Hairstyles as depicted on an ancient sculpture of women in the Louvre, France.

Legendary Locks: Can Hair Act as a Sixth Sense, Protecting us from Danger?

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Humans have ever styled their hair in a multitude of creative and symbolic ways, and the various cuts, colors and presentations reflected across the ages are nearly unlimited. But does hair serve us in more ways than providing simple warmth and good looks? There are some who believe that hair is directly associated with sensory power and it serves as an extension of our nervous system.

Depending upon the time and place on earth in which one lives, the hair on one’s head (or the lack thereof) has had intense significance. Belief systems and folklore have long dictated how hair was to be handled and worn: tied up, covered up, grown long, cut short, shaved off, crimped, colored and curled, decorated, twisted, braided, and more. But for many societies, the longer the hair, the better.

Goddess Sif, wife of Thor, was renowned for her long, golden tresses which were associated with wheat, fertility and family.

Goddess Sif, wife of Thor, was renowned for her long, golden tresses which were associated with wheat, fertility and family. ( Public Domain )

Hair as a Sixth Sense

In fact, some feel that long hair gave Native Americans certain sensory abilities, acting as a sort of antenna, much like whiskers on a cat.

One report speaks of a claim by a worker at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the United States during the Vietnam War. It is alleged that, like the Choctaw and Navajo Native Americans known as ‘Code Talkers’ during both World Wars, talented scouts were sought to move stealthily through rough and dangerous terrain in conflict zones.

The enlisted recruits, who were well documented as having “outstanding, almost supernatural tracking abilities” were said to not perform as expected in the field, and when questioned about the failures in performance, “ the older recruits replied consistently that when they received their required military haircuts, they could no longer ‘sense’ the enemy. They could no longer access a ‘sixth sense’, their ‘intuition’ no longer was reliable, they could not ‘read’ subtle signs as well or access subtle extrasensory information,” writes

A Native American man with long hair.

A Native American man with long hair. (Flickr/ CC BY 2.0 )

The report claims that government testing institutes compared the behaviors and tracking performances of Native American trackers with and without long hair, they found that the long-haired subjects outperformed those whose hair had been cut in military fashion. The suggested theory was that the long hair might have behaved as an extension of the nervous system, as, not unlike the way cat whiskers transmit information to the cat on the prowl as it approaches prey, the long hair acted like a sixth sense.

Some skeptics challenge the claims, noting that no evidence has been found as yet to show that hair is anything more than dead cells (keratin proteins) and as such transmits nothing. However, strands stem out from our skin, and the follicle at the base is actually an organ that produces hair. Hair is connected to tactile receptors in the skin that tell us that it’s cold or hot out, let us feel the slightest breeze, or the annoying bug that is about to bite us, serving as a protective warning device.

When our hairs stand up on the back of our necks when we’re in danger or feel threatened (known as goose bumps, or horripilation), is that a reflex of something we detect with our other senses, an unconscious perception affecting the hair? Or is it our hair affecting us, sending us a warning?

Certainly there are societies that feel hair plays such an important role in our lives. The tale of the Native American trackers echoes the ancient biblical myth of Samson.

The Mighty Samson

It was written in the Hebrew Bible that Samson, a Hercules-like figure with superhuman strength, was born a Nazirite with vows to abstain from wine, to have no contact with the dead, and to never cut a hair on his head. Nearly an undefeatable man—his superhuman abilities made him a powerful warrior, and he was able to rip lions apart—he did have a weakness which would lead to his undoing.

Samson's Fight with the Lion (1525) Samson’s power was said to be connected to his uncut hair.

Samson's Fight with the Lion (1525) Samson’s power was said to be connected to his uncut hair. ( Public Domain )

He fell in love with a woman (a Philistine, with whom the Israelites were at war) against the wishes of his parents. Delilah was tasked by her people to find out Samson’s weakness, so as to defeat the hero that was said to protect the Israelites.


In all of the above post, there is one item that is definitely not true.

The Native American Vietnam Tracker story has been proven to be not true.

It is an urban legend which has been floating around the internet for years.

You guys need to fact-check your stuff before you post it.

You need to provide a credible link that demonstrates the validity of YOUR ASSERTION - or such a comment amounts to no more than trolling.

