Aboriginal Rock Art of the Wandjinas – Extraterrestrial

The Mysterious Aboriginal Rock Art of the Wandjinas

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The assumption that oral tradition stories are 'merely quaint fictions' is arrogant and dismissive of the validity and importance of native histories, but it is also baldly inaccurate. Of course the oral traditions recorded actual history, and their histories were much more than mere records of idiotic battles; they recorded natural wisdom and earth changes, as well. Since people relied upon this inherited wisdom to survive, it had to be accurate.

The assumption that oral traditions are nothing but quaint fables is nothing but the self-delusion of conquerors looking for self-justifying perspectives for their continued oppression and extermination of other cultures. There is nothing scientific in the notion at all.

Aliens are actually human visitors from the future, travelling back in time to study the past. But they can't take on a solid form or in any way interfere with that past.

Curious... obvious leap.


One thing that everybody needs to get straight— never were any of the ancients "making up stories." How crude and easy for modern day man to label the ancients as "making up stories", right in line with what we do today! Today we make up stories— yes. Back then? They recorded history! In fact, all of our history! Why do we pick out what we think is credible or not? A lack of imagination, that's why! At the end of the day, the universe is infinite, ever-expanding, there are billions of exoplanets that could host life, metaphysics has only been explored like the tip of an iceberg... the list goes on! Just look at the paintings! What do they look like! There's no need to even rationalise about it, any more! They are obviously foreign creatures! My god! People and their lack of imagination!


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