A mushroom ring creating a circle on the grass. These rings were believed to be portals to the fairy realm, and areas of danger.

Do you dare enter a fairy ring? The mythical mushroom portals of the supernatural

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Brinn, Lily. 2013. “Dare you enter a fairy ring?” Royal Society of Biology [Online] Available at: http://blog.rsb.org.uk/dare-you-enter-a-fairy-ring/


Thank you for this article. We must release all superstition. Fear and love cannot coexist. Fairy (Fae) Rings are crop circles.!! The energy of the Fae/Angel Realm - brings Heaven to Earth. Mushrooms are one of the was trees communicate with each other. Yes do step into one!! They assist our body/mind to heal from all stuffed down thoughts feelings emotions - the cause of all illness. All circles represent wholeness. A Fae circle is the live/life energy of the COMMUNICATION of HEART. They purify the and our atmosphere .If you find a fae circle it is you calling you to your grace! If you have not yet and want to - wish it! One will come when you allow.

i just found a fairy ring two mornings ago on my lawn. and this was on september 24th.after reading the articles, i don't know exactly what to do with this thing.play cavalier and cut them down along with the grass or stay clear and leave it alone. lol. i'm mowing my lawn for the last time before the season's turnover.i'm sending pictures of it if the site allows me..

Wonderful article, thank you.

Its always neat to hear from others who are like minded and better informed... Thanks for the information you shared

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Hi I just want to pass along some information I have on this topic, one thing that was not mentioned that is directly related is "Time" seam's to be faster within the fairy realm, the part about death if you entered one is easier to understand if you account for this. The fellow pulling his friend out of the ring dance, is a interesting story. First the man pulling his friend out was being accused of murder cause the other chap was missing several week's, and second after he freed him he died latter in church.
The bit about "Blindness" has to do with another story of a lady who somehow retained the ability to see the fairy's after returning to reality and was stabbed in the eye by a fairy who didn't like being observed. Fairy's don't like to be seen even by the people they like.


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