Well spoken New Illuminati. And a rude avgressive response such as was put up also divides us. The people running tbis site may make mistales and our job as subscribers here - ir: as part of the same team- is to verify what we add if we djsagree. Also this 'you guys' mentality is duvusuve and ungrateful to the people who put all this together. I should be quite sure that this commemter has enjoyed much good quality and fascinating reading frim this site. I certainly didnt gain anything frim reading unverified rude contradiction. Whilst reading someones hard wirk as on this we are guests and a community due to similar intetests wr are brought together. This person- be they correct or not - dix not add anything wirthwhile to my membership here. I hope the site managers read my comment. From Soix


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Hi Soozmct, We do in fact read all the comments across the site, and we encourage respectful voicing of opinons on all sides of a topic. Thanks for your input!

Buddhis cut their hair becuase they are not spiritual. They are a bunch of weirdos giving up the body and only focusing on the mind. On the kabbalistic tree of life buddhist idea of enlightement of only one of the low sephiros that of mercury. Mercury is also the closes t planet to the sun (the youngest). And if thats not enough buddhism and all their sh** is everywhere on the internet. TRUE traditions are not even mentioned on the internet nowadays but buddhism and meditation is everywhere>??!?!?! think again, the elites do control the internet but they make it seem like they dont, unless you have eyes to see (real knowledge to check upon)

I have been going into this site and reading for a while now. I find it very interesting reading some of the comments that get posted and at times can not believe the ignorance of some people, in regards to their respective comments. In this case I think you are confused with words like 'spiritual'. There is a difference between the words/meaning; spiritual, traditions, believes and religion. Buddhism, Taoism etc are believes. What you refer to as 'true traditions' I think you are referring to "TRUE RELIGION", such as the Christian faith. The difference between a believe/tradition and religion is the believe in the following; a singular god/goddess, a belief of the devil/satan, and a belief in hell. It would also be nice for someone such as yourself not to swear and attack someone's believes, traditiions, faith. This serves no purpose and does not help to contribute to an understanding.

Where you replying to comment?! If so...religion is NOT spirituality sir...did you just write that "christian faith" is 'true religion'? Are YOU christian, are you trying to impose that on others?!
Anyway I dont care about religion and was not talking about it....the purpose of my post had nothing to do with my 'views' but rather expressing my for my choice of language, crap like that deserves no soft language, it does bother me the BS being spread around on the internet by soo called 'masters' and 'authorities'

My, My aren't you a testy one. Seems I touched one of your 'push' buttons. I was playing with words to get a response which seems to have worked. See how easy that was?
No, I am not a Christian, nor Jewish, nor a Muslim. Neither am I a Buddist or Taoist or a Kabbalist. Can't really put a 'name' to what ever it is I believe in. None available, to do so puts one into a 'pigeon hole'. Behavior is a reflection of beliefs. This is why I tend to pay more attention to one's behavior then to their words. Humans seems to be very good at saying one thing then acting completely different to what they 'say'.
Your post had every thing to do with your views/believes and nothing to do with knowledge. Knowledge comes from wisdom. When someone uses the language and tone that you used you are insulting others. Who are you to declare to others that what you belief is the only belief and everyone else is wrong? Have you ever noticed how we respond when our beliefs are challenged? Insulting others does no one any good and does nothing to help with our problems and does not contribute to any understanding.
You seem to be a very angry person. You seem to be seeking the truth. I agree with you about the 'bs' and about so called 'masters and authorities. Your wisdom and knowledge should by now have shown you that this is not new. Been going on now for a few thousand years.
In seeking the truth/knowledge/wisdom one discovers 'self' In discovering self one learns to accept responsibility for 'self'. This leads to responsibility for others. No matter what they believe. In self you are your own master as we all are.
My point was if you/others continue using language and tone to attack others- what happens. 'Fear feeds anger. Anger feeds hate'. Just what are you afraid of. You wouldn't happen to be related to Mr Trump are you?
Once one discovers truth/knowledge/wisdom, this create a personal crisis. You realize that you can't tell anyone. To do so creates confusion and has no meaning as it was not discovered by 'self'. Others can guide and help, BUT.
Getting angry and spewing verbal diarrhea because you belief you have discovered your truth and can't tolerate others truths does not help with the global problems we are facing.
Be at PEACE with yourself and you will be at PEACE with others.

Damn it Gord, you went on and on with your analogies and references just to prove this kid who has raged wrong. I love how you overdid it, no mercy at all. You literally destroyed the kid with knowledge and wisdom. I look up to you :P

Chuckle, well said Gord.

