The True Story of Pocahontas as NOT told by Disney

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Statue of ‘Pocahontas’ in Historic Jamestowne

Statue of ‘Pocahontas’ in Historic Jamestowne, Virginia, USA. But does the commemorative statue honor her real life? ( Wikimedia)

The real story of ‘Pocahontas’ would make a greater movie than the one produced by Disney, as her tragic life

Featured image: Artist depiction of Pocahontas saving the life of Captain John Smith. ( Wikimedia)


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By M R Reese


This to me is a very sad story. Both the fiction created by Disney and supposedly the true story. What is sad is that how colonial whites created stories often pure lies to define and emphasise their superiority. It must have been very sad for this young lady to die in a foreign land. I can imoagine Gravesend in the 16 century, it must have been a dreary place to die, it is not Much better now!

I do think the true story is very interesting however trying to say Disney is painting it in a bad light is wrong. They wanted to tell the story of a girl who tried making peace between the settling whites and the Indians. Like all their movies they are targeted as children and to fit with the princess films had a romantic story line. No one really believes that cinderella is true, they also made a second where she travels to England with John Rolfe, this obviously changes facts also as it is made for childs entertainment but it shows how she was paraded about and how horrid and ignorant the king and other English people were to her customs.

I think the Disney version is a lovely fairy tale but it is just that, a story made lighter hearted and happier than the real events. She is still shown to be a courageous woman and someone that girls could look up to.

You didn't mention the fact that Pocahontas had a daughter with a brave and she married Thomas Pettis/Pettus. This has been known by the three tribes that are Pocahontas's dependents. I wish people would fact check their stories with Native peoples, you may learns something new.

really why would you say disney is pulling a fast one the pochahontas move didn't even go on for that long and eventually faded away

There is so much more to this story, I can't even ... Besides there being way more from the European settler point of view, there's even more depth if you take into account the Indian side of the story. After all, the English settlers didn't know a whole lot about the Indian culture at the time. Still don't, for that matter.


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