Aboriginal Rock Art of the Wandjinas – Extraterrestrial

The Mysterious Aboriginal Rock Art of the Wandjinas

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I think the alien interpretation of the Wandjinas is almost too crude to be true. I understand that from a certain perspective, the oral tradition combined with the ominous figures seems to point to extra-terrestrials from the galaxy - spacemen travelling and giving life. It's a fair enough idea. However, and I mean this as generally as possible, if one is to study oral tradition and not make the connection that the aborigines have vast knowledge of the 'Other worlds' - those places where the spirits dwell, the Dreamtime I think is what they call it - then is one not missing the fact that, invariably, indigenous cultures have a world of dreams in which there is a lower world, a middle world, and an upper world? And if each of these 'worlds' are inhabited by their culture spirits and mythic entities, then when they journey, when their medicine men and women make the transition from Earthly consciousness of the body to that of the soul, they could journey to the upper world and could meet with their helpers 'from above.' This is not to say that creatures actually did come from above, from the physical stars, but from the spiritual place above. All this, of course, is wildly generalised, completely insubstantiated because it's difficult as Westerners to make the leap beyond using the world 'ritual' when it comes to spirituality, and my interpretation is scientifically suspicious because I don't know the mechanics of modern aboriginal dreaming/shamanism. I simply think that to take a literal interpretation that beings came from the stars and landed on the earth to begin the human race or to begin life is just as insubstantiated as the shamanism idea. Then again, that's the fun of distant history. No one really knows what the heck was going on besides some paintings, some ochre in oyster shells and modern oral tradition. Still, that's why I love it, right?

I am a contact experiencer. I have actually interacted with the Wandjina. I know that you will not believe this statement, but I just spent my last weekend at a support group for contact experiencers. I am also a scientist, and as such I did not accept my crazy "dream" at first, even though I wasn't asleep at the time, it took 6 years before I could accept that it actually happened, despite the crazy things that happened in "real" life as a result of my crazy "dream". Now as a scientist, I have had a first hand study of contact experiencers, and I can tell you that we come from all different cultures/races/religions/sexes/backgrounds, there is not a single common link amongst us, we all share the same symptoms (rashes/bruises/increased psychic abilities/increased awareness/poltergeists), and the most compelling evidence to me is in the changes in the people that this happens to. Despite our different backgrounds, we all end up feeling exactly the same way, "knowing" the same things, talking the same way, we end up isolated from society and our families, because no-one wants to hear what we have to say, they want us to have "normal" conversations, but none of us are able to, we all think on a much higher level and so our conversation is on a much higher level, and most people can't handle it, they'd rather we talked about the weather or Lady Gaga's underwear. It's one of the reasons I am here right now, I have "known" for a long time that the Australian Aboriginals are the ORIGINAL people, we didn't come out of Africa as we are commonly mis-taught, and this was confirmed for me when I went to the support group as I heard so many of them also say the SAME THING. And when I decided to look at link between my Greys and the Aboriginals, what do I find? That they have been with us since the beginning of time and that the Aboriginals consider them our teachers and creators? So as a scientist, who attended a group who say the greys are here to teach us, and finds that is exactly what the ancient aboriginals also believed, I can only come to one conclusion.

My contact was real. I no longer care about the world's opinion of my sanity, I have seen first hand how completely normal and sane contact experiencers are. For me this Wandjina art is just confirmation of everything I already knew.

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I believe your contact is real.

What I don't quite believe is that those who contacted you are here to help us. There are many reasons why I am somewhat suspicious of that idea.

So true that we are very far removed from the experiences and beliefs of ancient tribes and even ancient civilizations. Gleaning through the writings, the oral traditions, the carvings and drawings of so many different peoples that the daunting task of scientific comparisons seems unrealistic.
Add to that all the amateur (sometimes brilliant-sometimes not) archeologists, paleontologists and the like that contribute to the enormous body of information available, we are left perplexed and inundated with so information and misinformation that we are going in circles instead of a straight line.
Aliens? Not a far fetched idea. Dreams? Another good one. Misinterpretation? Lots of that.
Intriguing? Very!!
And worth pursuing.

One thing that everybody needs to get straight— never were any of the ancients "making up stories." How crude and easy for modern day man to label the ancients as "making up stories", right in line with what we do today! Today we make up stories— yes. Back then? They recorded history! In fact, all of our history! Why do we pick out what we think is credible or not? A lack of imagination, that's why! At the end of the day, the universe is infinite, ever-expanding, there are billions of exoplanets that could host life, metaphysics has only been explored like the tip of an iceberg... the list goes on! Just look at the paintings! What do they look like! There's no need to even rationalise about it, any more! They are obviously foreign creatures! My god! People and their lack of imagination!


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