I tend to always be careful with those who claim to have the only true ‘knowledge’ or who feel that they must attack other people’s beliefs.

 A long time ago I was inspired by Socrates in Plato’s ‘Apology’. Here is a quote from Stanford that explains it well; “Socrates' investigation reveals that those who claim to have knowledge either do not really know any of the things they claim to know, or else know far less than they proclaim to know. The most knowledgeable of the bunch, the craftsmen, know about their craft, but they claim to know things far beyond the scope of their expertise. Socrates, so we are told, neither suffers the vice of claiming to know things he does not know, nor the vice of claiming to have wisdom when he does not have wisdom. ” 

I’ve always thought that the Socratic method should be taught to all children. Critically thinking about what we ‘think’ we know and respectful dialogue with others in order to seek the truth would benefit all of mankind.

I think that the best that I can do, is acknowldede that while I have compiled a great deal of information about a great variety of things over the years, comparative religion and mythology being a great love of mine, I am no wisewoman nor do I own any side to the truth. The more that I learn, the more I learn that I need to learn. ;)

Sometimes attempting to have such a dialogue with such a person can be enlightening for all involved. Other times it only enrages and entrenches the person farther in their beliefs. My family reminds me often that Socrates was executed for his method. Still, I would agree with Socrates, I would rather die than to stop being a philospher as I am sure from your response, you feel the same. Love and light. 


Lachish (lak eesh)
she who walks or exists of herself. Biblical. Hebrew.

Well said Gord. Im just new here and am glas to discover it for I love all tjis ancient investigation. this site is like a little documentary channel tailired to my interests. But, having read two comments- immediately I am struck by thier divisiveness, rudeness and especially- lack of gratitude to the efforts that these people mske to bother to put these posts together. I guess what I shall have ti do is avoid reading comments. though that is a shame, because, no doubt thete will be some where people podt comments which actaully ADD simething intetesting to the story like extra facts for us all to share. Dissapointing, because it stops you wsnting to read comments at all because it wastes your time. to wade through judgements etc, trying to find the good stuff. (And who CARES wgat so and so feels about Buddhism and wants to gripe about it. Whatever. Tjis is a place to share learning. Anywsy. The site is fascinating. Wish we could have a. 'Wingers section' si prople can posts religious judgements and boring stuff there, and another section called 'Oh yes, I found out something/Ive had an experience with tjis topic too!'. That would save me time. Everyone knows that people disagree with Buddhism, or Christianity, or Muslims or whatever. But downloading it to strangers unfortunately is the fate of these sites- you cant avoid it: You can get away with it here you see. Well.. Im gonna just wnjoy the posts....


The word is BELIEF (singular) or BELIEFS (plural) and NOT 'believe'.

This article is about an aspect of hair. Is your anger so great that merely reading an article on hair causes it to manifest? The Buddha taught that anger can destroy us. And he taught methods to eradicate it from our minds.

Buddha Boy doesn't cut his hair either. here's his website -

This is an awesome site and I'm so glad I stumbled across it!

how about body hair? :P

Hair is your spiritual connection, to bring out your spirit gifts. The Native Americans do believe that the hair is their spirit, regardless of what certain commenters feel.
The Unified Field of God,and the God Calculus, shows that the hair increases your personal area without an increase in mass, but it is alive and connected, thus unbalancing your soul towards the Light half(the Holy Spirit part of you). Your magnetic part (dark energy)being the cause of hardness and density, and your Light half being Your Life.
I have personally experienced this, as I grew my hair my intuitive sense expands.
Why do we think the forces of Mammon(materialism), frowns on it to the point of ridicule?

Whilst one does not wish to get too carried away with speculation, I for one never cease to be amazed at the ease with which STATIC ELECTRICITY can be generated. (What did our ancestors make of it, one wonders?). I'm not just talking about rare instances where someone shuffles across a carpet and then gets a shock when they touch a metal door knob. I have a more mundane everyday example: there's a metal pedal bin in my bathroom whose lid gathers dust at a rate of knots - it has to be wiped every two or three days. That's presumably due to shuffling of stockinged feet on the vinyl floor covering, generating a static charge that builds up on the lid of the bin, then attracting dust particles in the air.

