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Gobekli Tepe

According to the published map of the Gobekli Tepe site, the giant monolithic T block, located in the center of the T type circular rock, is almost facing the north, but there are slight differences in orientation for each circular site.
According to the Science Advances article published in 2013.4.8, "polar movement" is rapidly becoming rapid in recent years, and it is said that the cause is the melting of the ice sheet due to climate change. According to Science Adavance magazine, the movement is said to be at the level of 10 cm a year. This will be 1 Km if you age 10000 years ago of the age of Gobekli Tepe. In order to carry out farming in groups at the first stage, an accurate calendar was necessary. Although the calendar is determined by astronomical observations, it was assumed at the time that the ice age ended, there was a shift from the melting of the ice sheet to the rotation balance of the earth, and the axis changed in a short period of time.
At the Gobekli tepe ruins there are several circular stones, estimated to be the result of rebuilding several times to make an accurate calendar, corresponding to the moving axial displacement.

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