Replica of 9th century Viking ship docked in Norway.

Did a Native American travel with the Vikings and arrive in Iceland centuries before Columbus set sail?

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By Ḏḥwty


I still believe they were of Asian persuasion

More like afro-asiatic they seen all that booty, had to stop.

What if, the root cause was that with Vikings having created settlements in the Americas, that they had not already mated with the natives in NA and then brought back a child of such a relationship to Iceland which then began the line that included the NA DNA? It would not necessarily have to stem from forced capture or any such issue, it could have been the child that was brought back by the father....who then eventually set up their own family line in the new country...(?)

I think that's also a reasonable option. Unfortunately, we don't know the answer.

Your point, John, is a good one. But considering the times and temperament of the Vikings; I would think the first scenario would be more plausible.

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There are references to Native American captves in the Greenland and Vinland sagas. So the possibity of a woman native from the Americas leaving descendants in Iceland shouldn’t be discounted by the scientific community.

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Its really not that weird to think that one or probably more Native Americans went back to Europe with the Vikings, especially if the Vikings had already established colonies in North American.


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Has anyone ever figured out where the Vikings came from? I have seen circumstantial evidence that the Vikings originated in the western hemisphere. They could be the blonde, and red haired, and blue eyed white men living here, spoken of in Native American history. They would be, in my opinion, the ancient ones spoken of by the now ancient ones of the Indians, and the Egyptians. That would make them the ancient ones the Egyptians told about to Plato, The Atlantians, who were world travelers previous to the Egyptians. Awesome pre-ancient ruins have been found now all around the world, that no one can figure out. Blonde haired blue-eyed people were found in the earliest accounts of French, Spanish, and English pioneers, in the Indian tribes. They may have been the reminances of a previous evolution of man, decimated by natural catastrophes, then wiped out, incorporated into tribes, and or dispersed from the western hemisphere.

Apparently, the ancient Kelts, Vikings, Franks and Germans were genetically derived from two of the Lost Tribes of Israel who themselves were one and the same.

Look for a video account called 'The Native People of Britain' narrated by a Scots scholar and advance the slider to 36.34 and 41.02.

The vikings were from what would now be Scandinavia. They were farmers, fishermen and kind of war like and master ship builders-which makes sense becasue those countries have a lot of rivers a boat would have to travel up and down.-.

When the communites were full, and there was no more land to give for farming, they would send anyone without property-or who wanted to go- to go and take some from the next place over, or go find some somewhere else worth having. A second son and his buddies were still valued in the community, they just had to go bring back some wealth or honor or go set up a kingship somewhere. They had to go further and further out looking for property or targets to easily attack and ended up in other parts of the world. The viking age, when they were pillaging and burning Europe, is actually just their period of expansion and settlement for the viking people. 


--Still learning--

Since the Viking were believed to have taken females with them on your voyages, it's a possibility that a Viking woman became pregnant by an Amerindian before leaving for the return journey back to Europe with her menfolk.

No, that can't have happened, the gene is mitochondrial which means it can only be passed on by a female.

There's a Viking settlement in Newfoundland, Canada that dates around 1000AD called L'ance aux Meadows. The oldest in North America I believe. At that time the Beothuck were indigenous to Newfoundland. They were all killed during European settlement of the island sadly. However, it is often wondered if some of the Beothuck mated with another native tribe of the Island the Mi'kmaq. There are a lot of Mi'kmaq in Newfoubdland. I am one in fact. A possible DNA lead?

How about a Viking woman conceived a pregnancy fathered by an American Indian while in the Americas? Would that explain it - child born after return to Viking homeland ?  Viking women did also go on these trips.


No, because as the article pointed out, the genetic trace is mitochondrial. Mitochondria is passed from mother to child, not father to child. Therefore, if the mitochondria is Native American, it was introduced by a Native American woman, not a man. A Scandinavian woman could have had a child fathered by a Native American man, but in that case the mitochondria would be Scandinavian, regardless of who the ensuing descendants intermarried with.

The dna is probably Dorset from the Baffin island settlement

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