So might it be possible to put together a credible narrative for hair and tracking ability based on static electricity? We all know that the hair is a splendid detector for static electricity, thinking of the spectacular response to placing one's hand on the charged sphere of a Van De Graaff generator:

That's despite the fact that hair is dead protein, a non-conductor of electricity. But that does not prevent electrons shifting from one end of a strand to the other, being attracted or repelled by surplus of negative or positive charge on something else.

So what happens to that surplus electric charge on the ends of each hair? It dissipates into the surrounding air, through inducing charges on air molecules; the latter being mobile, not static, are able to carry the charge away. Might there be a clue there to why someone can alter the state of air around themselves - being more or less ionized from their own hair, and then rendering themselves "trackable" by someone else whose hair is 'reversely' sensitive to that ionized air - maybe not just the tips, but the entire body of hair, the migrating electrons then reporting back to the scalp :"beware: electrically-charged air" where those living hair follicles are probably as stated connected and/or wired in to the nervous system via synapses and nerve endings?

Let's push the envelope a bit more. Suppose we have someone, or an animal quarry, in a dry desert being hunted, and knowing it's being hunted. It's generating static electricty as its feet make contact with the ground (would need to be dry) , or knees as well if crawling. Its hair starts to stand on end, a process that can also result from fear. The hair then starts to ionize the surrounding air. Our expert tracker may pick up the scent of fear, but maybe the presence of ionized air too, using his own hair as a sensor.

The great enemy of attempts to demonstrate static electricty is moist air - it causes the charge to drain away too quickly. But the plains of North America frequently have very dry air. Might that be a reason why the native inhabitants were especially able to exploit static electricity and ionization of air as a tracking tool, at least at close quarters (like sensing someone crouching behind a boulder)? But the hunter probably needed to keep his hair long, to maximise the collection of electricity. As for the hunted, he probably didn't recall enough physics from Wigwam High School to think of cutting off all his hair if suspecting he was being tracked!

Where do you think 'static' electricity comes from? Physics has no answers, just conjecture and opinion.
There are only two 'forces' in the Universe, ultimately, light and dark. Electric comes from the light half, magnetism from the dark/invisible half.
Thus, static electricity is a manifestation of 'spirit' force. Or in Einsteinian terms, the 'energy' that is everything, must come from 'outside' the known Universe. Period.

One is fully entitled to turn one's back on modern science (17th-21st century) if one wishes, it being a free country.

However, doing so does rather tend to demolish the prospect of there being any useful exchange of views between the two of us, as I would be attempting to slip words like "protons" and "electrons" into the conversation. One wouldn't wish to be confronted with a blank expression now, would one?

In passing, this retired PhD scientist once did a stint as a secondary school science teacher, and used to enjoy surprising the class with demonstrations of how easy it is to alter the balance between protons and electrons on everyday objects.

One would start by turning on a tap to get a thin stream of water, then bring up a rod of ebonite (synthetic hard rubber) that had been rubbed on wool or similar. The stream of water makes a bow-shaped deflection towards the rod. And I used to round off the lesson with the Van de Graaff machine (the one where pupil volunteers get their hair to stand on end) by dimming the lights, drawing the blinds before bringing up a fluorescent light tube, gripped at one end. Yup, the tube lights up, as if it had been connected to mains electricity, merely by holding it close to the charged sphere!

Then came the boring stuff, like having to indoctrinate my captive audience of young impressionable minds into the idea that protons are fixed and heavy, whereas electrons are light and mobile (all pure conjecture and opinion of course! ;-)

Einstein rejected your notion of a quantum universe. I agree with him, God does not play dice with the Universe.
Your 'particles' are the surface illusion of the energies that power the universe. When physics chases the energy behind special relativity, they come to the doorstep of God, and then, did a uturn.
They hide behind math, but, I have delivered the Unified Field of God, and naturally, it is rejected.
Where does the energy come from, to power an 'atomic' bomb, eh sport?

