complicated.

He needed soldiers, and in the texts, he and one of his sons outfitted and trained humans to wage war, which implies this is the fundamental reason for mankind’s willingness to war on behalf of ‘God’; it was supposedly ingrained into our ancestors at the moment of their awakening. It is apparent that though Enki may have bred soldiers, he was preferable as Earth’s ruler from humanity’s point of view, than his harsh and tyrannical brother.

As a result of the back and forth between the two brothers, Ninkharsag found herself siding with Enki more and more, and despising Enlil’s treatment of the humans, whom she loved. Every time they suffered, either as a result of war or natural disaster, she would weep as though for her own children.

So, how did she lose her position?  The mythological record states the war of arms became a war of ideology as mankind continued to grow in spite of Enlil’s efforts at population control. As man diversified, most found themselves in two camps: Enki, whose dominion was Magan, or Egypt, and Enlil, who had moved his power base from Sumer to what we know today as Jerusalem. All three were old by that time, and with Ninkharsag being mockingly referred to as “an old cow” behind her back by the other Annunaki, though she still had power.


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The zodiac signs are absolutely representations of each of the anatomical parts. They always have been. What is not esoteric but lost is the designation to the World zones. It is rather obvious however that each of the signs are Earthly observations and characteristics. The lost aspect is that each of the signs are from each of the twelve regions around the equatorial belt. This is why each region of the World has magnificent monuments that fit the signs and form the complete body. This site has a gallery above and has some pictures of zodiacs indicating the body connections. Here is a very modern site expressing some ideas, but the concept is recorded in some of the early Vedas as I am sure you are aware.

 What I have been shown is that these regions recorded by our history actually directly match the picture of the World as a complete body as you can see in my profile picture. For example the heads of Easter Island if you raise the location is where the actual head of the World is. Here is a modern photo recorded as "the face of the World" by a very well established scientific organisation.


Obviously some of the other regions of the World match perfectly like the sphinx at the Leo zone and next Israel known as the land of Virgo, then the scales of Buddha....

Quote Jesus says, "Even so did my mother, the Holy Spirit”

Once you see the structures of life with this connection many stories and messages become quite clear. As I mentioned I have studied for years the relationship between our animal forms and the connection to the Earth form, the results are enlightening.

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The relationship our ancient teachers have passed on is that the Celestial energy system is a complete figure broken down into parts of the body and each part of the Celestial body corresponds to the parts of the World body and so to our bodies. This connection was heavily observed by studying the World. The Celestial constellations are observations of the World projected back to the connecting region considered the source of energy. Traditionally the zodiac signs refer to anatomical parts. Each sign is from a different region of the World and has a feature corresponding to that point of the anatomy. For example Aries is the head and the animal characteristic is the horns from this point, Taurus is the neck of the bull....

Each sign has been recorded around the World. Leo the lungs is the sphinx region of Egypt. Virgo is next, the womb and is Israel, recorded in history through Mr Christ and the Virgin Mary. Sites all around the World correspond from the heads of Easter Island to the Merlion of Singapore. These also directly match the World picture of my profile as a complete body. I have studied over the past 25 years our Worlds animals and they also have features that match each part of the World. For example the big neck of the Buffalo comes from the neck region of the World. The springy thighs of the kangaroo comes from the thigh region of the World body.

Very interestingly there is also a physical correlation to the Celestial energy system, physically spiralling from the Northern Polaris to the Southern Polaris. 

With regards to gender I always refer to these structures as the World and Celestial bodies. From the region of India if you look at my picture you will be familiar with the special connection to the holy cow. The distinguishing feature of a cow is the udder which has a special connection to this region of the Worlds anatomy. This was realised thousands of years ago.

If you are considering ancient Celestial charts, it is known now that many of these are now considered ancient World charts and observations of Earth. The Earth charts rotate in the opposite direction to Celestial charts and were largely focused on the unique anatomical observations of life on Earth. 

Thank you for your references I shall explore them.

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“Traditionally the zodiac signs refer to anatomical parts. Each sign is from a different region of the World and has a feature corresponding to that point of the anatomy”.

Is this view from a traditional astrological point of view or somewhat esoteric?

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I believe the traditional concept is very basic and has been overly detailed and complicated in some parts of the World. Each region of the World has been recorded with ancient monuments, each individual parts or stories binding together to form a more complete picture. Ancient monuments are all parts of the full body signifying ancient global communications. A new document details how ancient messages had travelled to New Zealand and were kept pure due to the isolation, these ancient stories resonate through global beliefs.

The simple ancient messages define the cosmological structures of life. These are life forms on Earth. The next level is the planets and solar systems. The next level is the galactic forms. Ancient stories define the planet Earth as a female figure, surrounded by the sky Father figure. There is confusion here that the heavenly or sky Father figure, some now consider as God but this is not the traditional message. Every level of life are only parts of a universal God figure. 

The traditional defining of these structures in life were bound by ancient scientific observations as an expression of how life works. The universal pattern influences the smaller units of life and so the Galaxies become expressions of the universal order. Planets and solar systems are expressions of the Galactic energies and life on Earth is the expression of this same universal template passed through each level of life. 

The human body was used to express this design, but now we know that the World has evolved to this pattern as history tries to teach us. Life on each part of the Earth is an expression of the World body. (Please see my picture for the World body) Projecting this pattern outwards is then a natural and logical process.

The heavenly Father has become confused with the universal image of God. These smaller images can be seen as physical structures as plotted by ancient teaching but can only be macrocosmically projected to comprehend a universal God. 


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Hello Barry,
You wrote:
“The simple ancient messages define the cosmological structures of life. These are life forms on Earth. The next level is the planets and solar systems. The next level is the galactic forms. Ancient stories define the planet Earth as a female figure, surrounded by the sky Father figure. There is confusion here that the heavenly or sky Father figure, some now consider as God but this is not the traditional message. Every level of life are only parts of a universal God figure”.
I agree on your cosmological description, but regarding the human imagination of the celestial images, several star constellations are imagined as deities of both genders. The very same goes for the contours of the Milky Way wich is closely connected to the numerous cultural Stories of Creation.

As the Milky Way contours on both hemispheres are the largest celestial structures which can be observed, they are also connected to the Myths of Giants. The Milky Way center is located on the southern hemisphere in the star constellation of Sagittarius. In many cultural myths, the southern henisphere Milky Way contours are imagined and named as a prime female, The Great Mother Goddess (The Goddess Ninkharsag in this article) deity because of the creative formation in the Milky Way together with the central light in the Milky Way center – See more here –

On the northern hemisphere, the Milky Way contours are imagined as a prime male deity, the Great Father God. Read more here –

So this fits nicely with the mytho-cosmological myth of The heavenly Father and the modern confusion of this and other deities mostly derives from a forgotten mytho-cosmological language.

These ancient and mythical/archetypical tellings of cosmos can of course be interpreted in several levels, even including a modern explanation of the creation. It is just a question of taking “deities” as “natural forces of creation”, especially the electromagnetic forces.


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