legendary locks of hair which have been so lost in history is the de coma berenice situated in the constellation of stars between leo the lion and virgo . this is where the beginning becomes the end and the end becomes the beginning of the zodiac celestial circle that defines creator god . the story is told that berenice ll cut off her locks of hair and placed them in the temple for the goddess adonis the goddess of love and beauty so that her love ptolomy lll would return safely from the lll syrian war. when the pharoah king heard of what she had done he went to the temple to find the locks had gone . enraged the pharoah king was out for revenge towards the the temple priests for letting the locks dissappear. in defense the head colon explained the goddess was pleased with the gift and placed the locks amongst the stars and called it de coma berenice . what really happened is something amazing that many do not know . berenice had given birth to a baby boy which she thought to be stillborn so she cut off her beautiful locks and wrapped them around her baby as tradition had it she placed her baby in the waters. the greatest miracle of all is baby survived to be found early morning by hebrew virgin who nurtured and cared for him and taught him the word. we call the constellation de coma berenice tiki tiki o rangi which means the top knot of the heavens it belongs to our ancestor maui tiki tiki a taranga who created our world of manu te o tangata, the people of the birds . the great navigator who colonised us throughout the pacific .

I am not convinced long hair has any extra sensory or spiritual value. Did not seem to help the hippies any. What about the Buddhist Shaolin Kung Fu masters who are head shaved yet they have supernatural abilities including a high spiritual sensory ability. You can't sneak up on one of them. If you believe long hair gives you an extra sense, well then maybe it does for you. "You are what you think" The Buddha said.

I hate to be a bore... But, the native Americans' ability to track "supernaturally well" comes from their brain, not their hair. Many tribes grow their hair long, because it is a source of spiritual power, and a link to the spiritual world. They believe the long hair holds supernatural powers, and this is a primary reason that they used to scalp each other after battles. Still, to this day, many native American men insist on keeping a long thin braid even if they work in an office setting or other horrible workplace that dictates hair length/appearance standards.

It is merely the BELIEF that their hair is the source of their extraordinary skill that causes its removal to interfere with their confidence in their abilities. The myth of Sampson and Delilah demonstrates that ancient men of the old world already knew of this phenomenon before natives even populated the new world.

Does anyone know what's keeping interest (from afar) in this posting alive? It's invariably listed under "Most Popular" and this morning one sees it's in the "Most Read Today" as well! Yet it's over a week since it last attracted a comment, and that was pretty dismissive of the idea that hair could serve as a "sixth sense".

Peculiar, most peculiar, the persistent interest that fails to materialize as new comments that is...

Perhaps it is an interesting article, an idea that some people at a certain level can relate to. Not every one feels the need to post a comment one way or the other after reading any article. Could be there's more to 'hair' then just being 'hair'.

OK Gord, put like that it sounds eminently sensible.

But if you’ll forgive my saying, you overlook one thing. If folk read something that interests them, but leave no comment, then what they have read will reach and/or be shared with fewer new readers (leaving aside cliquish social media).

Why not? Because of the way the internet works: search engines respond mainly to comments in my view, not to mere number of visits and clicks from come-and-go readers.

A paucity of comments means that the article then languishes on Page 7 of Google returns where few if any will spot it. The knowledge-seeking public is then dependent on the MSM to be kept informed, but journalists and broadcasters with few exceptions respond to slick press releases that are put in front of them by those with an axe to grind, often biased or distorted: they use internet search engines infrequently or as a last resort, but when they do will rarely go beyond the first page or two of returns.

So the moral is: leave a comment if something one has read online piques one’s interest. That way the new and interesting ideas gets a quicker look-in, a wider currency, than would be the case if relying purely on there being an inquisitive well-informed journo out there.

I'm not going to go into religion of any sort, but don't you all felt the hairs on your back or hairs on the back of your head tingles or froze upward whenever you sense negative energy or maybe a negative feeling? Would you call that a sixth sense? I don't believe that it'll be any of the 5 senses that you're feeling. You're not touching it physically, taste it, smell it, hear it, nor see it at all. It's just...well, a feeling.

What you describe is the physiological response that gives rise to 'goose bumps' where tiny muscles at the base of each hair contract, making the hair 'stand on end', and causing the surrounding skin to become 'bumpy'. The textbooks usually describe it as a stress-related fight-or-flight response, but that's where things start to get a bit sketchy, with suggestions that it's a vestige from a much earlier and hairier stage of evolution where having a lot of dense hair stand up makes one look bigger and more frightening to an enemy (as seen in scared cats for example).

Or might it come back to that suggested "sixth sense" one wonders, where fear of something lurking makes the hair stand on end, making it more sensitive to movement in the surroundings, especially in the dark say. Thus the common report of being conscious of the hair on one's head or neck. Might that help serve as a warning of something creeping up behind one, partly compensating for not having eyes in the back of one's head?

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